The Resume is Still Alive and Well

Some say that the resume is dead.  But i think it still has a few more good years.  The resume is in fact, like a living thing:  it changes and grows.

Resumes are kind of like menus.  You hear about that special Kobe Beef Hamburger with basil aioli on top but you still have to see it on the menu before you order it.  Same thing with a resume. I look at LinkedIn profiles, online portfolios and resumegrams and sometimes I'm really entertained.  But i need to see plain old resume to really get the truth.

Resumes get attached to meeting invites, they get sent to clients and hiring managers, they get read on Sunday mornings and handed out at networking events.  You can't shake hands and give someone your link.

You can complement your resume with an online version, a visual version or a power point.  But while people can still read words without pictures and bullet points, a communicator should be able to provide this basic, well written, simple to understand tool.


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