Top 10 Style Do's for a Job Interview

By Your Style Savior

[Editor's note: This was written for the ladies, but most tips work for guys, too!]

10. A manicure is 100% necessary. If you're an animated talker (such as moi), waving your hands in the air while dirt remains present under your fingernails is not a great indication of hygiene.

9. Minimal jewelry. No gaudiness. No costume jewelry.

8. Body piercing, remove; tattoos, cover up. Seems like the two easiest tricks in the book, right? Wrong. You'd be surprised how many can mess this one up.

7. A little heel goes a long way. You don't need to wear five inchers. In fact you probably shouldn't. But you don't want to wear flats either.

6. Print your resume on some nice paper. And bring at least 10 copies. A little bit of over-preparation never hurt nobody.

5. Get a good night's rest. Don't go into an interview hungover. You won't be able to hold an intelligent conversation, and you'll probably look like crap.

4. Wear a suit. Or a blazer at the very least. And you better make sure it fits.

3. Accent your black. Goes without saying, you'll never feel as sharp (or as thin) as you do in your black suit/dress, but help your wonderful self stand out of the crowd with an accented color of some sort - scarf, belt, texturized blazer - you catch my drift. Right?

2. Get your hair done. Bedhead = unacceptable.

1. Research the firm where you are interviewing.
Know their goals, areas of expertise and clients. Knowing the potential job's style will make it much easier for you to slide right in.


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