Despite Many out of Work, Jobs Seem Harder to Fill

A recent Wall Street Journal article  says "Applicants are Fewer and Many are Lacking."  Although I think this is referring mainly to more technical roles, I have to say this is true in our industry as well.

I will be brutally honest here:  Seems to me that older (yes, I'm using the word older) candidates with good skills are aplenty and younger candidates with good skills are few.  And it seems that (except for senior level roles managing groups of professionals) the number of years experience required for roles gets lower and lower.  But there's something else...the best of these must be sought after so much that they look at opportunities with a nonchalance that I've not experienced before, in my 25 years of recruiting.

It may be the times, the x and y generation, the constant stream of information coming at people -- but they lack the manners.  They lack appreciation and insight.  They can be downright rude.

In earlier days, a professional communicator answered every call or note.  It was the right thing for a good communicator to do.  I guess that's impossible now.

Is getting an answer actually unexpected these days?

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