Chris Brogan--Highlights from the PRSA 2011 International Conference

Things have been a whirlwind since the PRSA 2011 International Conference in Orlando. Phew!

But taking a step outside the day-to-day is the probably best way to get a fresh perspective on your daily work activities.

One of the most refreshing talks featured Chris Brogan, blogger, author and entrepreneur.

Probably the best thing about Brogan is that he’s real. In an industry not necessarily known for being blunt, and one that Mr. Brogan is not necessarily a part of, his views on PR offered a perspective looking from the outside in.

Something that many of us are catching on to and that Brogan promotes is that fact that we have left the era of pure self-promotion. It’s no longer “Our widgets are the best!” It’s “What can we do for you lately?”

“Make the customer the hero,” Brogan said.

Another catchphrase that I found myself noting down is “business is belonging.” And another: “frequency matters.”

When you combine these key points together, you have a snapshot of the new way businesses are connecting with people.

Now for more blunt statements:

“Check-ins are not PR.”

And something like:

“Please tell me you are not using Klout as the only way to measure your results.”

Well, gee. There’s someone who has a distinct viewpoint on not jumping on every trendy social media bandwagon. I like it.

And the last nugget that I will end with:

“Us instead of you.”

All of these are values that can be put to use immediately in any PR or communications endeavor if you want to bring your strategy into the 21st century. Granted there is much more planning, training and measurement involved, but I like the fact that I left the talk thinking, “Okay, here are some definite steps we can take to make what we are doing better and more interesting and valuable. Let’s take it up a notch.”

- Britt


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