Forced to hire an outside recruiter because you can't please that miserable business manager?

Afraid of the perception people might get of your value to the company?

Need to ensure that the specialty recruiter fails?

Here are three surefire ways to ensure they don't succeed...or at least make them suffer:

1. Don't allow the recruiter to talk to the hiring manager
This is vital! They may actually learn something you didn't grok. They may come to understand subtleties about the role that they would deviously use to help them to find the right person.

2. Don't give them any real feedback
If they happen not to fill the job with the first candidate they present, make sure you don't tell them why. They might learn information they could use to fine tune their research and this could give them an unfair advantage.
Don't let them know what hiring managers like about any candidate either, as this could also give them valuable insight they may surreptitiously use.

3. Cut the recruiter's line to the candidate wherever possible
Don't give them any information about the job, the status of the search or any other data that they might be able to pass along to the candidate. This could possibly strengthen their tie to the candidate and that could threaten you.
Try to schedule the appointments yourself so that you establish your own communication line with the candidate and soon they will think they really don't need the recruiter for anything at all.

I recently was called in to assist with recruiting at two different agencies where the HR recruiter had failed. Despite their stellar efforts to accomplish the above points, in both cases an offer was made to the first candidate I presented. It would have been nice to have the help of HR, and to be able to celebrate with them after our success.


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