Misery Loves Company


Last week I lost my blackberry in Grand Central Station. First I'll complain: I haven't synched in almost a year. They don't make the same version anymore...the "new and improved" version is plastic-y, doesn't have a flash in the camera, has worse reception (dont have good reception in my own home) and the sound quality is tinny and echo-y. And on top of all that, I siged a two year contract to get it.
I did feel a bit better when I saw this box of blackberries in the Lost and Found at Grand Central Station. This is just the box of blackberries. They had other bins filled with other kinds of phones. I was a bit comforted by that because I knew there must be so many others that understand this particular kind of aggravation. Saying misery loves company sounds awful, but it's comforting to know you're not alone!
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