These two opportunities are within a section of the global corporate practice at a major agency. The prestigious clients represented here have been with the firm for over a decade. Why? Because this elite group is the best. They understand their clients and know what each client really wants, therefore they have complete client trust.

This is where the rubber meets the road, guys. It's not about how much your clip book weighs, it's about how creative you can be, how well you can understand your clients' business, how innovative your approach can be. How can you satisfy your media contacts with what they really need in a way that is always fresh, always exciting, and always strategically beneficial to your client.

It's the way you think, the way you plan, the way you handle your contacts. Its the trust you are able to develop with your clients. Its about being deeply interested in their business so that you speak their language and can think creatively for them. If you want to take home the cup, this is where you learn and practice, from the best.

Do you love PR? Do you understand finance and know what's going on in the world each day? Are you interested enough to penetrate an industry, learn its language and know where it's going? Do you want to be really challenged? Think you have what it takes? Then call me...
This is where you want to cut your eye teeth and keep on chewing -- working with the best in the business, with blue chip companies where the brightest reside.


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