"serving, touching and moving people, inspired by purpose"

Marc Pritchard, brand officer at P&G said in a recent seminar: “If we come out of the recession and return to selling and campaigning, then we may only survive until the next economic downturn. But, if we shift to serving, touching and moving people, inspired by purpose, I believe we will thrive and open up new sources of creativity for our brands."
(PR Week http://bit.ly/diUGRx )

That's beautiful. There is so much to learn -- the media changes while we're looking at it. But this is at the core of all marketing and sales and I think it will always be that way.

I'm a terrible salesperson, so usually, any business I get is from the client believing that I really care about their problems, and that I will align my own purpose with theirs. This has always been the case. The game for me is constantly trying to improve how I can communicate this well enough to different types of people.


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