Less is More; Get Your Foot in the Door!

Yesterday, I received a letter and resume from someone who apparently found me in Kennedy's book of Executive Recruiters. He very specifically wrote to me and even quoted something I said on my website. "You promised on your website to always tell people the truth about their careers" he said. So even though this guy wasn't even in PR, I felt I had to respond. He quoted my website about a promise I had made! I had to answer him sincerely.

So I wrote him back and explained that although I made that promise, I didn't intend it for the world...that outside my own specialty of PR, I don't have enough experience and knowledge to advise anyone on their career.

Well, he wrote back and asked me if I wouldn't mind critiquing his resume and cover letter anyway. He had a loooong letter and a very detailed resume. He asked me if I thought that it was too long, and too detailed, and if I thought that was offputting.

I answered him, and he was so appreciative of the answer that I thought I would share it.

"Not sure how to answer that, Ted. Because I don't know who your resume is going to, and for what.

For me - yes, way too much info because all I need to know is that you're not in PR and I wouldn't normally read any of it after that.

But if it gets under the nose of someone who is looking for someone with your skills and experience, then it's GREAT.

If you're sending the resume for a specific job which you feel you are qualified for, I would say to just make sure that you use the exact terms that describe what they're looking for. I wouldn't bother talking about too much more than the skills they're looking for. "Less is more...Get your foot in the door." Liking your personality, for most large companies, is a second tier consideration. Smaller companies, where the person who is reviewing the resume is the same as the person doing the hiring well, they may consider your personality a little more.
Overqualified is as bad as underqualified in this market.

Just tell them what they need to know for the first round, that's what I would say. I'd even rewrite it for every specific job so it matches the job description (without lying of course!!!)

Hope that is helpful!




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