A Good PR Headhunter Will Never Die

The same way someone would ask about a sick grandmother, I've been asked what I think the future holds for my business now that there are things like Linked In, Facebook and Twitter to connect the world of jobs with the world of candidates.

A headhunter who is really expert at their profession, and delivers a very high touch, specialized service, has nothing to be afraid of. And as for me, I am fortunate to work within a very high touch, specialized business as well, which further nails in the need for my services. So I'm not afraid.

The right person for a job in the communications industry has to have the right style, the right network, the right chemistry. How they look, how they dress how they speak all has to make sense for each particular job. The right person must understand all the tools of the trade and the best way to utilize them for whatever particular industry they will be working in.

They have to be able to counsel and sell in the right ways for their industry and for their company. They have to understand the ethical aspects of their job and how important that may be some day. They have to be pan-determined enough to understand the viewpoints of all different stakeholders, and intuitive enough to know what the future of their actions will create.

Evaluating all of this can only be done by someone who understands people, this profession, and how/where to go to find the right person. That very busy hiring manager who seriously wants to hire the best possible candidate for the job will always need my help.


Headhunter said…
I have found your link in the Internet.

Many thanks for this interesting article!

Greetings from Vienna

Markus Baldauf

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