What's Been Happening?

Yikes, what have I been doing in all this time? Have I given up?
As soon as Lehman Brothers went up in smoke, so did all my business. I was in on course for my best year ever, till it went suddenly dead.
It wasn't long before I was flooded with resumes. All that seems to have calmed down. Now I am lucky enough to be working on several really good opportunities - mainly on the more junior side, but good jobs at good companies. But I can't find the stellar, qualified people for the jobs. PR people lucky enough to have a job are not willing to look at something new. I can understand it. Why leave a stable job in this economic climate, for something "unknown".
But the truth is, that each one of the corporate jobs I'm working on is really special. It would have to be a very key position in order for a company to be looking in these difficult times. If they weren't doing well why would they hire someone new? So they're profitable, stable, and growing companies. We all need to have a little more confidence that things can be better.
On the agency side, all of my clients have the idea that with all the cutbacks, there must be some excellent talent 'out there'. There is a lot of talent in the job market. However...what makes an indispensable PR Agency employee is someone who can bring in the business and keep the client happy. There are really talented people out there...great writers, the managers that everyone loved, the really hard working guy that gets it done, the one with the innovative ideas, etc.
These are great employees at any firm. But they're not the indispensable ones. All the talk from my agency clients about how they want to scoop up the great talent in the street - I don't know about it. Maybe they want to meet you so that when the money is flowing again, they'll know where to find you. The only people they'll actually hire are the ones that get business and keep the client happy. And those are the ones that no agency is going to fire.
So, it's been a tough go in recruiterland...


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