I'm Really Busy (Not)

Last week I put "I'm really busy" on my linked in status and immediately got two responses! First of all I didn't know you could get a response from your status, secondly I thought wow, people actually read that, and third -- was me being busy really that startling? That's scary. Truth is that I decided I had bought into the doom and gloom just a little too much and the next thing I knew, I wasn't working very hard. Then dozens of stupid things to do started popping up. Next thing you know, my inbox was overflowing and no candidates are being sent for jobs and no marketing Charet & Associates was a thing of the past. Now I'm actually telling people who write to me how slow it is and what do you know...I'm spreading the doom and gloom myself!
So, I decided to get really busy. To start communicating to people, send letters and emails, answer my phone calls again (what?) call old clients, get out and meet people. I'm promoting getting busy. If feel good doing that.


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