How to SEND your resume

Lots has been said about how to write a resume, and there are lots of opinions and rules on the subject that people can argue about. But before you even start, here is something basic without which, even the best resume in the world may never get results. It's so obvious you're going to kick yourself for not realizing it sooner.

You need to name your resume with your NAME. The name of the document has to be your NAME. Plain and simple. DO NOT call it "my resume" or even worse "consumer PR resume 6". Here are the obvious reasons: When the HR recruiter goes to find you, unless your real name is Resume, she won't!  Another obvious reason: it looks silly.

It's vital to tailor your resume to the job you're applying for. But don't advertise that. "Resume-Consumer" tells them you are highlighting your consumer work in this version of your resume.  Instead, let them think the resume represents  your unaltered abilities, experience and focus -- neither watered down nor spiked up. Every hiring manager dreams about the person out there that has everything they're looking for in  perfect proportion. So don't advertise that you're morphing yourself into a "square" when you're really a "round" by naming each version of your resume. Just name your document with your own name, and use a number or code of some sort (not too obvious of course)to help you quickly determine which version you're sending.


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