PR Careers - Life After 40?

After recruiting for about 15 years, I got REALLY good at it. Now that I'm in for over twenty years -- I'm even better. I understand so much more, I don't waste time, and have lots of good contacts that help me when I'm stuck. I think PR pros get better with time, too.

Then why don't more job ads ask for a minimum of 15 years experience?
In fact, the number of years hiring companies are asking for gets less and less. Currently, Timer Warner is looking for an Executive Director of IR with 7 to 10 years; Blockbuster, a Director with 7 years; My Space, a Director with 5 to 8 years experience. Good speechwriters mellow like a fine wine. But Pfizer is looking for a speechwriter with 5 years.

I get more resumes from solid professionals with over 20 years experience than any other group. Maybe these companies think that 40 is over the PR hill?


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