Account Representative - Life Sciences Communication - NYC

If you're working at an agency on biotech or medical device accounts and tired of the politics, stress and shuffle, you'll want to know about this position.  

It's a wonderful, stable firm with very little turnover and a friendly, family-like environment.  They're looking for someone who will fit in well, so that they'll want to remain at the firm for years to come.  The excellent benefits are structured for someone who will really want to build their career there.

The firm provides IR and PR services to mostly early stage companies though they do have some established big name clients as well.  This role is in the communications part of the business.  Many of the clients don't have their own communications department so they rely on the firm for a wide range of communications programs that could span trade, corporate, product or business PR.  Every day is different when you have clients that depend on you this way, and working with the C Suite, you can really see how the work you do will have a big impact on the client's business.

Since we're looking for the right person more than the perfect resume, there is some flexibility in the level of the role.  


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