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Vice President - NYC based International PR firm

This is an exciting and creative international firm that works with emerging companies around the globe.  The firm provides public relations, social media and creative services such as web design and infographics.

Unlike many PR agencies, people here stay for a long time.  This is because of the open environment at the firm.  People like each other, welcome different ideas, trust and value each other.

We are looking for a Vice President who can run people and accounts and help with business development.  Many of the clients are in the tech sector so exposure to that industry would be very helpful. This is the perfect place for someone who has a penchant for multi cultural environments or is looking for the opportunity to use their foreign language skills.

What's Wrong With Recruiting Today?

LinkedIn and other social media have turned the hiring process into a Disneyworld of broken dreams. Job seekers would like to just throw some fairy dust over their keyboards as they hit enter, applying for the countless job ads they find out there today.  And similarly, corporate Talent Acquisition Managers enter their magic keywords into LinkedIn search bars, reaching out to the whole wide world hoping to find their one true Prince or Princess.

If it's so easy and magical, why is it that finding the right talent is so distressing? Survey after survey finds hiring challenges to be the most difficult factor in a company reaching its goals.

Large corporations strive to be innovative, but choke on their own barriers.  Hiring policies, salary bands, approval processes and even EEO standards, which should help diversify the workforce act to slow things down to a stumbling pace where the best applicant for the job is often never even seen.

This happens because as terrific as the intern…