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Why It's Okay to Quit Your Lousy Job

This week Sandy tackles a very important workplace related issue: Why and when it’s okay to quit your job. Check out her tips and advice below. What happens if you stay at a job that is not fulfilling? If you stay at a job where you are not challenged, you may get dull and not advance professionally. If you are not learning and growing, you are going to miss out on the important things that you should be developing in your career. Working for somebody that doesn’t appreciate you or praise your work can knock down your confidence. which you’ll need when you’re interviewing. You might stay and “stick it out”, but why be unhappy?  If you afford it, it makes more sense to leave. 4 signs that you should probably think about quitting your job The job is not what you expected it to be or may just be more limited in scope.The person that you are reporting to doesn’t seem interested in your development in the role and looks like they are going to keep you squashed in doing something that you reall…

Job Search Check List

PR Job Search Checklist        Preliminaries:
RResume       Create a simple one that could be modified easily for different jobs

R Use a personal email address only, which has your name in it.

RPrepare samples Have them ready to send by email or on jump drives you can leave with someone
RPrepare cover letters.        Proofread carefully when sending.  Get the names right. Is the content appropriate for the person who will receive it? Keep it simple and short:  Why are you sending the resume and what is special about you for this role?

RFigure out who your references will be and let them know you’ll be using them
       Keep it Going!
RBegin building your own personal brand by jazzing up your profiles, tweeting, and participating in discussions online. 
RComplete your LinkedIn profile.  Be sure to use professional photo and make yourself easy to find/contact:  use the right keywords, join groups, etc.
RCheck the PRSAJobCenter regularly  (and other job sites)
RContact the PR recruiters.  Let them kno…

Charet & Associates "Caption This" Contest:

Interviewing for a job can be a nerve-wracking but very insightful experience. Most interviews start with the prompt, “Tell me about yourself.” How you answer this question can shape the rest of the interview and what the interviewer thinks about you. We invite you to think of the FUNNIEST caption for this photo from the classic movie "Almost Famous".

Relate your caption to the interview process in whatever way your heart desires. Make us laugh. The winner of the contest will win a FREE resume consultation with Sandy Charet and a copy of the Gary Vaynerchuck’s bookJab Jab Jab Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World.

To enter the contest: Submit your caption here: Follow Charet & Associates on Twitter (@charetassoc)  - OR - Like Charet & Associates on Facebook (

Let us know you entered by tweeting. “I just entered the @charetassoc caption the #charetcaptionthis contest:…