Senior AE - B2B in NYC

This firm is one of the best PR firms in the country to work for, and it's easy to see why.  A great corporate culture, work/life balance, commitment to the advancement of the staff, nice people who are also really smart, strategic and creative.

There is a strong concentration on integrated marketing for one of the accounts and the other involves traditional and social media.  The clients are prestigious companies in the professional and financial services sectors.  The professional services client works across several industries so the programs give the opportunity to work with thought leaders in  varied and interesting specialties.  Out of the box thinking is really appreciated and there is the opportunity to do some really creative work.

We are looking for someone bright and strategic, poised and passionate about PR, who understands how to think creatively with the goals of their clients (the meaningful goals, not 'hit quotas!').

Tremendous growth opportunity here for the right person.  This is a gem of a job, so get in touch with me fast, if you're interested.


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