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PR Firms Shun "Pay For Performance" but Have a Blind Spot When the Table is Turned

Over the years I have often heard how "pay for performance" is a wrong, even harmful way to do business.  It's an argument that still goes on today.  I read this post very good post by Scott Robertson today on LinkedIn and it got a little annoyed at how the PR agency business doesn't apply this good sense to the recruiting industry.  Here is the comment I left after reading the article:

In 20 years 99% of the agencies I’ve worked with agree with you.  Then why don't they realize the same is true of a recruiter. Pay for performance (in my business it's called "contingency search" is all they want. Yet the same three fundamental flaws apply:
1. Promising results that are out of your control:  We can present the absolute best candidates but it's dangerous to promise the hire will be made. The candidates decides not to move, their own firm makes a counter offer, etc.
2. Devalues expert advice and counsel: With a pay for performance attitude, the cli…