Advice to Graduates

It's May, and I want to congratulate the graduates who are entering the workforce!  I'm sure you've been lectured at way more than you cared to be, especially lately.  But hopefully you'll take in one more.  This is George Saunder's address to the graduating class of 2013 at Syracuse and I think it's worth watching:

You're starting life on your own and that is really, really cool and exciting.  I wish you tremendous success, and I hope to have something to do with that, in some small way!  But most importantly, not just for you but for all the people you touch in your lives, please keep in mind George Saunders wish, that you "err in the direction of kindness. Do those things that incline you toward the big questions, and avoid the things that would reduce you and make you trivial. That luminous part of you that exists beyond personality — your soul, if you will — is as bright and shining as any that has ever been. Bright as Shakespeare’s, bright as Gandhi’s, bright as Mother Teresa’s. Clear away everything that keeps you separate from this secret luminous place. Believe it exists, come to know it better, nurture it, share its fruits tirelessly."


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