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Vice President - Head of PR Practice - Full service marketing/branding/advg/PR in Philly area

This leading Interactive, Branding, and Public Relations agency with a distinguished client roster focusing on technology, healthcare and life sciences brands offers clients an integrated “no boundaries” approach to marketing communications – creating online and offline programs that drive measurable results.
The firm is located in the Trenton/Philadelphia area.  Very beautiful.
The VP will be responsible for creating and executing strategic, creative, integrated communications programs that return positive results for clients.  That expertise combined with excellent relationship and client management skills will help keep current clients happy, help to grow existing business and to develop new clients.
As a leader, this person will mentor and inspire junior staff and as a team player and will work collaboratively with strategy, branding, creative and interactive teams.
The Vice President will manage the P&L for the PR practice, including hiring staff, handling budgets and billings…

Managing Director of Media Relations and HR Communications - CPG Co in Southeast

This new addition to the corporate relations department of a $3 billion dollar food company headquartered in the southeast is a very key role for the company.  This person will be the company spokesperson and will provide media relations guidance to 48 subsidiary presidents across the country. Additionally, this person will be responsible for all communications related to HR projects at corporate and subsidiary levels.

The Managing Director will manage execution of webcasts and conference calls, support senior executive team with various communications regularly, take responsibility for press releases and other communications to external audiences including scripting, editing, production, presentations, meetings, news briefs, etc.

The Managing Director will also be involved in the annual 10K review process. S/he will be responsible to assist with any crisis support as necessary and generally any other communications projects that may develop.

It's a very well run, stable and matu…

Advice to Graduates

It's May, and I want to congratulate the graduates who are entering the workforce!  I'm sure you've been lectured at way more than you cared to be, especially lately.  But hopefully you'll take in one more.  This is George Saunder's address to the graduating class of 2013 at Syracuse and I think it's worth watching:

You're starting life on your own and that is really, really cool and exciting.  I wish you tremendous success, and I hope to have something to do with that, in some small way!  But most importantly, not just for you but for all the people you touch in your lives, please keep in mind George Saunders wish, that you "err in the direction of kindness. Do those things that incline you toward the big questions, and avoid the things that would reduce you and make you trivial. That luminous part of you that exists beyond personality — your soul, if you will — is as bright and shining as any that has ever been. Bright as Shakespeare’s, bright as Gan…

Following Up After the Interview - The Right Way

Following up after the interview is essential.  But you want to do it the right way.  Be sure to send a thank you note no later than one or two days after the interview.  Beyond that it indicates that you're not that interested.
In your note, thank the person you met with for giving you the opportunity to meet and express your interest in the job.  If you neglected to say something in the interview, or can follow up on something that was discussed, you can mention it but KEEP IT SHORT.   It would be great to send a link to some work you did or item you discussed that’s relevant to the interview.  Write to each person you met with and don’t send the exact same letter to each. 
If you haven’t heard anything in about a week, you should follow up with the HR person first.  If you don't hear back from them, it's not a good sign.  At that point you have nothing to lose if you bypass HR and reach out to the hiring manager.  But I'd only do that if the rapport with the hiring …

Account Director - Financial Services - NYC agency

This leading NYC based B2B integrated communications firm, is seeking an experienced senior professional to oversee several of the firm's largest Financial Services accounts and report directly to the head of the firm's prestigious financial services practice.   The right person for this role is driven, able to both manage and 'do' and serve as an excellent team member and leader. We are looking for someone smart, who's been working in an agency environment on financial services accounts.  The right person has an entrepreneurial spirit  and can nimbly move around with several clients and projects.   Someone who has a high care-factor will work well here, as you will be dealing directly with clients on a day to day basis.   So you also should be poised, with great presentation skills.  Writing is the bedrock of the profession, so whether it's emails, releases, reports or digital content, you are a great writer. Positive, dedicated team players is what we look for a…