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Getting It Right

I came across this photo today and I started reflecting on how important it is to think through all the little details on things.  Seems to me that would be what you want in an employee, so that things like what you see here don't happen. But the problem is that those employees are often not the noisy guys and so you don't know who they are.  

Who was responsible for the Starbucks error above?  The art director?  The person who bought the vans?  The person who painted the vans? The person who left the door open? All of the above/none of the above?

If someone was bright enough to realize this would happen and made the necessary changes, s/he would be pretty clever indeed. It would be one of those quiet little acts of greatness that go unrecorded, unknown, unrewarded.  It's most probably one of those precious smart employees that has their attention on doing a great job rather than building a great career. 

Avoiding fiascoes and cleaning up after them has a lot to do with PR.  …

Manager and Director of Hispanic PR for Sport/Entertainment Company (two jobs)

One of the world's largest and most exciting sports/entertainment companies has been exploding in popularity, particularly among US Hispanic and Latin American markets.  We are looking for a Manager and a Director to develop a unit within the company's PR department that specifically promotes to the Hispanic markets across the US.  These roles have tremendous growth opportunity.

With an understanding of the various Hispanic communities across the US, the Director and Manager will forge relationships with the press on a national, regional and local level.  Working across various media in sports, celebrity, family, entertainment and mainstream, the Manager and Director will keep focused on the correct messaging, mission and goals of the company while managing a very active events calendar.

The right person for these roles will have a very high energy level and be able to work in a very fast -- downright whirlingly speedy environment where new stories, and new advancements develo…

"I Quit!" Rad way to do it.

This has had 17.5 million views so you've probably seen it, but thought it was worthy of putting it here.  It's cool and I applaud her integrity for choosing quality over quantity.