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Director of Communications - Minneapolis

In this role you will be responsible for all communications (internal and external) for a multi billion dollar international manufacturing company.    You will be a member of the leadership team, guiding and implementing global communications for the company.

Additionally, in this role you will:  Develop strategies to build and protect the company's reputation, develop messaging, handle product, service and trade publicity, crisis communications, internal and executive communications.  You're quite a go getter because you also handle community relations, dealer and channel communications and work with marketing, government relations, legal and HR.

You are a proactive and energetic leader who can make decisions and get things done!  You will be reporting to the VP of Communications who is over  several multi-billion dollar companies and will be counting on you to drive creative, strategic, integrated communications in a brilliant way.

To make this all happen with ease, you mu…

Account Executive - Financial/Technology/Education - NYC (Wmsburg)

Different - Fun - Exciting.  Really a growth opportunity to get in on the ground floor with an up and coming PR firm that is expanding nicely.

This is a great firm with terrific people.  Work hard but have fun with a great crew that work out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn offices.

The company has a variety of clients in the public affairs, events, entertainment, technology, financial and education sectors.  So we're looking for a strong generalist who hopefully has some experience in any one of these areas.

You'll be working with more senior staff and learning every day in a supportive and fun environment.  The President of the firm is a pro who is wonderful to work with and it's a pretty happy place.

If you want to learn a lot and if you feel you're ready to take on more responsibility, this will be the place for you.  Looking for someone with one to three years experience.

Account Executive - Professional Services - NYC

We are looking for a smart and creative Account Executive to join the professional services practice at a well known and prestigious PR firm in NYC.

This firm is 35 years old but has been evolving as the industry itself has evolved.  A firm tradition in traditional PR which will always be the bread and butter is certainly a part of the job, but the company does some interesting projects in social media and integrated marketing.

This person will be part of a large team that handles a complex account with many moving parts to it.  The client is a big consulting firm and they service this client with integrated marketing and PR across all industry sectors.  This person will most likely work on the following areas:  financial services, natural resources, non profit and education.  How's that for variety?  Different industries call for different strategic programs which could include cool and interesting digital components or lots of content or traditional PR.  In fact, someone who kno…

Account Sup/Acct Director - Prof'l Svces - Lots of variety - Integrated Marketing - NYC

This super exciting opportunity is difficult to describe.  It's a key position in the Professional Services practice at one of  NY's most prestigious boutique firms.  It's very key because this person will have an active, direct relationship with the client regarding responsibility for some of the most important sectors of this multi-faceted consulting firm.

The integrated marketing projects span across several platforms: web content, marketing collateral materials, internal education materials, video, conferences and more.  And these projects span several industries from healthcare to business services to technology.

And wait, there's more...because there is entirely different consulting firm that this person will also work with.  This firm consults businesses in healthcare, retail and consumer industries.

So this is a fascinating role made up of robust, interesting accounts.  The business is very secure (long term) and growing.  There is variety in the industries in…

Sr AE - Financial - NYC

Working with an industry leader in mutual funds and retirement plans, this person will work on three different lines of business creating interesting and programs that transcend traditional PR.  This is a healthy, fun and growing account.  Another account this person would work on is one of the largest west coast based retail banks. The third client is another prestigious big brand in the insurance industry.
Some of the work is very high profile.  Programs run from video presentations to thought leadership to conferences to B2B media relations.
The agency is one of the best in America to work for.  A place with no politics, smart and creative people, great work/life balance and terrific clients.  Fantastic growth opportunity.  Great opportunity!

Mary Wells on Storytelling

Advertising in general is, as it always was, about storytelling. The kind of stories you tell – and the way you tell them – changes as the medium changes. That was true when radio and television were first introduced and it is true now. But the telling of stories as the principal tool of advertising will never go away. --Mary Wells, founder of Wells Rich & Green Advertising.

Why It's Okay to Quit Your Lousy Job

This week Sandy tackles a very important workplace related issue: Why and when it’s okay to quit your job. Check out her tips and advice below. What happens if you stay at a job that is not fulfilling? If you stay at a job where you are not challenged, you may get dull and not advance professionally. If you are not learning and growing, you are going to miss out on the important things that you should be developing in your career. Working for somebody that doesn’t appreciate you or praise your work can knock down your confidence. which you’ll need when you’re interviewing. You might stay and “stick it out”, but why be unhappy?  If you afford it, it makes more sense to leave. 4 signs that you should probably think about quitting your job The job is not what you expected it to be or may just be more limited in scope.The person that you are reporting to doesn’t seem interested in your development in the role and looks like they are going to keep you squashed in doing something that you reall…

Job Search Check List

PR Job Search Checklist        Preliminaries:
RResume       Create a simple one that could be modified easily for different jobs

R Use a personal email address only, which has your name in it.

RPrepare samples Have them ready to send by email or on jump drives you can leave with someone
RPrepare cover letters.        Proofread carefully when sending.  Get the names right. Is the content appropriate for the person who will receive it? Keep it simple and short:  Why are you sending the resume and what is special about you for this role?

RFigure out who your references will be and let them know you’ll be using them
       Keep it Going!
RBegin building your own personal brand by jazzing up your profiles, tweeting, and participating in discussions online. 
RComplete your LinkedIn profile.  Be sure to use professional photo and make yourself easy to find/contact:  use the right keywords, join groups, etc.
RCheck the PRSAJobCenter regularly  (and other job sites)
RContact the PR recruiters.  Let them kno…

Charet & Associates "Caption This" Contest:

Interviewing for a job can be a nerve-wracking but very insightful experience. Most interviews start with the prompt, “Tell me about yourself.” How you answer this question can shape the rest of the interview and what the interviewer thinks about you. We invite you to think of the FUNNIEST caption for this photo from the classic movie "Almost Famous".

Relate your caption to the interview process in whatever way your heart desires. Make us laugh. The winner of the contest will win a FREE resume consultation with Sandy Charet and a copy of the Gary Vaynerchuck’s bookJab Jab Jab Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World.

To enter the contest: Submit your caption here: Follow Charet & Associates on Twitter (@charetassoc)  - OR - Like Charet & Associates on Facebook (

Let us know you entered by tweeting. “I just entered the @charetassoc caption the #charetcaptionthis contest:…

Account Supervisor - Integrated Marketing for Professional Services - NYC

This is a unique opportunity to be a key player on a large, stable account at one of the best boutique firms in the city.  It's unique for a couple of reasons:  Although the client is a huge international professional services firm, the PR work is pitching, no traditional PR.  For this account we are looking for creative and strategic thinkers who know how to pull it all together to create and implement interesting integrated programs that run across several industry sectors including financial sectors.

The other unique thing is the agency itself.  It's a wonderful place to work -- great people who are smart, genuine and passionate about the work they do.  The firm invests in its people with training and thoughtful mentoring.  There's no politics and there is a great work/life balance.  It's a great combination of established and new.   
We are looking for an account supervisor with experience in financial and B2B marketing.  Ability to manage others is…

Account Supervisor - healthcare - NYC

If you're smart, kind and hardworking, eager to learn new things, want to move up quickly and be a part of a growing division and growing account, you'll love this new search I'm handling.

We're looking for someone really special to work on two exciting and creative, business and consumer facing healthcare accounts.  Lots of digital/social media work for interesting and innovative clients.

This AS will get to work closely with the head of the healthcare practice on these really wonderful accounts.  The clients have great stories to tell.  One is an upbeat and innovative oncology related client and geared toward patients, patient groups and doctors and is totally social/digital driven.  The other involves some consumer but mostly business facing traditional and social media PR geared toward hospitals, insurance companies, physicians and the consumer.

This firm offers a combination of a well established organization with a great company culture combined with the entrep…

Is the Cover Letter Dead?

No, the “cover letter” is not 100% dead.  You never want to apply to a job via email by simply submitting your resume. No one wants to get a resume without something in the body of the email. A short message giving the reason for sending it and a brief idea of why you’re right for the job puts the resume into perspective.

However, if you’re submitting an application through an online portal, submitting a cover letter might not matter  that much. The only exception would be if there is something very important that you want to say about yourself or if the company specifically instructs you to submit a cover letter

When you are writing a cover letter or  completing an application, consider who is going to be getting it. If it’s an online application for a big company, chances are the recruiter handling the search might not understand much about the job. If you get too detailed within the letter, it’s going to fall on deaf ears. Instead, focus on getting the resume into the right hands - …

Acct Mngr - Integrated Mkting for Fin'l/Prof'l Services - NYC

You have a lot to give:  knowledge of the financial markets, account management, innovative integrated communication skills, smart, great writing skills and of course, professional in all you do.

But you want a firm that will give back to you.  Great people to work with, work/life balance (for real), no politics, appreciation, growth and development.  A chance to have your ideas reach the client and see how you can create impact.

If that's the case, you need to call me about this opportunity right away!

Work on one of the firm's most important accounts.  Manage and mentor three or four account people below you.  Work directly with the Chief Marketing Officer at a very large and prestigious international company.  Conceive and implement creative PR strategies.  Once you're rolling along, you'll take on more responsibilities and manage about ten people on the account, remaining the key go-to person for the client.

This is a very exciting and rewarding account calling fo…

VP of PR Practice - Full Service Firm in Phila (tech and biotech)

Get a life!

This is a dream job for someone who would like to move out of the city for a better work/life balance.  Enjoy working in a beautiful environment in the Princeton/Philly corridor.  Gorgeous historic town, beautiful offices, great people to work with and challenging, interesting work.

This is a well established firm with a very well respected name in the area.  People have migrated from some of the largest and most creative firms to this company because they were tired of the burn out work schedule and politics.  This company offers all the creative challenge and excitement but none of the dreary stuff.

We are looking for someone to work with existing clients to provide the PR related services that would round out their needs to help them achieve success.  This person will also work with the leaders in advertising, marketing and branding to develop new business.

If you're ready to help build your own business within a successful group of like minded, creative and bright …

Account Sup or Strong Sr AE - Diversified Tech - BOSTON or NYC

Fabulous opportunity with a fast paced, team oriented and collaborative firm based in Boston with diversified tech accounts.  Enviro-tech, consumer tech, B2B tech and some interesting and exciting new clients in the B2B and professional services area have been added to the mix as the client roster grows.

This is an eight year old firm, run by two veteran PR pros.  Great work environment where people really like each other, and enjoy the freedom and opportunity they get at the company.

Help clients develop and tell their stories to the print, broadcast and social media influencers. Help to develop creative strategies and implement unique programs that are customized to help clients achieve success.

The firm recently opened a New York City office and this AS can work in NYC or Boston.

If you are smart and aggressive, want to learn and grow fast, and like the idea of working with visionary clients on creative projects, let me know right away because I'm looking for you!!

AE and Senior AE positions in NYC - B2B/Fincl/Tech/Prof Svcs/healthcare

I'm working on three different positions for account representatives at one of the finest agencies in the city.  We need two AEs and a Sr AE to work on a mixture of established and new client programs.  Areas of client responsibility for AEs would be in the healthcare and financial services area.  For the Sr AE we are looking at a very large international client where the work is exclusively integrated marketing.  We're looking for the right person, so there is some flexibility a little higher or lower on each role (i.e.  Sr AE could be an AS)

This is a 35 year old firm with a strong and wonderful company culture of which they've taken the care to preserve -- even during recent years of expansion and change. The firm has a strong reputation for great work with several prestigious clients in the financial and professional services sector.  Today, the firm is a leader in integrated marketing for these industries.
We are looking for really smart, professional and nice (always…

Strong Senior AE or Account Manager - Tech and Other Accounts - NYC (Wmsburg)

If you're a tech PR pro and love it, but also feel like you're a little trapped in your present job, this is the role for you.

Be part of the growth and excitement at a trendy new firm (2 years old) based in Williamsburg.  Clients range from technology to entertainment and lots of interesting new work on the way.

We're looking for someone who could run an interesting tech account with a B2B and consumer story.  That includes professional care for the clients on a day to day basis. Develop story ideas and work with the press (traditional and digital).  Think creatively for your clients to build their social media presence.  Events, public speaking, and methods of engagement that we need you to develop to raise the awareness of clients' products and services.

  This person will fill an important role for the President, who has reached that point where he needs a responsible manager who can be the 'go-to' person for junior staff while he's out bringing in new…

Senior AE - B2B in NYC

This firm is one of the best PR firms in the country to work for, and it's easy to see why.  A great corporate culture, work/life balance, commitment to the advancement of the staff, nice people who are also really smart, strategic and creative.

There is a strong concentration on integrated marketing for one of the accounts and the other involves traditional and social media.  The clients are prestigious companies in the professional and financial services sectors.  The professional services client works across several industries so the programs give the opportunity to work with thought leaders in  varied and interesting specialties.  Out of the box thinking is really appreciated and there is the opportunity to do some really creative work.

We are looking for someone bright and strategic, poised and passionate about PR, who understands how to think creatively with the goals of their clients (the meaningful goals, not 'hit quotas!').
Tremendous growth opportunity here for…

Vice President - B2B PR Agency - NYC

Stable, award winning, well established agency in NYC has an opening for a smart and adventurous #2 who can work closely with the President to service clients and build business. 
The agency has a variety of business to business accounts with a specialty in the healthcare policy area (not a must in the right person’s background).
This key person will manage accounts and about seven junior staff and interns. 
The right person could be ready to walk into this senior level role, but could also be someone who is senior enough to manage accounts, clients and staff and will grow into the #2 on new business and agency leadership.
Salary somewhat flexible depending on the person’s background.


Aw, thanks guys.  It was fun!

PR Firms Shun "Pay For Performance" but Have a Blind Spot When the Table is Turned

Over the years I have often heard how "pay for performance" is a wrong, even harmful way to do business.  It's an argument that still goes on today.  I read this post very good post by Scott Robertson today on LinkedIn and it got a little annoyed at how the PR agency business doesn't apply this good sense to the recruiting industry.  Here is the comment I left after reading the article:

In 20 years 99% of the agencies I’ve worked with agree with you.  Then why don't they realize the same is true of a recruiter. Pay for performance (in my business it's called "contingency search" is all they want. Yet the same three fundamental flaws apply:
1. Promising results that are out of your control:  We can present the absolute best candidates but it's dangerous to promise the hire will be made. The candidates decides not to move, their own firm makes a counter offer, etc.
2. Devalues expert advice and counsel: With a pay for performance attitude, the cli…

Vice President - Head of PR Practice - Full service marketing/branding/advg/PR in Philly area

This leading Interactive, Branding, and Public Relations agency with a distinguished client roster focusing on technology, healthcare and life sciences brands offers clients an integrated “no boundaries” approach to marketing communications – creating online and offline programs that drive measurable results.
The firm is located in the Trenton/Philadelphia area.  Very beautiful.
The VP will be responsible for creating and executing strategic, creative, integrated communications programs that return positive results for clients.  That expertise combined with excellent relationship and client management skills will help keep current clients happy, help to grow existing business and to develop new clients.
As a leader, this person will mentor and inspire junior staff and as a team player and will work collaboratively with strategy, branding, creative and interactive teams.
The Vice President will manage the P&L for the PR practice, including hiring staff, handling budgets and billings…

Managing Director of Media Relations and HR Communications - CPG Co in Southeast

This new addition to the corporate relations department of a $3 billion dollar food company headquartered in the southeast is a very key role for the company.  This person will be the company spokesperson and will provide media relations guidance to 48 subsidiary presidents across the country. Additionally, this person will be responsible for all communications related to HR projects at corporate and subsidiary levels.

The Managing Director will manage execution of webcasts and conference calls, support senior executive team with various communications regularly, take responsibility for press releases and other communications to external audiences including scripting, editing, production, presentations, meetings, news briefs, etc.

The Managing Director will also be involved in the annual 10K review process. S/he will be responsible to assist with any crisis support as necessary and generally any other communications projects that may develop.

It's a very well run, stable and matu…

Advice to Graduates

It's May, and I want to congratulate the graduates who are entering the workforce!  I'm sure you've been lectured at way more than you cared to be, especially lately.  But hopefully you'll take in one more.  This is George Saunder's address to the graduating class of 2013 at Syracuse and I think it's worth watching:

You're starting life on your own and that is really, really cool and exciting.  I wish you tremendous success, and I hope to have something to do with that, in some small way!  But most importantly, not just for you but for all the people you touch in your lives, please keep in mind George Saunders wish, that you "err in the direction of kindness. Do those things that incline you toward the big questions, and avoid the things that would reduce you and make you trivial. That luminous part of you that exists beyond personality — your soul, if you will — is as bright and shining as any that has ever been. Bright as Shakespeare’s, bright as Gan…

Following Up After the Interview - The Right Way

Following up after the interview is essential.  But you want to do it the right way.  Be sure to send a thank you note no later than one or two days after the interview.  Beyond that it indicates that you're not that interested.
In your note, thank the person you met with for giving you the opportunity to meet and express your interest in the job.  If you neglected to say something in the interview, or can follow up on something that was discussed, you can mention it but KEEP IT SHORT.   It would be great to send a link to some work you did or item you discussed that’s relevant to the interview.  Write to each person you met with and don’t send the exact same letter to each. 
If you haven’t heard anything in about a week, you should follow up with the HR person first.  If you don't hear back from them, it's not a good sign.  At that point you have nothing to lose if you bypass HR and reach out to the hiring manager.  But I'd only do that if the rapport with the hiring …