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Director of Public Relations for Latin America

I am working with the fastest growing sports/entertainment company in the world.  They company is growing rapidly in size and influence and the sport has an passionate fan base that is also expanding rapidly.

This growth is particularly strong among the Latin American countries.  There are actually 20 different Spanish speaking countries.  Their events are now on Televisa Networks and this new position will have tremendous impact just as the sport itself is now going to be a huge force in Latin American entertainment.

The ideal person will be based in the US (a Visa will be applied for as soon as possible) and will work with PR agencies throughout Latin America on strategic programs that align with the company's marketing objectives in the region.  This will include promotion of the events, programming, celebrities, the sport itself and the companies other assets.

We are looking for someone with at least 8 years of experience handling public relations throughout Latin America.  Thi…

Account Director - Medical Devices PA - Adverting/ Branding/ Integrated Marketing

Our client is an exciting new company that is an offshoot of a very large and dynamic full service marketing/advertising firm that services the pharma industry.  This new company caters to the medical device and medical diagnostics field particularly.

Quadruped in size in the last year, they are ready to hire an experienced Account Director who will be the #2 under the President.

We're looking for a strong and passionate leader who will help grow the business and delight clients.  He or she will support overall account team leadership, brand stewardship, and new business development.  He or she will have excellent communication skills, negotiation skills and be a great listener, forecaster, hand holder.  He or she has strategic acumen and insight and although there are strong leadership skills, he or she can also work collaboratively.  This person has a strong sense of calm yet can be assertive when it's needed.  Most of all he or she likes to have fun.

This Account Director …