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Head of HR Communications

This global management consulting firm with over 200,000 employees working across  all industries and business functions, is one of the world’s most successful companies. They collaborate with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments.
We are looking for the Head of HR Communications who will be responsible for developing, implementing, and managing a comprehensive internal communication program in support of the company's global business and human capital strategy. This executive will work closely with Human Resources team to develop a strong internal company narrative that informs, aligns, and motivates employees with regard to career opportunities, career management, professional development and rewards and recognition.
 The Head of HR Internal Communications will coach, lead, manage, and develop a global team of 20+ internal communication professionals, and will serve as a key counselor and advisor to senior HR leaders on executive communications.  …

Career Guide for College Grads

Here's a very informative career guide for college grads...

Resume Advice for Someone Who Wants to Get Back Into PR

Maybe I was a little too harsh here, but this is some advice I recently gave a young lady who did PR in India and then came to the US and has been freelancing as a writer (she says - she lists no clients or examples).  She wants to know how to get a job here in the States.

 Most recruiters decide very fast whether to take the few minutes to read a resume or not (   So you need to get their attention in the very beginning with the most important things.     1. Your experience doesn't start till more than half way down the page.  It needs to be up on top.     2.  Use the cover letter for the things about you that you want the recruiter to know, that you're afraid s/he wont figure out himself.    3.  Make sure all your words are spelled correctly and if English is your second language, have an English speaking person proofread it, even if you're a better writer     4.  Don't waste space on the page with too much description about things that …

Account Executive and Senior Account Executive - NYC and DC

A  free market crisis management firm is in need of an experienced, creative and goal-oriented Senior Account Executive. The ideal candidate will meet high standards for responsiveness and quality
work and will have the technical skill and flexibility required to execute programs under pressure
and against tight deadlines.

Work with extremely smart and experienced senior counselors, working directly with the most senior level C Suite executives.  Must be poised, intelligent and an excellent writer.

Key strengths:
• Strong understanding of new media platforms
• Experience in crisis communications
• Superior writer, excellent communications skills
• Strong research skills
• High-level strategic problem-solving
• A passion for unsurpassed quality, continuous learning and personal excellence
• Minimum of 3-5 years public relations experience, preferably in crisis communications
• Bachelor's Degree in Communication, Public Relations or related field preferred
• Experienc…
This has nothing to do with recruiting for PR except that PR people and Recruiter people both use their phones a lot.  It's pretty handy.  I liberated if from the Verizon website.

Types of Data Usage1 GBSending emails100,000
messagesStreaming audio17 hrsStreaming 4G video3 hrsStreaming 3G video4 hrsUsing turn-by-turn navigation200 hrsUploading/downloading hi-res photos340
imagesBrowsing the web3,000 webpages
This young gal did a cute video for kids about getting a job in PR.  Gives a basic understanding of what a PR person might do, something which I found some communications graduates did not have a handle on.

I'm Perfect for the Job, But No One Got Back to Me...

I received the following letter today and I'd like to post it, along with my response, because I think more people should see it:
"...I got your information off of LinkedIn and have a strong resume, but for whatever reason, I'm having troubles connecting with employers and recruiters.
I'm sure you have a million people who contact you for resume and cover letter advice, but please allow me to be the proverbial one in a million who might attract your attention for a critique. 
Thank you for your consideration and time."

my response:
I took a look at the resume and truthfully, you did a great job on it.  I really can't point to anything that I'd change about it.  The reason you're having difficulty connecting with employers and recruiters has nothing to do with the resume itself.

What you're experiencing is what so many job seekers I talk to are  experiencing.  There is something wrong with the machine -- you have hundreds of businesses saying…

Asst VP - Corporate PR- Crisis PR - Prestigious PR Agency in NYC

A leading strategic PR firm in NY that is known for stellar work in crisis and corporate PR has a unique opportunity for someone with at least five years of experience in corporate PR.

This person will run accounts that demand an understanding of the clients' business, culture and issues and know how to create media opportunities that deliver the right message to the right audiences.  You will be able to counsel senior level executives, put together strategies to influence key news organizations, analysts, shareholder and opinion leaders and you will provide strategic counsel and tactical support to C Suite executives of public and private companies around the world.

Exciting opportunity to work with smart practitioners, learn a lot, make an impact and reap the reward.