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Sr Manager/Director - Entertainment/Lifestyles PR - Las Vegas

One of the fastest growing sports/entertainment companies in the world is looking for a Senior Manager or Director of Public Relations to develop a loud buzz about the sport, celebrities and events on a local, regional, national and international level!

Work with a very relaxed but serious and determined team of professionals who work at a very fast pace with colorful and exciting news.

This person will write press releases and advisories, handle the media, attend and manage the press at events, promote celebrities, organize media interviews and work with the team to develop new angles and markets.  All this in a very fast pace where projects and news develop fast and often.

We are looking for a very positive person with a strong team approach.  He or she should be very organized and able to work on many projects at once, and at a fast pace.

This person will have a strong and broad network of media contacts (print and broadcast) in the lifestyles and entertainment trades and know ho…

Director (and Manager) of Hispanic PR - Sports/Entertainment- Las Vegas

The fastest growing Sports/Entertainment organization in the world is looking for a Director of Public Relations to develop and implement a PR Strategy to fortify the Hispanic marketing efforts and broaden the exposure of the brand to the Hispanic public.
We are looking for someone with at least 8 years of experience working within the Hispanic market at a sports/entertainment or consumer products company (or PR firm).The right person can demonstrate their knowledge and experience integrating a brand into the lifestyle of the Hispanic culture here in the US.  This person will understand the various cultures and know how to approach the Hispanic communities on local, regional and national levels.
This very special role will build a department, lay out the ways and means, and be ready and willing to work collaboratively with a large PR, marketing and digital team, focusing efforts in the Hispanic market.He or she will be completely bilingual, with impeccable writing skills in both lang…