Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Director of Public Relations for Latin America

I am working with the fastest growing sports/entertainment company in the world.  They company is growing rapidly in size and influence and the sport has an passionate fan base that is also expanding rapidly.

This growth is particularly strong among the Latin American countries.  There are actually 20 different Spanish speaking countries.  Their events are now on Televisa Networks and this new position will have tremendous impact just as the sport itself is now going to be a huge force in Latin American entertainment.

The ideal person will be based in the US (a Visa will be applied for as soon as possible) and will work with PR agencies throughout Latin America on strategic programs that align with the company's marketing objectives in the region.  This will include promotion of the events, programming, celebrities, the sport itself and the companies other assets.

We are looking for someone with at least 8 years of experience handling public relations throughout Latin America.  This person should have a well developed book of contacts throughout the region.  Although direct contact with the press will be part of the role, the focus will be on developing a strong PR network throughout Latin America and making sure that this network understands how to deliver on the overall strategy that is set for the company.

This is a very exciting opportunity for a native Spanish speaking PR leader, who also speaks English fluently and is willing to work in the western US.  Working at or with Public Relations agencies would be very helpful experience for this role.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Account Director - Medical Devices PA - Adverting/ Branding/ Integrated Marketing

Our client is an exciting new company that is an offshoot of a very large and dynamic full service marketing/advertising firm that services the pharma industry.  This new company caters to the medical device and medical diagnostics field particularly.

Quadruped in size in the last year, they are ready to hire an experienced Account Director who will be the #2 under the President.

We're looking for a strong and passionate leader who will help grow the business and delight clients.  He or she will support overall account team leadership, brand stewardship, and new business development.  He or she will have excellent communication skills, negotiation skills and be a great listener, forecaster, hand holder.  He or she has strategic acumen and insight and although there are strong leadership skills, he or she can also work collaboratively.  This person has a strong sense of calm yet can be assertive when it's needed.  Most of all he or she likes to have fun.

This Account Director fosters relationships at all levels internally and with clients.  He/She understands the challenges facing the clients' brands.  He/She will be a counterpart to the Agency President as needed. We definitely want medical device experience!

About 8 to 10+ years experience with at least 5 years of supervisory experience.

The job is in Pennsylvania, west of Philadelphia and if you don't live in this gorgeous part of the country we will help to relocate you.  How lucky can you get?

I've got a more detailed job description which I'd be happy to share with you if you're interested.  Call me!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Manager of Corporate Communications

A Software as a Service company located in Central NJ is looking for a high energy, experienced and well-spoken Manager of Corporate Communications.  This person will orchestrate the lift-off of the expanding company into the next level in terms of media exposure and brand awareness (this will include employee branding).

The Manager of Corporate Communications will develop and execute communication programs geared toward internal audiences as well as to the media, analysts, industry thought leaders, and prospects at trade shows, partners and investors.  This role is also responsible for monitoring and analyzing media communications activity against stated communication themes and metrics goals.

The Manager of Communications will supervise a team of three full time coordinators and be the point of contact for the firm's PR agency.  

We are looking for someone with five to eight years of experience working within a corporate communications (or perhaps within an agency where you were an integral part of a company's marketing efforts) environment at a similar type of SaaS company environment.

Excellent writing, fast learner, strong manager, B2B strategy expert and strong grasp of how to integrate PR effectively into an aggressive marketing mission.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Great video! Bloomberg's Naked Brand

This is a great video not only for anyone who has anything to do with marketing, advertising and PR but for everyone.  It's interesting, informative, startling, chock full of good info and actually inspiring.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Account Supervisor/AVP - Financial PR Agency in NYC

This is a firm with a fantastic culture, chosen by PR News as one of the top companies in the US to work for. It's been a NJ based firm for several years but recently opened an office in NYC and they are growing steadily in an atmosphere of healthy, fun excitement.

The culture at this firm is strong...and different.  There is no politics, no bureaucracy.  No worries about billing policies and a true collaborative environment where creative writers and pitchers work side by side with strong account managers to give clients the best possible results.  The strong corporate culture is one where people like each other and are comfortable working together -- management works hard to make it and keep it this way.   That's not to say that working hard and having drive and passion is not part of the equation - it is.  The people are proactive, results driven and the independence they are granted goes hand in hand with a very strong work ethic.

The Account Supervisor will support the VP on a daily basis and manage more junior account team members.  He or she will be the go-to person for financial services clients on a daily basis.He or she will help to build strategic PR plans that utilize traditional, broadcast, social and digital media to meet client goals. Naturally, this A/S will be expected to build and maintain great relationships with the financial media.

We are looking for a minimum of 5 years of PR agency experience, working with financial clients.  If you're hard working and independent but also can work creatively and collaboratively -- like to be given the responsibility and able to run with it, this is the place for you.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

PR Career Bootcamp

If you are ready to make a change in your career and need some tips and stable rules as you put together the resume and start this endeavor, or if you're wondering why you aren't getting called in for interviews -- you need to come to this seminar I'm putting on in collaboration with Richard Spector, who runs the PR Career Center.  It's chock full of information and I'm giving away a lot of my secrets!

Thursday, November 7th 
12:00 noon to 4:00 PM
PRSA Headquarters:  
33 Maiden Lane   11th Floor
New York City

We'll review tips on how to a cover letter that captures the attention of the don't have to be Hemingway - it's a really simple tip.  And we'll talk about resumes that get you in the door. 

Working with recruiters, preparing for interviews, networking tips and more.  If you're about to enter the job market, been having trouble with your job search or want to make a change in the direction of your career, you should have this will make a big difference!!

Click on this link right now and put your job search into top gear:  Sign up for PR Career Boot Camp.  Oh! And if you get it to us by November 1st, we'll critique your resume and get it back to you the day of the seminar.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

PR Resumes: How Long is Too Long? When is Short Not Enough?

 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of years that U.S. workers have been with their current employer is 4.6. But for younger employees (ages 20 to 34) it's only 2.3 years.   So it looks like across the boards, people stay in jobs less time lately.  

It's an interesting factor when considering Millennials.  It's true that job hopping was much more of a stigma years ago than it is now.  Any recruiter or hiring manager has to understand for example, that no matter where you worked and for how long, if you were let go in 2008-2009 it's forgiven.  And if you took a job during that year and only stayed long enough to land someplace better, that is also understood.  The same goes for the dot com craze, where many terrific candidates were lured away from secure jobs by start ups promising offering huge salary jumps and a shot at the gold ring.

Because the media has changed so dramatically over the last 10 years, professional communicators have had to change with it.  If your company was slow to embrace these changes, your professional development is stunted and you have to move on.  Similarly, if a company wants to get up to speed, they need to hire "new blood" that has digital in its veins.  Considering this, a PR resume will have more job hops than many other professions. 

Additionally, in public relations, the more exposure senior PR people have to how various publics respond today to political, social and economic changes, the more confidently and correctly they are able to counsel their company's leaders.  Sure, the company may hire outside counsel but still, the ability of the chief of communications to embrace all aspects of the new directions will remain of topmost importance to the success of the company's PR strategy.  New happens faster than ever and having a PR leader who has experienced various issues and endeavors that may be new to his current company is definitely a good thing.  Hiring someone who has seen and handled a lot of action is more desirable than it was in the past.

So how long is too long, and how short is too short?  I use this rule of thumb:  For every ten years of experience I allow one move after less than a year with no demerits.  If there are two stints of a year or less, I look for three or four years at one or two places to make up for it.  If i don't see that then I consider it a little red flag and I will make sure to ask for specifics on the move.  Being recruited away or getting downsized are good reasons.  On the other end, when I see more than six years at a company with no significant change in scope of the job, it's a definite demerit.  Promotions are nice to see -- but with more than six years I also want to see additional areas of responsibility or there is the consideration that the person might be stale and the job has become too safe. 

Although there are exceptions to every rule, these are the assumptions I tend to make.  Once I size the resume up this way, I always talk to the person to find out if it's true or not.  Although I always use these rules to make a preliminary assessment, I then look for the other factors like brightness, personal engagement, intelligence, spunk, desire to learn, willingness to change and other such things.  These are the gems I'm looking for. Once I twig on why too long or too short doesn't tell the real story, that's when the magic happens -- that's where I can really help my clients to find hidden talent and it's what I love about my job.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Head of HR Communications

This global management consulting firm with over 200,000 employees working across  all industries and business functions, is one of the world’s most successful companies. They collaborate with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments.

We are looking for the Head of HR Communications who will be responsible for developing, implementing, and managing a comprehensive internal communication program in support of the company's global business and human capital strategy. This executive will work closely with Human Resources team to develop a strong internal company narrative that informs, aligns, and motivates employees with regard to career opportunities, career management, professional development and rewards and recognition.

 The Head of HR Internal Communications will coach, lead, manage, and develop a global team of 20+ internal communication professionals, and will serve as a key counselor and advisor to senior HR leaders on executive communications.  S/he will leverage digital/social media, intranet content, employee events, video technologies, and other communication techniques and channels to develop innovative strategies that excite, inform, and engage the company's vast global workforce.  This executive will also partner with colleagues in the broader corporate communications organization to ensure that all internal and external communication strategies are aligned, and that both groups are disseminating key messages in a consistent, coordinated, cohesive manner.

We are looking for a minimum of 15 years proven leadership experience in internal communication strategy.  The ideal candidate will have managed the internal or executive communications for a global, broadly-distributed organization or business unit.

He or she will have exceptional skills in communication planning, writing, message development and technical/channel skills as well as a proven track record of developing intranet content strategy, firm grasp of user experience principles, knowledge of digital and social communication trends and tools.

We are looking for someone with a strong executive presence, and the ability to articulate a clear vision, define a strategy for achieving it and manage successful execution.  This person has a keen and the proven leadership skills to serve as a senior member of the company’s global marketing and communications team.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Career Guide for College Grads

Here's a very informative career guide for college grads...

Resume Advice for Someone Who Wants to Get Back Into PR

Maybe I was a little too harsh here, but this is some advice I recently gave a young lady who did PR in India and then came to the US and has been freelancing as a writer (she says - she lists no clients or examples).  She wants to know how to get a job here in the States.

 Most recruiters decide very fast whether to take the few minutes to read a resume or not (   So you need to get their attention in the very beginning with the most important things.
    1. Your experience doesn't start till more than half way down the page.  It needs to be up on top.
    2.  Use the cover letter for the things about you that you want the recruiter to know, that you're afraid s/he wont figure out himself.
   3.  Make sure all your words are spelled correctly and if English is your second language, have an English speaking person proofread it, even if you're a better writer
    4.  Don't waste space on the page with too much description about things that have nothing to do with the job you want.  (Recruiters see too many resumes and so we lack a certain depth and caring that we might have had years ago.  Because there are so many resumes to choose from we look for "who is doing it" not "who could do it").
   5.  Use the very same words that are in the job description to describe the jobs you have had.  Especially currently.
   6.  The first go around, the recruiter is going to look for buzz words and not going to spend time trying to understand what you do.  So even though you may be a great writer, give them what they need to see.   Use the cover letter or additional materials to show how creative you are.  This (and most of what I'm saying) applies to the recruiter or HR person that first sees your resume.  It does not necessarily apply to the Hiring Manager.  So if your resume is being put right into the hands of the person you want to work for, it might be different.  If they are not seeing a hundred resumes, then they care much more about who you are.
   7.  Keep the resume focused on the things that are germaine to the job you want.  Unless they are able  to demonstrate to the recruiter that it's something you can clearly use in the job you want, even your best successes of the past have to be taken out in order to keep it on point.  This is important for people who are changing fields.

You've done so many things in PR before your most recent job....get those things onto the first page if you can.  Look at the job descriptions and take out what doesn't apply.  Change the wording of what you have done so that it clearly matches the qualities and experience they describe in the job ad.  Don't overrate the intelligence of the person who is reading your resume, or their understanding of what they are looking for.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Account Executive and Senior Account Executive - NYC and DC

A  free market crisis management firm is in need of an experienced, creative and goal-oriented Senior Account Executive. The ideal candidate will meet high standards for responsiveness and quality
work and will have the technical skill and flexibility required to execute programs under pressure
and against tight deadlines.

Work with extremely smart and experienced senior counselors, working directly with the most senior level C Suite executives.  Must be poised, intelligent and an excellent writer.

Key strengths:
• Strong understanding of new media platforms
• Experience in crisis communications
• Superior writer, excellent communications skills
• Strong research skills
• High-level strategic problem-solving
• A passion for unsurpassed quality, continuous learning and personal excellence
• Minimum of 3-5 years public relations experience, preferably in crisis communications
• Bachelor's Degree in Communication, Public Relations or related field preferred
• Experience with team management and supervision of junior staff
• Media relations expertise, especially online and social media
• Excellent planning and program implementation skills
• Computer proficiency and advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office

This has nothing to do with recruiting for PR except that PR people and Recruiter people both use their phones a lot.  It's pretty handy.  I liberated if from the Verizon website.

Types of Data Usage 1 GB
email Sending emails 100,000
streaming audio Streaming audio 17 hrs
streaming 3g Streaming 4G video 3 hrs
streaming 3g Streaming 3G video 4 hrs
navigation Using turn-by-turn navigation 200 hrs
photos Uploading/downloading hi-res photos 340
web Browsing the web 3,000 webpages

Sunday, August 4, 2013

This young gal did a cute video for kids about getting a job in PR.  Gives a basic understanding of what a PR person might do, something which I found some communications graduates did not have a handle on.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm Perfect for the Job, But No One Got Back to Me...

I received the following letter today and I'd like to post it, along with my response, because I think more people should see it:

"...I got your information off of LinkedIn and have a strong resume, but for whatever reason, I'm having troubles connecting with employers and recruiters.

I'm sure you have a million people who contact you for resume and cover letter advice, but please allow me to be the proverbial one in a million who might attract your attention for a critique. 
Thank you for your consideration and time."

my response:
I took a look at the resume and truthfully, you did a great job on it.  I really can't point to anything that I'd change about it.  The reason you're having difficulty connecting with employers and recruiters has nothing to do with the resume itself.

What you're experiencing is what so many job seekers I talk to are  experiencing.  There is something wrong with the machine -- you have hundreds of businesses saying they can't find qualified employees and thousands of people who can't get jobs.  Something's wrong.

There are probably many reasons.  Some good ones are how fast technology have made many people's skills obsolete.  And then there is the issue of the jobs that have gone overseas.   My favorite reason to blame it on is the ease in which one can contact anyone they want to through the internet.  It's just too easy to click "enter".  So recruiters and employers get hundreds of resumes in response to job ads they post.  This causes two things to happen:  they can't look at everything; and they get the idea that out of the hundreds of resumes, they should be able to find someone PERFECT.

My advice then, is to network (digitally and with your physical body), when applying, try and get your resume into the paws of the person doing the hiring and get don't be afraid of being very creative about that.  And don't be too selective about where you send your resume --Even if you're perfect for the job, there will be another 150 people sending their resume so until this machine gets fixed, you need to cosmically balance it out and increase the number of resumes you send out. 
(I know this increases the resume carbon footprint, but till the machine gets fixed, I believe this is what you have to do).

Hope this is somewhat helpful!  If nothing else, I hope it's encouraging that there are some recruiters out there that open their emails!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Asst VP - Corporate PR- Crisis PR - Prestigious PR Agency in NYC

A leading strategic PR firm in NY that is known for stellar work in crisis and corporate PR has a unique opportunity for someone with at least five years of experience in corporate PR.

This person will run accounts that demand an understanding of the clients' business, culture and issues and know how to create media opportunities that deliver the right message to the right audiences.  You will be able to counsel senior level executives, put together strategies to influence key news organizations, analysts, shareholder and opinion leaders and you will provide strategic counsel and tactical support to C Suite executives of public and private companies around the world.

Exciting opportunity to work with smart practitioners, learn a lot, make an impact and reap the reward.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sr Manager/Director - Entertainment/Lifestyles PR - Las Vegas

One of the fastest growing sports/entertainment companies in the world is looking for a Senior Manager or Director of Public Relations to develop a loud buzz about the sport, celebrities and events on a local, regional, national and international level!

Work with a very relaxed but serious and determined team of professionals who work at a very fast pace with colorful and exciting news.

This person will write press releases and advisories, handle the media, attend and manage the press at events, promote celebrities, organize media interviews and work with the team to develop new angles and markets.  All this in a very fast pace where projects and news develop fast and often.

We are looking for a very positive person with a strong team approach.  He or she should be very organized and able to work on many projects at once, and at a fast pace.

This person will have a strong and broad network of media contacts (print and broadcast) in the lifestyles and entertainment trades and know how to manage and build upon them.

This can be a Senior Manager or a Director role.  The right person will determine the level/title.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Director (and Manager) of Hispanic PR - Sports/Entertainment- Las Vegas

The fastest growing Sports/Entertainment organization in the world is looking for a Director of Public Relations to develop and implement a PR Strategy to fortify the Hispanic marketing efforts and broaden the exposure of the brand to the Hispanic public. 

We are looking for someone with at least 8 years of experience working within the Hispanic market at a sports/entertainment or consumer products company (or PR firm).  The right person can demonstrate their knowledge and experience integrating a brand into the lifestyle of the Hispanic culture here in the US.  This person will understand the various cultures and know how to approach the Hispanic communities on local, regional and national levels.

This very special role will build a department, lay out the ways and means, and be ready and willing to work collaboratively with a large PR, marketing and digital team, focusing efforts in the Hispanic market.  He or she will be completely bilingual, with impeccable writing skills in both languages.

The communications department is a 100% team activity here, so this person must think and act collaboratively.  Other important characteristics are organization skills, thoroughness, ability to deal with people beautifully and able to juggle many balls at once because things change constantly and new opportunities and projects come at a fast pace here.

The Director of Hispanic PR will have great relationships with print, television and radio outlets, including experience pitching story lines, arranging and monitoring media interviews,  writing releases and advisories and proven ability to garner press coverage in Hispanic local markets around the country.
We are also looking for an energetic, enthusiastic and hard working Manager of Hispanic PR who will work closely with the Director on all of the above!

The job is based in Las Vegas - no negotiating on that,  Company will relocate.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Account Supervisor - Prof'l Svces Agency in NYC

This leading NYC-based business-to-business integrated communication firm, is seeking an experienced senior professional to oversee several of the firm’s largest Professional Services accounts and report directly to head of the firm’s Professional Services Practice. The candidate must be driven, able to both manage and "do," and serve as an excellent team member and leader.

We are looking for someone smart, who's able to quickly digest and communicate complex concepts.  The right person has an entrepreneurial spirit  and can nimbly move around with several clients and projects.  

Someone who has a high care-factor will work well here, as you will be dealing directly with clients on a day to day basis.   So you also should be poised, with great presentation skills.  

Writing is the bedrock of the profession, so whether it's emails, releases, reports or digital content, you are a great writer.

Positive, dedicated team players is what we look for and in this role, since you will be managing others, we look for natural motivators, teachers, mentors who are great to work with.

This professional will be responsible for client and team management, the development and execution of strategic integrated marketing and PR campaigns,  content development, media strategy and outreach (traditional and social), identifying and nurturing opportunities for organic growth on accounts, and managing budgets and profitability (primary). Longer-term, this professional will also be responsible for participating in new business proposal and presentation development/delivery for the Professional Services practice (secondary).  The firm will help you get there!

Ideal candidates will have 5-8 years of integrated marketing and PR experience working with professional services clients, positioning them as experts in their industries. Agency experience is a must. Experience working with Consulting firm clients is preferred. Ideal candidates will have an aptitude for designing and implementing broader marketing and thought leadership campaigns, as well as a strong track record of account and campaign management, media strategy and relations, and media placements in national business and trade media. Strong technical/business writing skills are also essential.

VP or SVP for Admired PR Agency in NYC - (fincl and prof'l services)

As the SVP/VP, you will be responsible for managing an account team of bright, dedicated professionals that you will help to develop professionally by providing strategic leadership and mentoring to ensure they have the skills to execute client programs magnificently.

You will build and manage teams, balancing workloads, developing and managing budgets and ensuring account profitability.  You will manage multiple accounts and team members as well as client engagement.  This will include regularly providing performance feedback and ensuring performance goals are met. 

As VP/SVP, you'll lead brain storming sessions and develop strategic and creative communications plans for clients, developing their messaging to enhance their reputation. You will counsel clients and serve as day to day senior client contact.  You'll work closely with other senior leaders at the firm to actively participate in all aspects of new business development including your own networking and lead development.

We are looking for someone with at least 8 to 10 years of experience (significantly agency experience), where creative and positive results have been attained.  The right person will have extensive experience working with financial and professional services clients and have the related media contacts that have been nurtured over the years.

If you're lucky enough to land this job, you have an executive presence and the ability to counsel C-level executives comfortably.  Of course, you also have excellent writing and verbal communication skills and experience crafting all forms of business communications.
Superlative presentation skills allows you to confidently present to internal and external teams. 

Last but not least, and something that should perhaps be listed first, you have a collaborative and friendly mindset.  This is a healthy, fun and happy environment and fitting into the corporate culture is very important.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Acct Exec/Senior AE

Our client is a leading boutique communications advisory firm that works in partnership with its clients to develop and execute the communications in support of growth strategies that ensure their success.

Working very closely with the most senior level executives at client companies to define their communication goals, the firm develops the right messaging and image, then media trains the executives and provides on target media coverage – print, radio and tv.

Outside of the media, this company will also use it’s very strong network of influentials to help clients get in front of the most important people they need to reach.  This is often done through events of one kind or another.

This AE/Senior AE will help organize grass roots movements, do interesting research studies, various writing assignments, work on events and meetings and get involved in public policy issues in areas such as healthcare, financial services and education.

We are looking for someone with  expert writing skills, two to three years of proven media relations skills and the ability to handle clients well.  

This company is growing and there is opportunity to learn a great deal, develop your own network, and advance your career.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Acct Dir or VP, Healthcare Practice of NYC firm

This is a very unique opportunity for someone ready to step into a #2 position in the expanding new healthcare practice at a well established fully integrated marketing/pr firm.

We are looking for someone with a broad healthcare background including work on innovative pharma products, healthcare services and medical technology.  This well rounded professional will get involved in strategy and manage implementation, mentor the work of a fantastic staff and help the head of the practice with new business.

This role is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a terrific practice where you will actually help to build and lead, with the opportunity to help shape the practice itself.  The firm is one of the best mid sized agencies in America to work for (per the Holmes Report).  They create an environment where people come first, which is difficult to find, in this particular sector of the industry.  They are proud of their work/life balance and strong company culture.  

As a fully integrated marketing firm, use of digital media and creative new approaches is important to the firm.  Along with this, knowledge of FDA regulation, advocacy work, leveraging milestones, building consumer awareness and traditional media work in the B2B and B2C markets will be utilized. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to Approach a Recruiter

Take a moment to think about the mail a recruiter gets.  Those that work with me know that I try to answer every email I receive.  I appreciate when people are considerate and get to the point.   I think if they took into consideration just how much mail we get,  a lot of people would change their approach.  I personally get about 30 direct, personal emails with resumes attached, per day.  If  I spent just 15 minutes on each one, it would take up almost the entire day.  Pretty soon I wouldn't have any clients at all.

I recently spoke to a group of communication graduate students at a top university.  I added 15 entry level job hunters' cover letters to my slide presentation so that the students could see what I see.  This gripped their attention.   I think it really got the point across -- they saw just how bad the bad ones were compared to the good ones.  And they got the idea that if I'm looking at their letter along with 15 other letters, it better be good or I'll trash it.

So here are a couple of pointers on how to approach me (or any recruiter):

1.We might read a lot of  resumes and cover letters a day
So please keep it short and don't make me work too hard.
2. We are paid by the corporate client, not by the candidate
So don't expect us to look for a job for you.  Wrong approach.  I don't want to be mean but I'm not here to find you a job.
(Half the resumes i get start out with something like "I just started my job search and wanted to enlist your help")
3. My objective is to identify a perfect candidate for my client.  I search the surface of my network first, then get deeper and deeper.
So keep yourself on top by contacting me every so often with a gentle reminder like "Just wanted to check in and see if you had anything me, as you recall, I have 12 years of writing experience in the business sector..."

Quick tips:
Connect with me on LinkedIn
Use the key terms I'm looking for to attract my attention
Don't make me work too hard to figure out what you do
Give me your resume in chronological order with dates
Don't send me a group email with all my competitors
When we speak, let me know what you love to do and what others think you're good at. 
Keep in touch with me.

Be open to talking to me about an opportunity even if it's not the right thing or the right time (Your dream job doesn't necessarily appear when you decide to make a move).  If it's not right for you, help me if you can.  This will earn you big big points with me and I will try to return the favor.
A lot happens between going on an interview and accepting an offer so be willing to check things out.  Learn about what's out there.  It's good practice and you will learn about the market and your place in it.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Account Director - PR Agency Outside NYC

The Account Director  provides strategic direction to the account team to ensure client goals are not just met, but exceeded.  S/he manages the daily activities of the team so they should have a solid understanding of how to develop and implement strategic communications plans.  

The Account Director will mentor junior level staff, promote their growth and manage the daily activities of their team and delegation of work.  S/he will be responsible for annual and monthly budget projections. The AD will be responsible for monitoring results and billable time of staff.  

The group is composed of accounts that are in a variety of industries and the Account Director will be expected to understand how PR supports their clients' business strategy across each client's industry.  They will be the go-to person for senior client representatives.

We are looking for someone with five to six years of experience and a broad understanding of public relations, marketing and communications including crisis communication and the ability to think strategically and lead tactical execution of client programs.  We are looking for  excellent writing and verbal skills, strong business acumen and the ability to multi-task in a fast paced, deadline driven environment.  We are looking for leadership qualities that will extend beyond the actual account team to agency wide projects.

We are looking for someone with strong social media skills and know how to monitor its impact and engagement.  

The AD will assist in developing new business and growing existing business.  

The firm is a full service PR, advertising and marketing firm about one and a half hours outside of NYC.  It's a well established firm of about 100 employees.

VP - PR for top firm outside NYC

This Vice President will oversee several account teams and ensure clients are thrilled with the work the firm is doing for them.  S/he will provide leadership and direction, develop strategies and make sure they are executed. 

The VP will ensure effectiveness of staff, mentor them and promote their growth, be responsible for budgets, projections and the overall profit and loss of your area.

It will be expected that this VP will have excellent relationships with their clients and be able to counsel them well on messaging and issues management.

The client group that this VP will oversee will include accounts from a variety of industries which will most likely include financial services and healthcare, so experience in either or both of those areas is desired.
We are looking for someone with at least 8 years of experience and a strong understanding of public relations, marketing and communications including crisis communication and issues management.  The VP will of course have excellent writing and verbal skills, strong business acumen and fluency in topical news and culture.  The right person has a fluency in multi and social media including video production and digital communications

As a manager, this VP will foster agency integration, develop and direct organizational policies, manage accounts and exhibit leadership qualities that extend beyond the actual account team by serving on company committees, attending conferences, etc.  This person will be responsible to identify, hire and develop personnel.

This VP will also have responsibility for developing new business and growing existing business.  To do this we expect this person to have skills in strategic thinking, research, spotting trends and problem solving.  

The firm is a full service PR, advertising and marketing firm about one and a half hours outside of NYC.  It's a well established firm of about 100 employees.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Associate - Financial/Corp PR Agency in NYC

One of the most well respected PR agencies in NYC has a compelling career opportunity for a high energy, motivated, Associate level corporate communications professional.  This person will assist with providing corporate and financial media relations, investor relations, crisis communications, transaction support and public affairs counsel and tactical support to C suite executives of leading private and public companies around the world.

We are looking for someone with about two to five years of corporate public relations experience at a PR agency.  The right candidate will have a strong grasp of basic public relations tools, strong research, writing and editing skills. S/he will be a quick study with the ability to grasp complicated issues, think proactively and have a strong handle on, and interest in current events.  Associates should be committed to delivering high quality results to clients.

This Associate will be an integral part of the team and its overall success providing essential support to assigned account teams, including daily media relations (national, trade, local, etc.) and developing high quality written material such as press releases, PR plans and strategy memos for clients.

We are looking for someone with excellent oral and written communications skills, superior presentation skills and the ability to multi-task, manage deadlines and handle pressure in a fast paced environment.   

Vice President Investor Relations (NYC boutique PR firm)

One of NYC's topmost boutique PR firms specializing in technology and life sciences is looking for a top notch VP to service clients with investor relations counsel. Work with some of the biggest names in the business where growth and challenge doesn't fade out.

This key investor relations professional should have experience working with micro, small and mid cap companies helping them with all aspects of investor relations and corporate/financial communications.  Work closely with C-suite executives to help them bring about programs that impact the company's success.

Very exciting, fast paced work where you can have the opportunity to be a significant member of the leadership team at the firm.  Help bring in new business and drive client satisfaction.  Competitive salary and bonus.