LinkedIn Endorsements - Boo / Recommendations - Yay!

LinkedIn is great.  No recruiter could live without it.

Yet the new LinkedIn Endorsements section is not only worthless, but I think it could actually hurt!  If you're someone who judges people on twitter by how relevant and influential the people are who follow them, then you know what I mean.  How do you sift through all that to really make a good judgment call?

Endorsements are more like a popularity contest than a useful judgement of your skills and experience.  As a recruiter, I often accept certain invitations to connect with people I don't actually know because having a big network is very important to my research.  Yesterday I was endorsed by someone I have never even spoken to for my expertise in one area:  B2B marketing strategy.  I only added it because I thought areas of expertise may be searchable and I'd want to be listed.  Maybe she was just testing how to use endorsements by randomly picking something for a person she doesn't know or care about.

You can remove a recommendation you don't want, but there's nothing you can do about a dumb endorsement.


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