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Here's the speech I gave at West Virginia University.
I think it gets better as I warm can basically skip the first ten minutes...
How to Find the Job you Want

Great Candidates Ask Great Interview Questions

Today I read an article in Inc about the questions great candidates ask.  I like that the reporter says 'great candidates' ask these questions rather than 'great questions' to ask.  Because great candidates DO ask smart questions. Not just questions that will make them look smart, but questions that will really help them understand the job and the company. Questions that give a deeper understanding.  If something isn't obvious or doesn't make sense, there is a reason why.  Trust yourself and ask.  Great candidates are being there at the interview, processing and connecting rather than trying to impress.  They are naturally interested instead of trying to be interesting.  They are processing what they're being told and listening to themselves.  And if you are not busy trying to be someone who has everything on the job description, you can really listen.  If it's a good job, you'll definitely have questions.  If it's a good boss, he'll want to…

Director of Public Relations - Luxury Brand - NYC

This very upscale and well known European brand has created a new position for a strategic and creative Public Relations Director who will revamp the PR outreach for this very established brand.  This person will be responsible for developing and implementing new strategies to increase visibility of the company and its products with the right markets.  S/he will work closely with marketing in this endeavor, to make sure that strategies are well integrated with overall marketing objectives.

Develop and nurture relationships with top business, lifestyles and trade press, arrange for press tours and other events.  
Write and design all media communications, manage media events, work on the public relations support for national and regional events.  
The right person will have at least ten years of public relations experience working with luxury products, handling events, sponsorships, media training executives, touring with senior execs and the press.  This person should have very strong…