Thoughts on Chris Brogan Closing His Linked In Account

As most of you branding and social media mavens know, Chris Brogan closed down his LinkedIn account this month.

I want to say a few words about it.

I agree that it's very hard to get above the noise. I get irritated when I see people posting the same thing to 10 different groups, especially when it's something that's not even relevant to the purpose of the group.  And I find that the people who engage are mostly people who want a job, more so than movers and shakers with a real desire to share.

BUT... If you're looking for a job this is where you have to be.  And if you passively want to hear about the most perfect job when it opens up, you have to be connected on LinkedIn.  Simple as that.  It's the number one place where every recruiter and talent acquisition manager conducts their research.

Also, if you are up for some new business and a potential client wants to know about you, they will look on LinkedIn.  If you're not Chris Brogan, and and people want to find out about you, that's where they will go to see how well you shine.

So I'm staying on LinkedIn, and I suggest you remain on it too.

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