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Thoughts on Chris Brogan Closing His Linked In Account

As most of you branding and social media mavens know, Chris Brogan closed down his LinkedIn account this month.

I want to say a few words about it.

I agree that it's very hard to get above the noise. I get irritated when I see people posting the same thing to 10 different groups, especially when it's something that's not even relevant to the purpose of the group.  And I find that the people who engage are mostly people who want a job, more so than movers and shakers with a real desire to share.

BUT... If you're looking for a job this is where you have to be.  And if you passively want to hear about the most perfect job when it opens up, you have to be connected on LinkedIn.  Simple as that.  It's the number one place where every recruiter and talent acquisition manager conducts their research.

Also, if you are up for some new business and a potential client wants to know about you, they will look on LinkedIn.  If you're not Chris Brogan, and and people want to…

Baby Boomers Want to Work

The US was built upon the realization of the dreams of immigrants. This is our heritage and our future. I agree that we need to keep the well educated and entrepreneurial immigrants here and that this will protect our economy and may also help with the down-trending of our education statistics.

But there was a statement in the recent report (Coming to America, Why the US is Falling Behind in the Global Race for Talent) by the Partnership for a New American Economy that piqued my interest. The report states:
" The US population is aging, baby boomers are retiring en masse, and the growth in the US labor force has slowed to historic lows of less than 1 percent."

As a recruiter, I see hundreds of baby boomers that want to work and can't get a job.  They have been looking for months and months.  In the PR field where I recruit,  I see that most job descriptions - even for Directors and VPs call for ten to fifteen years experience tops.  Job descriptions show the number of …

Account Supervisor or AVP - Financial Services: Phila

Top rated PR marketing/PR agency in the Philadelphia area that is known for it’s creative and strategic approach to marketing, PR, and crisis communications looking for a sharp Account Supervisor/AVP with 6 to 10 years of demonstrated b2b PR experience with a focus on financial services.  Experience with financial services is a must.Looking for savvy. high-energy news hounds, who are on top of today’s business issues, ideas and trends.  Must have superior business writing skills and strong structured verbal skills.  Must possess a natural ability to uncover or create news hooks that carry key marketing messages – and pitch and place stories with print and broadcast media. 
This role includes working in all areas of marketing and PR so we’re looking for someone with strong basic business fundamentals.  You’ll be writing releases, plans, blogs, op eds, video and news release scripts, web and brochure content.
This agency has several specialty areas and this person will be running the ac…

What Recruiters Look at in the Six Seconds it takes them to decide if you're a match

I have always wanted to see one of these!!

The Ladders did a study using eye tracking technology to monitor where recruiters focus in the six seconds that it takes them to decide if the resume is a match or not.

It shows where the recruiters' eyes focused to digest the information they needed.  Notice how no one spent any time looking at the bottom of the resume on the left.  That's because it's got too many words crammed together.  People like space.

Like I always say:  simplify it, shorten it, give it space.