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If Unemployment Is So High, Why Is Hiring So Hard? - Robert Moritz - Harvard Business Review

‘Til death do us part: PR Pros and their Phones

“Frankly, I can’t imagine a world without a smart phone,” wrote Matthew Kirdahy, account director at Bliss PR, in response to an e-mail from us asking for his thoughts on mobile devices.

The pervasive presence of mobile technology has changed the way we live, no doubt. It might be a certain addiction to games or text messaging that makes us wonder if certain people’s phones are physically attached to their bodies, but in the world of PR, there is a livelihood tied to mobile e-mail, texts and social media.

We at Charet & Associates wanted to know how mobile devices impact both the personal and professional lives of those in PR, so we e-mailed a few practitioners in the industry to find out.

Where do pros draw the line? Is there a line at all?

“The reality is that the news cycle is 24/7 so all communications professionals need to keep that in mind and be as flexible as they possibly can,” wrote Dean Mastrojohn, communications director for Reckitt Benckiser. “Social media has added …

Account Supervisor/Account Director - NYC - Professional Services

Account Supervisor/Account Director
This company is heralded year after year as one of the best agencies in America to work for.The firm has been a leader in financial and professional services PR for over 25 years.We’re looking for an Account Supervisor or Account Director to lead one of the company’s largest and most prestigious accounts, which has been with the firm for many years.
The client is an international professional services firm, and the account has many different pieces to it.It involves a full range of PR activities so we’re looking for an excellent writer and manager with experience in all PR disciplines from social media to writing and through leadership.The account touches on many different business lines, so a broad exposure within the professional services arena is important.
The management is smart and wonderful to work with. There’s no politics, excellent work/life balance and it’s a great time to be a part of the firm because they independent again and growing st…

Median PR Salaries by US Region

This map of median PR salaries by region is from PR Week's 2012 Salary Survey.  I am surprised that the NYC tri state area falls behind the entire western region!  Silicon Valley trumps Wall Street investment firms?  I guess so!
My favorite line in the survey:  "Recruiters continue to call the industry's best talent, some of whom are beginning to pick up the phone. "  That's encouraging and I hope it's true!!