US Cities with Most PR Opportunities

I just did a search on Indeed for all the "Public Relations" jobs in various cities.  I put Public Relations in quotes because "Public" and "Relations" are in lots of different titles so it can give a false picture.

Top cities:
1.  New York            1173
2.  DC                     1065
3.  SF Bay area         594
4.  LA  /Atlanta         547  (tied for fourth place)
5.  Chicago               502

It drops down to Boston with 353, Philly 333, Seattle 261, Houston 243, Denver 220.  As a comparison,  Fargo has 9, Pittsburgh 80, Santa Barbara 21,  Rahleigh-Durham  78, Aspen 0, Ithaca 15 and Santa Fe, 5.

Even though I live here, I couldn't think of a city in NJ worth checking.  But I know there are jobs in 'dem 'dere hills so I checked the state: 505.  Compared to NY with 1265 (92 outside NYC), CT with 200, PA 535, North Carolina 287, Hawaii 39, MA 444, and an interesting thing is that California has 2218 which is more than NY, NJ and CT combined.

I'd like to check out Dubai and Mumbai and some other places.


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