Saturday, December 29, 2012

Senior AE or AS - Investor Relations (healthcare/NYC)

One of the top independently owned boutique investor relations and PR agencies in the country is looking to add a talented IR professional to their Investor Relations practice.  The company boasts one of the strongest and most established healthcare focused practices in the US.    

The company works daily with the investors and analysts that are focused in the biotech, life sciences and medical device industries.  They closely track the issues that are important to their clients and can address concerns or questions of the media, stakeholders or analysts.   Being closely in tune with the ever changing landscape  in healthcare reform and other issues, and having developed the right contacts and alliances over their years in the business, allows them to better communicate their clients' value proposition and provide strategic counsel that works to move the dial for their clients.
Join this smart and friendly, fast paced and entrepreneurial team in midtown Manhattan.  Learn a lot, grow and take on as much responsibility as you are ready to assume, as quickly as you can.  Enjoy the rewards for a job well done. 

If you have two to six years of IR experience and want to move where you'll be challenged, excited and constantly learning, this is the place for you.

Senior PR Specialist – Financial Services – Washington DC area

This senior PR specialist will develop the public relations programs that promote a positive corporate and community image of this financial company. They will also serve as the spokes- person with the media, trades, community groups, and consumers.

-       Lead development and expansion of the firm’s branding and corporate image through mainstream media. Also through external social networking and social media.
-       Create PR Campaigns and innovative ideas that align with corporate marketing strategy. 
-       This person will also assist the PR Manager with preparation and execution of communication, materials and speeches.  
-       They also may assist the PR Manager with relationship building, review and development of communications, materials and speeches, and establishing community relations programs focused on the military community. 
-       This person will also perform other related duties as required or appropriate. 

Desired Qualifications:
-       Bachelor’s Degree in a related field or the equivalent combination of education, training and experience. 
-       Experience or familiarity with armed forces or government agencies and their protocols would be very helpful
-       Knowledge of financial services industry and products,
-       Experience working in a demanding, creative environment similar to an advertising agency 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Global Media Relations Manager (Mobility) -Top Tech Firm - London or East Coast US

The media/analyst manager of this much admired, matrixed, global management consulting leader will direct integrated global media relations and industry analyst relations efforts for the Mobility sector by leveraging major marketing initiatives, thought leadership, successful client engagements, and the expertise of their innovative consultants.  As a matrix organization it's a very flat structure and the manager role has significant responsibility.

This manager is responsible for improving the focus, quality and frequency of media and industry analyst coverage as well as strengthening the approach to managing the interaction; incorporating media relations into the team's marketing efforts; and improving the company's external profile within relevant industries. 

The person in this role will:
• Have a keen understanding of the key issues and trends affecting the mobility industry
• Be a proactive, strategic thinker focused on generating trade, non-traditional media, and tier-one media coverage and industry analyst awareness
• Possess strong communication skills, with the ability to reduce complex topics into clear concise messaging; including exceptional writing and editing skills for audiences ranging from general to business to more technical (press releases, talking points, Q&A, and other PR collateral) with an emphasis on mobility.
• Have the creativity and initiative to drive media results, even when confronted with internal and external obstacles
• Have the ability to function effectively within a matrix organization and support the company's approach to teamwork and collaboration. 

Basic Qualifications:
  •   Bachelor's degree or other four-year university degree 
  • 8 to 15 years experience in communications with a minimum of 5 years' experience  specifically in the mobility
 Professional Skill Requirements:
  •  Minimum of eight years success at building strong working relationship with senior leadership 
  • Ability to provide strategic counsel to colleagues in key geographies
  • Social media (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) familiarity and skills required
  • Willingness to travel up to ten percent of time

Friday, November 9, 2012

Senior VP - Financial/Crisis/Corp PR - SF

Prestigious, strategic, corporate communications consulting firm in San Francisco seeks a SVP, head of the San Francisco office.  

We are looking for at least 15 years of experience counseling senior leadership and Boards of Directors on such areas as transaction communication, special situations, corporate governance and Investor Relations.

This company is a leader in its field and winner of numerous awards and recognition over the years for high quality strategic PR consulting work.  

Media/Analyst Manager -stellar technology consulting firm - NY/Boston/Chicago/DC

The media/analyst manager of this much admired, global management consulting leader will direct integrated global media relations and industry analyst relations efforts for covering business sectors involved in analytics and integrated marketing services by leveraging major marketing initiatives, thought leadership, successful client engagements, and the expertise of the superb senior management. This manager is responsible for improving the focus, quality and frequency of media and industry analyst coverage as well as strengthening the approach to managing the interaction; incorporating media relations into the team's marketing efforts; and improving the company's external profile within relevant industries. The person in this role will:
  • Have a keen understanding of the key issues and trends affecting the digital marketing and the marketing analytics industries
  • Be a proactive, strategic thinker focused on generating trade, non-traditional media, and tier-one media coverage and industry analyst awareness in support of Analytics and Marketing Services
  • Possess strong communication skills, with the ability to reduce complex topics into clear concise messaging; including exceptional writing and editing skills for audiences ranging from general to business to more technical (press releases, talking points, Q&A, and other PR collateral) with an emphasis on digital marketing industries and data analytics across all industries.
  • Have the creativity and initiative to drive media results, even when confronted with internal and external obstacles
  • Have the ability to function effectively within a matrix organization and support the company's approach to teamwork and collaboration. 
  • Bachelor's degree or other four-year university degree
  • Minimum 5 years experience in media relations/corp communication specifically in the digital marketing or analytics industries
  • Minimum of 5 years' experience analyzing, disseminating and communicating complex information and developing clear 'media ready' messages
  • Minimum 5 years' experience of key issues and trends affecting the digital marketing/analytics industry
Basic Qualifications:
  • Success at building strong working relationships with senior leadership
  • Ability to provide strategic counsel to colleagues in key geographies
  • Social media experience
  • Willingness to travel up to ten percent of the time.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Public and Analyst Relations Manager - Seattle/San Fran

This company is an innovative technology solutions company of about 16,000 employees and operates all over the world, often in partnership with some of the other largest and most well respected technology giants.  

We are looking for a Media manager to work cross functionally with multiple disciplines - including key stakeholders within different business units, functional groups and marketing to identify and generate story development that provides thought leadership positioning to further the reputation of the company.  He or she must have media (traditional and digital) skills,  excellent writing skills, strong industry analyst relations skills, and masterful project management skills.

This person will establish metrics that align to business objectives, manage the PR agency, and develop excellent strategies for industry analysts.  He or she will support global thought leadership marketing campaigns and work with social marketing and marketing executives.  The Public and Analyst Relations Manager will drive executive external communications throughout North America, support various corporate initiatives such as M&A activity, crisis communications, awards and recognition.

We are looking for a strong knowledge of enterprise technology and services, a proven ability to apply communications programs linked to business strategy, extensive knowledge of media and analyst relations, a strong ability to write clearly and simply about complex issues, confidently communicate strategic counsel, and be able to work in a cross functional environment with smart and creative executives at various levels.

We are looking for 10 to 12 years of experience and the position would be based in San Francisco or Seattle.

How to Always Get a Response When Applying for a Job

                                                                  By Simone Sheny

                 You do a search online, you find an interesting job, you fill out the hour and a half app., you wait to hear back, you never hear back.

Why is this?   
 No, it’s most likely not because you don’t have a connection within the company. Although networking is a great way to land a job, it’s not the only way.The problem: you aren’t applying the right way. 

           Forget the web application; the employer is probably avoiding them like the plague, as the large pile of applications grows higher and higher. So you are probably asking, what do you do then? It is very easy. Click out of the app…or fill it out, it definitely wont hurt you. But what you need to do if you want this job is find a human!

            In order to get a response from a potential employer you must contact a potential employer. A person in either Human Resources or the department head, the person hiring for the position, or the closest person you can find. Use your best judgement if the website application says, “do not contact us” or “please no emails or phone calls."    

        This is the approach that worked for me in the broadcasting field and it also worked for a friend of mine in the medical research field. Those are about as opposite as you can get, so it’s not just for communications that this could work. 

           I did a normal search for jobs on Indeed, Monster, etc. Then when I found the companies or news stations with the jobs I wanted I simply researched on Google, LinkedIn and the company website for their News Director. Once identified, I sent a very short and to the point email to them directly. It basically said, “This is what I do, I am interested in this position, attached you will find my resume and cover letter. Thank you for your time.” 

           Instead of waiting weeks or even months for a response, I got an email back immediately…sometimes in less than 1 minute saying they would pass my resume along to the person hiring for the specific position. In almost every case I then heard from that person in no more than one week.

            I applied for about 23 jobs in that specific field… of those 23 I sent emails to 5 “humans” and of those five I had 4 phone interviews and then 3 in person follow up interviews. From there I got 2 job offers. Pretty good stats! 

           My friend took this advice and also tried this approach. She applied for 65 clinical research jobs, then emailed a person for 42 of those jobs and heard back from 20. This was pretty recently so she is still in the interviewing process, but hey, she got interviews!            The fact that my friend and I were applying to completely different jobs in completely different areas just goes to show this approach could work for any job in any field. Broadcasting and clinical research are as far from each other as can be. 

           Always use your best judgment, as each job and company is different, but overall I think this approach is worth trying.       

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Senior Account Executive - Healthcare NYC

This is one of the industry's best agencies in America to work for, per The Holmes Report.  There are plenty reasons why:  Great people, benefits and work/life balance.  Smart colleagues, great clients and good management.

Join their very exciting new healthcare practice and work on a variety of exciting accounts in the healthcare services, biotech and medical device sectors providing clients with fully integrated communications programs that really move the dial.

Excellent opportunity for a good writer and creative thinker who understands how to implement broad integrated  communications programs across all media.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Senior Manager, Public Relations - Consumer Prods, NY metro area

The Sr Manager, Public Relations is responsible for creating and implementing the Consumer Business Division’s PR/Communications initiative to drive brand awareness, preference and sales.  As Sr PR Manager, you will develop strategy, tactics and plans to generate positive public awareness of the brand and it’s wide array of products in the home entertainment, home appliances and mobile area, drive PR campaigns to trade and consumer, lead events, manage PR agency, and work with internal stakeholders here and overseas such as product marketing partners.

You will also have responsibility for any crisis communications, all financial/budget issues for the area, and assist with relevant information for internal communications.

We are looking for someone with at least six years of experience in PR and marketing, media relations and event management. Experience in the industry is nice, but not necessary.   We are looking for someone who is detail oriented and has solid written and verbal communication skills, solid interpersonal and negotiation skills and exceptional management skills.

Some specific tasks will include:
  • Managing CEO messaging
  • Major media placements
  • Competitive activities
  • Secure and manage interviews
  • Respond to media inquiries
  • Reporting and presenting to senior management
  • Maintaining excellent relationships with the press
  • Evaluation of external PR opportunities
  • Sample distribution

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apply On-line? Why bother?

I've spoken to so many frustrated job seekers about their experiences connected with applying for jobs they feel they're "perfect" for. Something is so wrong.

My most common advice is to cut 2/3 of the resume out and only leave in the key things that the job description asks for, making sure to describe those things in the exact same terms used in the job description.  Hopefully this will get your resume seen by someone who will call.  If the person who calls is not the hiring manager, there is no guarantee that he/she will understand what you do. It's not till you get to the hiring manager that you can really get to the meat and potatoes of what you do, and why you're the right person for the job. It's just humiliating to try and talk about this to the wrong person.  

And of course, you need to size up the hiring manager too.  You need to know what they like, what they need and most importantly, where they want to go. Because they are not going to hire someone who won't help them get there.  

But the process is a monster. A source used in this PBS video says that he knows of a company that received 29,000 responses to a job ad and the system found that not one person was qualified for the job.  That's because recruiting in human resources departments is often not done by HUMANS.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

LinkedIn Endorsements - Boo / Recommendations - Yay!

LinkedIn is great.  No recruiter could live without it.

Yet the new LinkedIn Endorsements section is not only worthless, but I think it could actually hurt!  If you're someone who judges people on twitter by how relevant and influential the people are who follow them, then you know what I mean.  How do you sift through all that to really make a good judgment call?

Endorsements are more like a popularity contest than a useful judgement of your skills and experience.  As a recruiter, I often accept certain invitations to connect with people I don't actually know because having a big network is very important to my research.  Yesterday I was endorsed by someone I have never even spoken to for my expertise in one area:  B2B marketing strategy.  I only added it because I thought areas of expertise may be searchable and I'd want to be listed.  Maybe she was just testing how to use endorsements by randomly picking something for a person she doesn't know or care about.

You can remove a recommendation you don't want, but there's nothing you can do about a dumb endorsement.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Account Manager - Life Sciences

I am working with one of the world's most creative and best run PR agencies.  The firm has offices all around the world, and this Account Manager can work in any of the cities where the firm has an office.

We are looking for a seasoned Account Manager who has a broad range of industry experience in the biopharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics and R&D.  This would include experience working with regulatory, on-market pharma, direct-to-physician and direct-to-patient communication.  

You will play an integral role in the strategic planning of a very complex and exciting program with lots of moving pieces.   It's a fast paced environment so we're looking for for very strong players with a real passion for what they do who are eager to learn and take on new responsibilities.  

This is an issues oriented role, where you will help the client to craft messages that positions them as thought leaders across the country to the consumer, the healthcare industry and the business community.  Any experience working with advocacy groups, biosimilars, patents, etc. would be very good.

We are looking for at least 5 years of experience in healthcare communications with at least three of those years handling team management.  Strong media relations, digital marketing, advocacy, message development, launch and campaign management experience is important.  Strong writing and strong presentation skills are important.  New business experience would be great, too!

Account Director - Healthcare Services (B2B/Consumer)

One of the top PR agencies in the world is looking for an Account Director with experience working within the healthcare services industry such as healthcare providers, hospitals, hospital services, consumer health advocates, etc.  The PR programs for this dynamic client will use a wide variety of tactics from traditional media and events to sophisticated digital storytelling strategies to drive reputation management in the B2B healthcare and consumer space.  The outreach is very broad - covering consumer, healthcare trades, healthcare services B2B.

The ideal candidate will have a passion for healthcare and a broad range of industry expertise in the healthcare services industry, including an understanding of regulatory, and direct-to patient communications. He or she will have an aptitude for running integrated communications programs as well as effectively managing outside creative, digital and PR partnerships. Previous work developing executive speeches and web content for marketing programs is also highly desired.  

This position can be based in NYC, Boston, DC or the west coast.


• Serve as a link between senior agency management, senior clients and account staff
• Drive day-to-day client management, team development and maintains high-profile influential relationships
• Manage, motivate and develop team members
• Play an integral role in strategic communications planning ensuring strategies and tactics meet client business objectives
• Initiate regular contact with senior level influentials including media, patient advocates, key opinion leaders and others
• Craft and place stories in business, consumer and industry media
• Draft, edit and deliver clear, creative and compelling written materials
• Manage client satisfaction and keep key clients apprised of work progress
• Assess communications results against client expectations by managing and developing client scorecards and resulting actions
• Forecast, propose and track client budgets

Preferred experience

• At least 5 years healthcare communications experience in an agency and/or within the healthcare industry. 7-8 years’ experience preferred.
• Established relationships with business, consumer, and healthcare industry media and market analysts
• Minimum of three years individual and team management experience, including experience developing a team
• Minimum of three years communications management and execution experience including plan development, message development, client management, launch and campaign management, media relations management, budget responsibility and participation in new business development
• Strong writing and presentation skills
• Demonstrated creative and strategic mindset

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here's the speech I gave at West Virginia University.
I think it gets better as I warm can basically skip the first ten minutes...
How to Find the Job you Want

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Great Candidates Ask Great Interview Questions

Today I read an article in Inc about the questions great candidates ask.  I like that the reporter says 'great candidates' ask these questions rather than 'great questions' to ask.  Because great candidates DO ask smart questions. Not just questions that will make them look smart, but questions that will really help them understand the job and the company. Questions that give a deeper understanding.  If something isn't obvious or doesn't make sense, there is a reason why.  Trust yourself and ask.  Great candidates are being there at the interview, processing and connecting rather than trying to impress.  They are naturally interested instead of trying to be interesting.  They are processing what they're being told and listening to themselves.  And if you are not busy trying to be someone who has everything on the job description, you can really listen.  If it's a good job, you'll definitely have questions.  If it's a good boss, he'll want to know that you can listen, think and be interested enough to find out more.

The article in Inc has some really good questions but neglects one important area: the search process itself.  This is often filled with mystery for the candidate and when there is no recruiter to find out the answers for you, you have to ask the questions yourself.  Don't be afraid, ask those questions.  Here are a few:

  • Why is the job open?
  • How long has the job been open?
  • Do you have any other candidates that you're serious about?
  • What's the timetable?  When do you need to get this job filled?
  • What are the next steps?
  • What happened to/where is the person who was in this role before?
  • What is the career opportunity for the person who takes this job?

There's nothing wrong with asking these and other questions about the search process itself.  You may not like the answers but it will certainly help you decide if it's a good opportunity and help you manage expectations.

Happy hunting!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Director of Public Relations - Luxury Brand - NYC

This very upscale and well known European brand has created a new position for a strategic and creative Public Relations Director who will revamp the PR outreach for this very established brand.  This person will be responsible for developing and implementing new strategies to increase visibility of the company and its products with the right markets.  S/he will work closely with marketing in this endeavor, to make sure that strategies are well integrated with overall marketing objectives.

Develop and nurture relationships with top business, lifestyles and trade press, arrange for press tours and other events.  

Write and design all media communications, manage media events, work on the public relations support for national and regional events.  

The right person will have at least ten years of public relations experience working with luxury products, handling events, sponsorships, media training executives, touring with senior execs and the press.  This person should have very strong presentation skills and experience working with celebrities, press and senior executives from around the world.  

There is at least 50% travel with this position, including travel overseas.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Senior Vice President - Healthcare - NYC agency

This is a well established and well run PR agency in NYC with an exciting opportunity for a dynamic professional to run their healthcare practice.

The right person for this role has experience working with biotech, medical technology, specialty pharma and healthcare services.  Clients exist in all these various areas and the services provided vary too, from global social media programs to handling scientific data.

We're looking for a lot...a great business development person, a wonderful mentor, a savvy business leader, and a great senior relationship manager.  In exchange for all those things, we offer the best work environment you can find at a mid sized PR agency.  Smart and nice people who care about each other, work hard together and want to see the practice continue to expand.  Also, great benefits, nice incentives, competitive salary.  And most importantly, a very sane work life balance.

If you can run your own show, run a group of savvy young execs, grow existing business and build new business, and want to do all this in a fun, growth oriented environment where lots of excitement is popping, this job is for you.

Sandy Charet

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Global Media Relations - Fincl Svces (NYC/Boston/DC/Chi)

This seasoned professional will be responsible for tier one media coverage in the financial services and insurance sector for this huge global company.  Work closely with key senior executives and spokespeople to proactively design and execute strategies and campaigns to maximize opportunities for positive, accurate positioning and media coverage of the firm and it's thought leaders.  This person can be posted in NYC, Boston, DC or Chicago.

This role requires:
  • Outstanding communication skills, with ability to reduce complex topics into clear concise messaging; including exceptional writing and editing skills for audiences ranging from general to business to  more technical (press releases, talking points, Q&As and other PR collateral).
  • Creativity and initiative to drive media results.
  • Demonstrated success working with top execs at large and complex financial organizations
  • Understanding of current worldwide economic issues, capital markets, exposure to authoritative senior execs
  • Ability to function effectively within a matrixed global organization and support Marketing's approach to teamwork and collaboration
  • Ability to build strong daily working relationships with global managing directors and industry thought leaders
We are looking for a minimum of eight years of communications experience, 5 of which have been in the financial services or banking industry; Exceptional media relations skills which includes an understanding of how to develop a story and and what the news cycle consists of.

Excellent company with wonderful reputation. Exciting and challenging issues and smart, good people to work with. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

VP PR - Integrated Marketing Firm in Princeton/Philadelphia Region

We're looking for a high energy, upbeat, creative and strategic VP to run the PR division of this fun and exciting agency located about an hour and a half out of NYC - gorgeous area with clean air and affordable housing.

This top class Branding and PR firm with distinguished client roster focusing on technology and healthcare/life sciences offers clients the full range of marketing, advertising and PR.  Using online and offline programs, the firm develops creative and strategic programs that drive measurable results for clients.

As Vice President of PR, you will be responsible for creating and executing strategic, creative, integrated communications programs.  My crystal ball tells me you have excellent relationship and client management skills, you're a great writer and love to mentor and inspire junior staff.  You will work collaboratively across creative teams, helping to satisfy clients and build business.  You will have responsibility for hiring staff, handling budgets and financial planning for the PR Group.

We're looking for someone with about six to ten years of experience planning and implementing strategic and innovative PR programs with clients in the B2B, healthcare, technology and/or life sciences industry.  You have a demonstrated ability and interest in developing new business, a stable work history and strong management skills.

This is a firm made up of about 50 fun loving and creative people.  A great place to work!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Acct Dir - VP - B2B and Financial Svcs - NYC

My client is a rated mid sized boutique firm in NYC with all that you want in a PR firm: exciting and varied accounts, stable and sane management, nice people to work with, long term clients with an appreciation for the great work delivered to them; insight, depth and creativity are genuine elements of the PR strategy they offer their clients.  Many are blue chip clients that have been with the firm for several years.

We're looking for someone with top notch writing and media skills, great at account management and a good mentor for a very smart and devoted staff, to lead one of the company's largest and most prestigious accounts, which has been with the firm for about ten years.

This client is an international financial/professional services firm covering several lines of business.  It involves the full range of PR activities so from writing somewhat technical material to lively digital marketing support.  This account is varied with lots of moving parts so it's exciting, interesting and complex!

Excellent benefits and work life balance is why this company is often listed as one of the best PR firms in America to work for.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vice President - Head of PR Practice

This creative and fun interactive branding and PR agency with a distinguished client roster focusing on technology, healthcare and life sciences brands offers clients an integrated approach to marketing communications - This position is located in a beautiful area outside of the NYC metro area.

As Vice President of PR, you will be responsible for creating and executing strategic creative integrated communications programs that return positive results for your clients.  That expertise combined with excellent
relationship building and client management skills will help keep current clients happy and will help to develop new clients for the company.

As a leader you will mentor and inspire junior staff and as a team player you'll work collaboratively across creative teams  You'll be responsible for the profitability of the PR division as well as running the business which includes hiring staff and financial planning for the group.

We are looking for someone with:
6 to 10 years of experience planning and implementing strategic innovative public relations programs with clients in the B2B, healthcare, technology and/or life sciences industry.
Ability to build trust and develop strong relationships
Demonstrated ability and interest in developing new business
Stable work history
Expert writing skills
Excellent presentation skills
Superior communication and organizational skills
Established media contacts and skill in gaining exposure across traditional and digital media platforms
A collaborative and fun nature.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thoughts on Chris Brogan Closing His Linked In Account

As most of you branding and social media mavens know, Chris Brogan closed down his LinkedIn account this month.

I want to say a few words about it.

I agree that it's very hard to get above the noise. I get irritated when I see people posting the same thing to 10 different groups, especially when it's something that's not even relevant to the purpose of the group.  And I find that the people who engage are mostly people who want a job, more so than movers and shakers with a real desire to share.

BUT... If you're looking for a job this is where you have to be.  And if you passively want to hear about the most perfect job when it opens up, you have to be connected on LinkedIn.  Simple as that.  It's the number one place where every recruiter and talent acquisition manager conducts their research.

Also, if you are up for some new business and a potential client wants to know about you, they will look on LinkedIn.  If you're not Chris Brogan, and and people want to find out about you, that's where they will go to see how well you shine.

So I'm staying on LinkedIn, and I suggest you remain on it too.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Boomers Want to Work

The US was built upon the realization of the dreams of immigrants. This is our heritage and our future. I agree that we need to keep the well educated and entrepreneurial immigrants here and that this will protect our economy and may also help with the down-trending of our education statistics.

But there was a statement in the recent report (Coming to America, Why the US is Falling Behind in the Global Race for Talent) by the Partnership for a New American Economy that piqued my interest. The report states:
" The US population is aging, baby boomers are retiring en masse, and the growth in the US labor force has slowed to historic lows of less than 1 percent."

As a recruiter, I see hundreds of baby boomers that want to work and can't get a job.  They have been looking for months and months.  In the PR field where I recruit,  I see that most job descriptions - even for Directors and VPs call for ten to fifteen years experience tops.  Job descriptions show the number of years required remarkably low - Managers:  3 to 5 years and Directors 6 to 8 years.  Meanwhile, talented professionals in the 15 to 25 year (or more) bracket are getting whatever freelance work they can, going into other fields or being forced into early retirement.  I believe that working keeps you healthy and alive so this is not good news.

So I don't believe this rationale of baby boomers retiring 'en masse' is an accurate picture of the professional baby boomer scene.  In fact, Transamerica's Annual Retirement Survey reported: "More than half (56 percent) plan to work past age 65 or do not plan to retire." Some of this may be because of the many people forced out of their good jobs in 2008-2009 -- without sufficient retirement reserves and some could be because baby boomers are living longer, healthier lives.  Whatever the reason, the baby boomers want jobs and they want to work.

And although I agree that changing the immigration laws will help our future, I'd like to see some changes occur now, for the boomers who want jobs.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Account Supervisor or AVP - Financial Services: Phila

Top rated PR marketing/PR agency in the Philadelphia area that is known for it’s creative and strategic approach to marketing, PR, and crisis communications looking for a sharp Account Supervisor/AVP with 6 to 10 years of demonstrated b2b PR experience with a focus on financial services.  Experience with financial services is a must.

Looking for savvy. high-energy news hounds, who are on top of today’s business issues, ideas and trends.  Must have superior business writing skills and strong structured verbal skills.  Must possess a natural ability to uncover or create news hooks that carry key marketing messages – and pitch and place stories with print and broadcast media. 

This role includes working in all areas of marketing and PR so we’re looking for someone with strong basic business fundamentals.  You’ll be writing releases, plans, blogs, op eds, video and news release scripts, web and brochure content.

This agency has several specialty areas and this person will be running the accounts in the financial services unit, reporting directly to one of the partners in the business.

It’s a fun environment, with a great work/life balance. 

This is one of the fastest growing PR firms.  The firm’s modern and collaborative office is located in downtown Philadelphia.  Clients are leaders and innovators in the b2b, public policy, technology, financial and professional services sectors.

Competitive salary and excellent benefits, with outstanding opportunity for advancement.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

What Recruiters Look at in the Six Seconds it takes them to decide if you're a match

I have always wanted to see one of these!!

The Ladders did a study using eye tracking technology to monitor where recruiters focus in the six seconds that it takes them to decide if the resume is a match or not.

It shows where the recruiters' eyes focused to digest the information they needed.  Notice how no one spent any time looking at the bottom of the resume on the left.  That's because it's got too many words crammed together.  People like space.

Like I always say:  simplify it, shorten it, give it space.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How'd it Go?

Experience has taught me: 

"It went well" means it went great.

"I think it went well" means it went well.

"I couldn't tell how it went" means it was not so good.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Senior VP - West Coast Consumer PR Agency

Exciting, top ten independent PR agency is looking for a creative and talented VP or Sr VP to head up a major consumer account. It's a growing consumer practice with some giant name brands.  

This person will serve as a strategic advisor to internal teams and clients for development/execution of consumer campaigns.  He/She will maintain an in depth knowledge of the clients' business and culture, competition and latest business and marketing trends.

We are looking for someone with proven experience in bringing to market a top consumer brand, who is creative and innovative and understands how to create successful campaigns that move the needle by creating new trends and establishing consumer desire.

The right candidate will have strong business and marketing know how and is connected to strong influentials in the consumer world.  Exceptional problem solving and strategic thinking skills.  Capable, confident and persuasive presenter with some new business experience as well. 

Strong team leadership is important since this person will manage a team of approximately 15 people.

Senior Vice President - Public Affairs (Top PR Firm - West Coast)

One of the most innovative and well run PR agencies in the country is looking for a smart and experienced leader to head up the public affairs group.  This person will work on primary accounts of the agency, which have been with the firm for over 15 years.  It's a stable and successful team of 15 to 20 staff at all levels and this is a new role. 

This Senior Vice President will work with internal teams on the development and execution of integrated communications strategies targeted to consumers, policy makers and business decision makers. 

To accomplish great things, the Sr VP will maintain an in-depth knowledge of the clients' business and culture, policy positions,  competition and latest industry trends. This key role also involves participating in talent management and retention, leadership groups and integrated communications counsel to different teams across the entire agency.  He/she may also assist with relevant new business opportunities. 

We are looking for someone with a minimum of ten years of issues communication experience, including work on political or issue advocacy campaigns, experience with corporate communications or public affairs in-house or at another agency.  Possibly someone within a federal government agency who works regularly with Fortune 50 companies. 

We need to see a proven record of developing and executing communications campaigns designed to influence government policies and regulations or encourage action by the public and also this person will have experience designing effective social media strategies.  The right person has also worked on cause marketing and new business development and has a record of achieving high client satisfaction.  This person should know their way around DC and also have a broad global perspective with experience on large international companies.

Senior staff at this firm are strong team leaders with excellent management experience including financial management and strong analytic skills.  So the right candidate will have experience working with large teams and large budgets.

This person should be a capable and confident presenter with demonstrated expertise using influence, interpersonal and communication skills and is a strong counselor to senior executives.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

‘Til death do us part: PR Pros and their Phones

“Frankly, I can’t imagine a world without a smart phone,” wrote Matthew Kirdahy, account director at Bliss PR, in response to an e-mail from us asking for his thoughts on mobile devices.

The pervasive presence of mobile technology has changed the way we live, no doubt. It might be a certain addiction to games or text messaging that makes us wonder if certain people’s phones are physically attached to their bodies, but in the world of PR, there is a livelihood tied to mobile e-mail, texts and social media.

We at Charet & Associates wanted to know how mobile devices impact both the personal and professional lives of those in PR, so we e-mailed a few practitioners in the industry to find out.

Where do pros draw the line? Is there a line at all?

“The reality is that the news cycle is 24/7 so all communications professionals need to keep that in mind and be as flexible as they possibly can,” wrote Dean Mastrojohn, communications director for Reckitt Benckiser. “Social media has added an additional wrinkle as a crisis could erupt at any hour of the day or night and a communications pro needs to be prepared to deal with it.”

But Mastrojohn also adds that there does need to be a line between work and personal life because “it’s very easy to become completely consumed by the day-to-day.”

Flexibility is the watchword when it comes to taking calls and responding to e-mails. Some rely on a constant flow of e-mails and limit phone calls to keep the channels open.

The use of Caller ID is also taken to another level in the PR world. Everyone chooses to take important calls and ignore others depending on the circumstances, but some PR pros will go the extra mile and leave the shower to take an important call from a journalist. Others will pay that extra subway fare or pull off the freeway to get good reception and be able to focus on a key conversation.

So is it worth it after all? Or have mobile phones become too invasive?

Matthew Kirdahy makes a good argument when he points out the benefits of being able to address important tasks, right then and there.

“It’s an awful feeling returning to work after days of being out of touch to find even one important missed e-mail,” Kirdahy wrote. “In this day and age, that problem should be nearly resolved by the time you get back to your desk.”

Most PR Pros would agree that while mobile devices have changed the way we work, there is little nostalgia for the days of pay phones, beepers and letters, and there are more positives than negatives to being reachable outside the office.

“PR is all about accessing information, and now, that information is at my fingertips when I need it,” wrote Karen Sperling, chief conversation officer at Sperlingreene PR and Marketing Communications. “I use my phone as a communications tool, but also as a reference tool, a portfolio of my work and a vital lifeline.”

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Account Supervisor/Account Director - NYC - Professional Services

Account Supervisor/Account Director

This company is heralded year after year as one of the best agencies in America to work for.  The firm has been a leader in financial and professional services PR for over 25 years.  We’re looking for an Account Supervisor or Account Director to lead one of the company’s largest and most prestigious accounts, which has been with the firm for many years.

The client is an international professional services firm, and the account has many different pieces to it.  It involves a full range of PR activities so we’re looking for an excellent writer and manager with experience in all PR disciplines from social media to writing and through leadership.   The account touches on many different business lines, so a broad exposure within the professional services arena is important.

The management is smart and wonderful to work with.  There’s no politics, excellent work/life balance and it’s a great time to be a part of the firm because they independent again and growing steadily.

Sandy Charet
201 894 5197

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Median PR Salaries by US Region

This map of median PR salaries by region is from PR Week's 2012 Salary Survey.  I am surprised that the NYC tri state area falls behind the entire western region!  Silicon Valley trumps Wall Street investment firms?  I guess so!
My favorite line in the survey:  "Recruiters continue to call the industry's best talent, some of whom are beginning to pick up the phone. "  That's encouraging and I hope it's true!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Top 10 Style Do's for a Job Interview

By Your Style Savior

[Editor's note: This was written for the ladies, but most tips work for guys, too!]

10. A manicure is 100% necessary. If you're an animated talker (such as moi), waving your hands in the air while dirt remains present under your fingernails is not a great indication of hygiene.

9. Minimal jewelry. No gaudiness. No costume jewelry.

8. Body piercing, remove; tattoos, cover up. Seems like the two easiest tricks in the book, right? Wrong. You'd be surprised how many can mess this one up.

7. A little heel goes a long way. You don't need to wear five inchers. In fact you probably shouldn't. But you don't want to wear flats either.

6. Print your resume on some nice paper. And bring at least 10 copies. A little bit of over-preparation never hurt nobody.

5. Get a good night's rest. Don't go into an interview hungover. You won't be able to hold an intelligent conversation, and you'll probably look like crap.

4. Wear a suit. Or a blazer at the very least. And you better make sure it fits.

3. Accent your black. Goes without saying, you'll never feel as sharp (or as thin) as you do in your black suit/dress, but help your wonderful self stand out of the crowd with an accented color of some sort - scarf, belt, texturized blazer - you catch my drift. Right?

2. Get your hair done. Bedhead = unacceptable.

1. Research the firm where you are interviewing.
Know their goals, areas of expertise and clients. Knowing the potential job's style will make it much easier for you to slide right in.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Despite Many out of Work, Jobs Seem Harder to Fill

A recent Wall Street Journal article  says "Applicants are Fewer and Many are Lacking."  Although I think this is referring mainly to more technical roles, I have to say this is true in our industry as well.

I will be brutally honest here:  Seems to me that older (yes, I'm using the word older) candidates with good skills are aplenty and younger candidates with good skills are few.  And it seems that (except for senior level roles managing groups of professionals) the number of years experience required for roles gets lower and lower.  But there's something else...the best of these must be sought after so much that they look at opportunities with a nonchalance that I've not experienced before, in my 25 years of recruiting.

It may be the times, the x and y generation, the constant stream of information coming at people -- but they lack the manners.  They lack appreciation and insight.  They can be downright rude.

In earlier days, a professional communicator answered every call or note.  It was the right thing for a good communicator to do.  I guess that's impossible now.

Is getting an answer actually unexpected these days?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Manager/Director, Social Media Marketing - (NYC)

This is a fantastic opportunity to join an exciting company during a period of expansion that will rocket them to a new level.

This key role has responsibility for supporting the Director of US operations and the sales teams through the implementation and execution of innovative and strategic marketing campaigns.  The role encompasses all parts of the campaign process including data management, campaign creation, implementation and measurement and since this is a new position, we need someone who can really create the role (and grow a department) from scratch.

The Manager (or Director, depending on the level of experience) of Social Media/Channel Marketing will report to the Director of the US office (it's a British company) and requires close relationships with the sales teams and other senior executives.  The people at this company are terrific to work with!

In addition, the right person will possess analytic skills with an ability to evaluate results and use findings to contribute to business direction and objectives.   We are looking for a very creative individual so we will look for examples of previous innovative ideas and ways they have bought products to market.

If you are a results driven person with excellent verbal and written communication skills and exceptional copy writing skills, lots of business to business social media marketing experience as well as strong interpersonal skills to deal with customers and senior contacts across the financial, professional services and business to business sectors among others, we want to talk to you!

Since this is a new position, we're more interested in the person who can really meet the challenge than someone to fit into a 'slot'  We expect this person to have at least three years of experience or up to about ten years experience.  One thing for sure is that since this company is dealing with up to the minute media information - some of which is immediately streaming over the internet, we need someone with a quick response rate, creative and entrepreneurial spirit and very strong experience in creating social media marketing campaigns.

Contact  Sandy Charet at or call 917 880 0813

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

PR Specialist

Dynamic, expanding, international, upscale furniture dealer based in NYC is looking for an experienced Public Relations and Marketing Associate 

Looking for someone with two to four years of agency or internal PR/marketing experience working within the interior design industry, working directly with the media.  

Responsibilities will include both industry and non-industry editorial placement in print publications, online blogs, books, etc.  Write press releases; manage of digital pressroom; oversee extensive social media  program;   Foster relationships with interior designers, architects and other industry leaders; as well as establishing and nurturing relationships with reporters and bloggers.  Create and handle busy special event program including showhouse and trade show development and management; Develop, execute and manage new PR opportunities.

Experience with Adobe Creative Suite a big plus.  Must also be creative and 100% reliable. Additional languages are also a plus.   Competitive salary and benefits.

Hate to put political posts on my blog, but...

This was too funny:

Saturday, January 14, 2012

US Cities with Most PR Opportunities

I just did a search on Indeed for all the "Public Relations" jobs in various cities.  I put Public Relations in quotes because "Public" and "Relations" are in lots of different titles so it can give a false picture.

Top cities:
1.  New York            1173
2.  DC                     1065
3.  SF Bay area         594
4.  LA  /Atlanta         547  (tied for fourth place)
5.  Chicago               502

It drops down to Boston with 353, Philly 333, Seattle 261, Houston 243, Denver 220.  As a comparison,  Fargo has 9, Pittsburgh 80, Santa Barbara 21,  Rahleigh-Durham  78, Aspen 0, Ithaca 15 and Santa Fe, 5.

Even though I live here, I couldn't think of a city in NJ worth checking.  But I know there are jobs in 'dem 'dere hills so I checked the state: 505.  Compared to NY with 1265 (92 outside NYC), CT with 200, PA 535, North Carolina 287, Hawaii 39, MA 444, and an interesting thing is that California has 2218 which is more than NY, NJ and CT combined.

I'd like to check out Dubai and Mumbai and some other places.