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Endless streams of resumés haunt many HR reps' nightmares. Black and white. Black and white. No variation. Black and white.

There are the times when we can focus a fresh set of eyes on a cover letter and resumé from a qualified applicant and feel that old, familiar excitement. The prospect of someone who has experience that would work for the position. No gaping holes in history or huge red flags. Some demonstration of creativity. It's a dream.

But these reactions are becoming few and far between due to the speed at which e-mail inboxes fill up with unsolicited and uninspiring cover letters and resumés.

That's why Charet & Associates is excited about the prospect of, a new site that helps bring the passion back into the applicant-HR relationship. Color pops. Personality stands out. History is illuminated.

Developed by three computer-genius, whippersnapper Canucks, connects with your LinkedIn profile to provide an artful, illustrated diagram of your work history. Categories include all of the standards such as Employment & Education, Skills & Specialties, Interests, My [LinkedIn] Stats and My Links. The result is a colorsplash of you.

Here are some samples illustrating the founders' personalities and work histories:

I'm even working on my own Viz, as these graphic CVs are known.

PRO: You can see your entire work and education history more clearly than every before.

CON: You can see your entire work and education history more clearly than every before.

This is actually a great tool for both applicant and HR. As for me, I had no idea my LinkedIn resumé was so incomplete. On paper, it seemed like I had no holes in my job history. Now I can see that my early period bouncing around colleges and jobs and life choices does not present a holistic CV. BUT because it is so obvious to me now, it's something I can be proactive about addressing in my resumé and with my employer, instead of crossing my fingers and hoping my work history appears passable.

PRO: You have a personality.

CON: The format is still based on a traditional resumé, so those who have more portfolio-based work like writers, event coordinators, etc. may need to find a different way of visually expressing their work history and abilities.

We'll keep you posted as we continue to adventure into the world of colorful and digital resumés. If you have a digital resumé experience, you'd like to share, please e-mail

-Britt Perkins


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