Thursday, August 18, 2011

Manager of Investor Relations - Mining Company - Colorado

My client is a mid tier Canadian gold mining company that is looking for a Manager of Investor Relations to provide the full range of Investor Relations activities for the company, liaising with corporate office staff and General Managers of the mining sites, Technical Services Group, Sustainability Group, shareholders, potential investors, media, analysts, consultants and legal advisers.  The position is based right outside Denver Colorado.

This Manager will write and present speeches and articles for publication; Effectively present information to top management, investors, banks and investment banks, public groups and board of directors. Liaise with external organizations and agencies that the Corporation does business with.  Respond to common inquiries from investors, media, exchanges, regulatory agencies, analysts or members of the business community.

We're looking for someone with the ability to understand and translate technical data into more simple concepts, who is diplomatic and well spoken.  Someone with background working with an international company involved in some form of technical production would be the easiest fit.

This person will be expected to develop and maintain relationships with the mining and investment communities.  Also, to maintain knowledge and experience of the financial and regulatory environments for the mining industry.  He/She will be expected to effectively communicate the company's activities and provide counsel to senior management regarding IR, and corporate communications issues.  This will include the development of key messages and a range of communications.  He/She will also organize and coordinate marketing activities for the company, attending trade shows and building reputation with all stakeholders.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Senior Account Executive - Life Sciences - NYC agency

We are helping one of our all time favorite clients to find a very strong and fast track AE or Senior AE to join their growing healthcare practice.  The practice is doing very well, with a beautiful variety of large and small and varied healthcare accounts.  

They've just brought on a large international client and a specialty lab company.  There is lots going on already and a few very exciting accounts on the near horizon.

What we really need is a very strong writer who has experience working on Science accounts, experience working with the media, and who has worked closely with senior leaders to plan events.  This vital post also involves writing reports, doing research and more.

This person will work on the two new accounts as well as some of the work that's already in the house, and be ready to take on new and exciting assignments in the near future.  So we need someone smart, energetic, and able to juggle priorities.  Exposure to large and small clients is helpful.

This company is one of the best mid sized agencies in America to work for.  People come first, and the philosophy of the company is to really invest in the junior people and help them build their careers.  People tend to stay for a long time for that reason, as they are also a meritocracy, where if you do good work, you are rewarded well.

This is really a plum position.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Social Media Today and Be Careful When You Send

New Jersey firm Social Media Today,  was slammed by  in July for attempting to help Chevron greenwash their image.

Justion Elliott, a War Room reporter, said he “was accidentally sent a confidential presentation for Chevron from a Social Media Today representative [he'd] earlier corresponded with on another story.”

Elliot then posted that presentation online in the same article.

The elements of the story and the comments in response to the article from Social Media Today CEO Robin Cary and an SMT employee all highlight the difficulties of walking the “independent editorial” line and courting sponsorship.

But the issue that we want to focus on here is the fact that the presentation was even sent to Elliott at all!

Unless SMT was attempting to get more coverage of its firm (very, very doubtful), we can assume that sending this presentation was a mistake.

Unlike the Google/Facebook scandal, now a moot point with the introduction of Google+, where Burson employees intentionally sent correspondence to journalists who then published it, the Chevron presentation was a complete accident. A big PR accident.

If you are in PR, how would you handle an issue like this? Do you think Social Media Today is handling it properly? What else could they do to handle this situation?

Account Director - Consumer Tech - Northwest

One of the largest and most well respected agencies in the country is looking for a passionate and creative Account Director to work on a consumer facing tech account.  The client is one of the largest and most visible tech companies in the world. 

The Account Director will help to increase the media coverage and continually improve public opinion for the company and its products.  These already have a high profile, excellent reputation with lots of exciting news to deliver. 

Innovative, integrated marketing concepts are encouraged here, including real life customer relationship building, events, digital buzz, social media, blogging, and etc.  To encourage this, the firm is looking around the country for the most creative candidates who will collaborate with new ideas, smart questions and fresh perspectives. 

We’re looking for someone with at least 7 years of experience building and executing consumer campaigns, great relationships with important influencers, using insights on the latest trends to create opportunities. 

This person will be expected to coach teams, understand the competition, provide strategic counsel, grow client relationships, strategic communication planning and collaborate with other business leaders.

Management-wise, this person will over see the team’s finances and resources and track team utilization.  He/she will contribute to the overall strategic planning at the agency, develop new growth opportunities, mentor and motivate staff, partner with HR on employee relations issues, assure that the team can easily work across businesses as needed, Keep VP’s and above educated and aware of issues, account health, etc.  This requires at least four years of individual and team management experience and new business development experience.

The position is located on the west coast.