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Manager of Public Relations - Global Financial company

The key focus of this position is to participate in planning and executing the firm’s public relations activities in order to promote positive visibility, recognition, and positioning of the firm and its portfolio of products across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions.
This position requires close interaction with key stakeholders including heads of divisions and desks throughout the firm including regional, product and executive leadership. Reports to Vice President of Communications & Marketing.
JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: *Planning and coordinating print, broadcast and new media outreach campaigns on behalf of the firm in the institutional, commercial, and investment banking space. *Assist in garnering appropriate publicity for spokespeople and executives in key media. *Writing and distributing press releases announcing important and timely company information and events. *Drafting communications for business heads for external/internal meetings and presentations. *Assist in orga…

Chris Brogan--Highlights from the PRSA 2011 International Conference

Things have been a whirlwind since the PRSA 2011 International Conference in Orlando. Phew!

But taking a step outside the day-to-day is the probably best way to get a fresh perspective on your daily work activities.

One of the most refreshing talks featured Chris Brogan, blogger, author and entrepreneur.

Probably the best thing about Brogan is that he’s real. In an industry not necessarily known for being blunt, and one that Mr. Brogan is not necessarily a part of, his views on PR offered a perspective looking from the outside in.

Something that many of us are catching on to and that Brogan promotes is that fact that we have left the era of pure self-promotion. It’s no longer “Our widgets are the best!” It’s “What can we do for you lately?”

“Make the customer the hero,” Brogan said.

Another catchphrase that I found myself noting down is “business is belonging.” And another: “frequency matters.”

When you combine these key points together, you have a snapshot of the new way businesses are …

Surviving and Enjoying a Business Conference, Spotlight PRSA 2011 International Conference

As we busily gear up and checklist and pack and prepare for this year's PRSA 2011 International Conference in Orlando, we thought some of you may be doing the same and would enjoy some tips that we are relying on ourselves to jump into all that PRSA is offering us this year in Orlando.

Networking opportunities Orlando-style.



1. Create a "mission statement" for your conference experience.

Having clear goals and objectives in mind will help you best utilize these subsequent tips and further align your conference activities. For example, my goals are: "1. To take away the most professional PR knowledge possible and share it with colleagues and clients; 2. Establish contacts with potential PR job candidates and executive search clients who would greatly benefit from our services."

While this is obviously not intended to exclude contact with any particular attendee or workshop …

Senior Account Executive - Healthcare NYC PR Agency

This agency is growing but stable, the company is 35 years old but the healthcare practice is new.  They're serious about their work, but have a great work life balance.  The firm has been noted as one of the best PR agencies in America to work for, year after year.  In fact, this year they were on the Craine's NY Business "Top Ten Companies in NYC to Work For" list.
The position I'm recruiting for involves media outreach to the medical trades, hospitals, national media, business press, and even directly to targeted consumers. We are looking for someone with strong social media skills, and excellent writing and interpersonal skills.

The company has some great clients, and wonderful people to work for.  We're looking for someone really special, who'll appreciate the extraordinary environment and people at this agency.  This person ideally has about four or five years experience working in the healthcare group of another NYC PR agency.

What employers can do about the trend toward specialization

This is not really going to be a post about what employers "can do about" specialization as they are probably most benefited from this trend. At the same time, it's fair to say that as human resources practices change, employers are going to need to make some adjustments in the way they hire in order to attract and maintain a strong workforce.

Seek a specialist

Seeking someone with specialized knowledge in a particular area brings a more driven and focused perspective to a new position. While team players and general competence is key, hiring those with a particular knowledge of an area can help build a stronger position from which you can make larger strides in a certain sector.

For example, hiring a PR who can do both general PR and healthcare PR will allow you to focus on the healthcare vertical of your agency.

Hire someone who everyone is happy with

In a BusinessWeek article, Steve Jobs says he's had candidates be approved by nine co-workers only to be rebuffed by t…

Account Supervisor (or Sr AE)

One of my favorite clients, one which I've worked with for more than ten years, has asked me to help them find an extraordinary A/S or Sr AE for their relatively new healthcare division.

The 36 year old firm opened a healthcare practice about three years ago, and it is growing steadily.  They need to add staff.  The firm is very thoughtful about their hiring which is understandable, since the company has a unique culture.  The firm has been noted as one of the best PR agencies in America to work for, year after year. In fact, this year they were on the Craine's NY Business "Top Ten Companies in NYC to Work For" list.

The position I'm recruiting for involves media outreach to the medical trades, hospitals, national media, business press, and even directly to targeted consumers.

They are looking for someone that will be mentored and who can mentor others.  They take care of employees and are actually concerned about each person's career development.

The compan…

What job seekers can do about the trend toward specialization

In today’s job market, employers are more and more frequently seeking specialists over generalists.

That leaves many job seekers in the not-so-comfortable position of looking for gainful employment while maybe also needing to move in the direction of a specialty.

Add to that the increasing discrimination against candidates who are not currently employed, and it’s not hard to empathize with those looking for a job.

Here are some suggestions for job seekers dealing with the trend toward specialization.

Maybe you are a specialist, you just have to show it

First things first, having a daunting, three or four page resume does not indicate you are a specialist. It takes a lot of effort for a potential employer or recruiter to sit down to a long and dry CV that doesn’t get to the point. Often, they don’t. You don’t want this to happen to you.

Here are some steps to streamline your application:
1. Make your resume as simple and brief as possible. Include your job title, period of time you occupie…

The trend toward specialization

“I can do it all.”

It’s a phrase that most people think paints a proactive picture. The candidate who says this has experience in many different areas, and if she doesn’t, she can learn. This is the generalist that typifies our independent, entrepreneurial spirit. The go-getter. The person who makes it work.

But for all the romance, the generalist is no longer the candidate whom employers are going after in most cases.

“The trend is to go toward specialists,” said Sandy Charet, president of communications executive search firm Charet & Associates. “What I see is that there are a lot of candidates out there, but my clients tell me they have difficulty finding the right specialist for the job.”

The search for specialists

With today’s technology, it is possible for search firms to use the Internet to discover exactly what they want, rather than shotgunning a classified ad in major metro papers. Criteria have gotten ultra-specific to focus the search on a defined vertical wherein the can…

PR Job Search Checklist

Here's the PR Job Search Checklist that I wrote for the PRSA Conference Center. Come visit us at the PRSA convention in Orlando, October 15 to 18.

Job Search Checklist for PR Jobs

Create a simple resume that can be modified easily.

Prepare Samples
Have samples ready to send by email or bring with you on disk or travel drive.

Prepare cover letters
Proofread carefully when sending cover letters to match content to recipient.

Decide who your references will be
Contact references before putting them on your resume so they can expect to be contacted by your potential employers.

Keep it Going!

Begin building your own personal brand by jazzing up your profiles, tweeting and participating in discussions online.

Check the PRSA Job Center and other job sites regularly.

Contact PR recruiters.

Attend local PRSA and other trade events. Talk to people and make friends!

Get your first and second interview wardrobe ready.

Drill answering tough interview questions with your friends.

Prepare fo…

Director of Public Relations - Northern Virginia

We are looking for an energetic and creative PR Director for this business to consumer company headquartered in Northern Virginia.  
This position reports to the Senior VP of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations.  The right person for this exciting role will be responsible for developing and executing strategic public relations programs that are media-results driven to support the dynamic needs of a growing company.  
These programs will  the company brand in both local markets and nationwide. Programs will focus on gaining publicity and exposure for the various parts of the company with traditional and online media outlets and to industry thought leaders/stakeholders.  The public relations programs must also leverage digital and social media assets.

The right candidate is a highly motivated self starter, with experience managing multiple priorities and diverse audiences.
In addition to building public relations outreach, this Director will develop new and strategic partnershi…

Charet & Associates Likes:

Endless streams of resumés haunt many HR reps' nightmares. Black and white. Black and white. No variation. Black and white.

There are the times when we can focus a fresh set of eyes on a cover letter and resumé from a qualified applicant and feel that old, familiar excitement. The prospect of someone who has experience that would work for the position. No gaping holes in history or huge red flags. Some demonstration of creativity. It's a dream.

But these reactions are becoming few and far between due to the speed at which e-mail inboxes fill up with unsolicited and uninspiring cover letters and resumés.

That's why Charet & Associates is excited about the prospect of, a new site that helps bring the passion back into the applicant-HR relationship. Color pops. Personality stands out. History is illuminated.

Developed by three computer-genius, whippersnapper Canucks, connects with your LinkedIn profile to provide an artful, illustrated diagram of y…

Do you think today’s PR grads are lacking writing skills? Part Two: Responses

Photo via Flickr by wnstn

To write or not to write, that is the question. Actually, not really.

With more and more work transitioning to the service industry in a shift that has been occurring for at least 60 years, writing is often the crux of many positions.

However, with the advent of technology, some think that it’s tech skills more than writing that will get them through. Many hiring managers seem surprised that basic and fundamental writing skills are lacking to such a degree that remediation provided by the corporation is required.

We also asked our LinkedIn colleagues whether or not they thought recent PR grads lacked writing skills.

Many PR students defended themselves and the social media savvy that is one of the major factors being blamed for slangy, improper writing. Instead of harming their writing, many respondents insisted new condensed writing media have improved their ability to get their point across and fast.

But the overwhelming response was that even though none of ou…

Do you think today’s PR grads are lacking writing skills? Part One

To be honest, we asked this question to discuss an issue we had already formed an opinion on: that writing skills are not what they should be and that they used to be better.

Sandy Charet, our president, has been observing the writing skills of job applicants for more than 20 years and says they are on the decline.

“I read cover letters and resumés from recent graduates all the time and they’re not as good as they were. Vocabularies have gotten smaller and spelling errors like ‘definately’ abound,” Charet said. “I don’t think recent grads work at writing something that actually speaks to you. They don’t try to connect and engage with the written word.”

But we were curious about the specific experiences of our colleagues and whether or not they experienced the same phenomenon.

I could talk about the content of the responses we got, which was often very insightful, but I’m not going to get into that right now.

Instead, I’m going to talk about the typos and errors within the responses. Thes…

Vice President - Head of Healthcare Practice -Interactive PR firm in DC area

We are very proud to be working with this new client.  The agency has a great reputation for professionalism and creativity and a unique, effective approach to offering clients what they need in digital, advertising, marketing and PR.  It's a generalist firm, servicing different industries that fit loosely in four categories, this job being over the healthcare practice.  The agency has functional specialists that move across all the industries, providing creative and strategic integrated communications programs for clients.

We are looking for someone to head up the healthcare practice.  This person will provide leadership and vision to the business unit, direct account teams, work on new business development and manage the development and involvement of staff.  The firm has stable crew of terrific professionals to work with.

This person will be located in the firm's headquarters office, which is in Baltimore.  We're looking for someone with excellent oral and written commu…

Manager of Investor Relations - Mining Company - Colorado

My client is a mid tier Canadian gold mining company that is looking for a Manager of Investor Relations to provide the full range of Investor Relations activities for the company, liaising with corporate office staff and General Managers of the mining sites, Technical Services Group, Sustainability Group, shareholders, potential investors, media, analysts, consultants and legal advisers.  The position is based right outside Denver Colorado.

This Manager will write and present speeches and articles for publication; Effectively present information to top management, investors, banks and investment banks, public groups and board of directors. Liaise with external organizations and agencies that the Corporation does business with.  Respond to common inquiries from investors, media, exchanges, regulatory agencies, analysts or members of the business community.
We're looking for someone with the ability to understand and translate technical data into more simple concepts, who is diplomat…

Senior Account Executive - Life Sciences - NYC agency

We are helping one of our all time favorite clients to find a very strong and fast track AE or Senior AE to join their growing healthcare practice.  The practice is doing very well, with a beautiful variety of large and small and varied healthcare accounts.  
They've just brought on a large international client and a specialty lab company.  There is lots going on already and a few very exciting accounts on the near horizon.
What we really need is a very strong writer who has experience working on Science accounts, experience working with the media, and who has worked closely with senior leaders to plan events.  This vital post also involves writing reports, doing research and more.
This person will work on the two new accounts as well as some of the work that's already in the house, and be ready to take on new and exciting assignments in the near future.  So we need someone smart, energetic, and able to juggle priorities.  Exposure to large and small clients is helpful.

This com…

5 Resume Don'ts

Visit the PRSA JobCenter for the latest advice from Charet & Associates!

Social Media Today and Be Careful When You Send

New Jersey firm Social Media Today,  was slammed by  in July for attempting to help Chevron greenwash their image.

Justion Elliott, a War Room reporter, said he “was accidentally sent a confidential presentation for Chevron from a Social Media Today representative [he'd] earlier corresponded with on another story.”

Elliot then posted that presentation online in the same article.

The elements of the story and the comments in response to the article from Social Media Today CEO Robin Cary and an SMT employee all highlight the difficulties of walking the “independent editorial” line and courting sponsorship.

But the issue that we want to focus on here is the fact that the presentation was even sent to Elliott at all!

Unless SMT was attempting to get more coverage of its firm (very, very doubtful), we can assume that sending this presentation was a mistake.

Unlike the Google/Facebook scandal, now a moot point with the introduction of Google+, where Burson emp…

Account Director - Consumer Tech - Northwest

One of the largest and most well respected agencies in the country is looking for a passionate and creative Account Director to work on a consumer facing tech account.The client is one of the largest and most visible tech companies in the world.
The Account Director will help to increase the media coverage and continually improve public opinion for the company and its products.These already have a high profile, excellent reputation with lots of exciting news to deliver.
Innovative, integrated marketing concepts are encouraged here, including real life customer relationship building, events, digital buzz, social media, blogging, and etc.To encourage this, the firm is looking around the country for the most creative candidates who will collaborate with new ideas, smart questions and fresh perspectives.
We’re looking for someone with at least 7 years of experience building and executing consumer campaigns, great relationships with important influencers, using insights on the latest trends …

Sr Account Executive or Account Supervisor - Biotech - NYC

This is a great opportunity for someone who is ready to take more responsibility, someone who wants to see the positive impact of what they can do for clients and for their own agency.

This top NYC-based boutique PR agency has a strong reputation for the work they do in the healthcare industry especially in the corporate PR and IR area. We want to add someone who has strength in media relations, advocacy work, can help support clinical trials, experience with social media and great interpersonal skills.

Clients are mainly small and midcap biotech and medical device companies.  We are looking for someone to help deliver superlative service to the product PR side of the practice. This includes media relations, advocacy relations and you have the chance here to work very closely with clients and really see the impact that the agency's work has on their company's growth and success.
If you want to work with a fun group of entrepreneurial professionals who really know their business,…

DIR OF INTERNAL COMM - Global Operations - Mid Atlantic Region

This diversified medical technology group has been a world leader in its industry for years. The company’s global infrastructure continues to expand and currently has distribution channels, purchasing agents and buying entities in over 90 countries, generating annual sales of $4 Billion.The company has a track record of bringing innovative new products to market that provide better clinical outcomes for patients and save costs for healthcare providers.
The Director of Internal Communications for Global Operations is responsible for creating and and executing communication strategies in support of the company’s 3000+ employees in the Global Operations, which is the central organization for the company’s manufacturing, distribution, procurement and supply chain related functions.
The Director of Internal Communication will further align Global Operations communication plans and messaging with the overall business goals to engage employees in Company-wide strategy and initiatives.
The posi…

Director of Corporate Communications - Northeast

This company is a world leader in consumer goods.  The company is located in the Northeast.

The Director of Corporate Communications has prime responsibility to proactively support internal communications and external awareness raising of the brand, particularly among Generation X and Y.  It also includes crisis and issue management . This is a hands on role requiring strategic thinking, fast drafting, multi-tasking, focus and exceptional relationship building abilities.


• Creates a variety of internal communications (employee presentations, announcements, newsletters and other collateral materials)
• Serves as a key advisor to senior management on internal communications issues, employee engagement, including the planning and executing of quarterly town hall  meetings, senior leader briefings, employee events.
• Intranet/internet design, development and maintenance.
• Some external relations on brand issues and community related topics
• Training and coaching o…

Market Intelligence Director (IR) - NYC

A key member of this firm's New York practice team, the Market Intelligence Director will be responsible for planning and executing marketing strategies for the firm’s clients based in the U.S. and China.

The candidate will cultivate a broad network of institutional investor and analyst contacts and must demonstrate a solid track record of building such relationships on Wall Street. The candidate must have a strong working knowledge of corporate finance and the capital markets and must be able to articulate and market the merits of an investment story to the appropriate audiences.

Functions and Responsibilities:
• Buy‐side and sell‐side targeting, outreach and relationship building
• Roadshow planning, targeting and fulfillment
• Perception studies and feedback reporting
• Conference targeting, coordination and hosting
• Data analysis and reporting on sell‐side research, industry trends, market movements, peer monitoring
• Client counsel and relationship development
• Earnings and busines…

What's wrong with the PR industry?

Some say nothing. Some say everything. We're taking the easy way out and saying that there are good things we should continue doing and bad things that need to end.

In the dirty wake of Whispergate, most PR pros got caught defending themselves or their profession, especially from large media powerhouses.

The Economist, as the people over at Marx Communications noted, is an excellent case in point.

Within the PR world, it's easy to blame one or two journalist interlopers for negative spin, but the truth is, PR controversy happens all the time (see Weinergate) and there's got to be something that we in PR can do about it.

Maybe the solution is to keep on keeping on. If you have a successful track record, satisfied customers and a massive, thriving network, the answer may be to continue to flourish as you have been.

As Danny Brown points out, there are idiots in every industry, and PR has not magically attracted every moron from the four corners of the globe.

Gini Dietrich tak…

Account executive for financial/corporate PR - NYC

Work with one of the finest corporate/financial PR and investor relations firms in the country.

The right person for this role is someone who is passionate about strategic corporate communications and wants work in an environment where they will participate in exciting, strategic, high profile PR work.

The firm brings clients a strong understanding of capital markets and is therefore able to counsel C-suite executives on corporate communications issues and crisis.

Clients cover a wide range of industries and corporate strategies may address various stakeholders such as employees, investors, media, industry experts and political decision makers. Programs help to shape clients’ core positioning, achieving their strategic objectives.

This Account Executive will become an integral part of the organization, working on strategic programs for high profile clients. Tremendous learning opportunity and the opportunity to build a career in an organization which respects and rewards talent and i…

VP/SVP financial services - NYC

This company is a mid sized boutique PR firm in NYC which is consistently ranked one of the "10 Best Small Agencies to Work For" by the Holmes Report.

This firm is consistently ranked in the top 3 Charet & Associates best clients to work for, too! A favorite of mine because of how smart and nice everyone is, and how clear it is to me every time we work together that they really care about who they hire: they want to ensure that it's a good fit and that the person will be happy and advance in their career.

The firm enjoys tremendous stability among its senior staff, and it is very unusual for a senior level position to be open here, which makes it a great opportunity.

We are looking for a VP (or Senior VP) to oversee the financial services group. This group has a core of long standing clients, several of which have been with the firm for many years. One client in particular is one of the top in its industry, and has been with the company for 12 years.

We are looking fo…

Are Hand Written Notes Too Old Fashioned?

Are hand written notes so old fashioned that they're absolutely "out"?

Today I wanted to send a thank you note to someone for interviewing me for his blog.  Although he has a broad digital footprint, I couldn't find an actual address anywhere!

It got me thinking... is it so 'out' that people think it's weird?

I remember a year or two ago, one of my daughters came into my office and looked at a note I was writing to someone that was up on the monitor.  "PERHAPS"???!! she shrieked.  "Nobody says "perhaps" anymore" and she left, shaking her head.   I have since stricken the word from my vocabulary.  Is it time to strike out the written thank you note?

Headhunter weighs in on Facebook smear campaign flap

Finger-wagging seemed to be the most popular reaction to the Burson-Marsteller Facebook v. Google front-page news from P.R. pros.

"Let me be clear: B-M's actions on behalf of Facebook were unethical and improper," said Keith Trivitt, associated director of P.R. at the Public Relations Association of America.

"You have sullied the profession," writes another on the Burson-Marsteller corporate Facebook page.

Derision was just narrowly the second most popular reaction. The B-M Facebook page also contained these two quotes:

"Whoopsie-daisy. Looks like you may need to hire a reputable P.R. firm to clean up this mess."

"Note that Burson-Marsteller staff pretend to be PR experts! I can't image worse PR than they have generated for their OWN company!"

But not all are taking that tone. Some are saying they are less naive about the realities of the industry.

“The reality is that if you’ve worked in a public affairs or corporate issues/reputation …

Manager of Investor and Public Relations - Boston

Our client is a fifteen year old biopharmaceutical company that has been traded on the NASDAQ since 2000. 
The Manager of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications will help to develop and execute IR and corporate communications strategies that educate and update investors, media, employees and other communities about the company.
This Manager will develop press releases, conference call scripts, presentations for roadshows and help with creating other investor materials.  He/she will collaborate with marketing on communications strategies and will work with the outside PR agency ensuring a consistency of messages.
Other responsibilities include investor quarterly reports, updating content on the corporate website, responding to requests from investors and the media. 
This energetic and confident Manager should be great at developing relationships.  Poise and professionalism are important as this person will be dealing closely with C-Level executives on a daily basis.
We are lookin…

Sr Manager of IR and Corp Communications - Boston

Our client is a biopharmaceutical company in Boston is searching for a high energy Manager of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications who will help to develop and execute strategies directed toward investors, media, employees and other communities.

This Manager will develop press releases, conference call scripts, presentations for roadshows and other investor materials. He/she will collaborate with marketing on communications strategies, working with the outside PR agency to ensure consistency of messages.

Other tasks include:
managing the investor databasetargeting prospective shareholdershandling logistics for conferences, webcasts and annual meetingspreparing quarterly investor reportsoverseeing content on corporate websitedeveloping important relationships externally with media contacts, investors and vendors as well as internally with company executives

The right person will have a real go-getter attitude and be a resourceful team player, smart, savvy, and a great commu…

Manager/Director Communications - (Northeast)

This world leader in consumer products, which is based in Europe, has over 25,000 employees around the world. The company is looking for someone to lead Communications for North America, based in the north east.   This role has the prime responsibility of proactively supporting internal communications, community affairs and employer recognition, as well as some crisis communications and issue management.
Internal communications will include employee presentations, newsletters and other collateral materials that support business objectives.  Town hall meetings, senior leader briefings and employee events.  This communicator will help to identify issues and develop messages in collaboration with various business units here and abroad.  This person will serve as the key advisor to senior management on key employee communications issues. 

The head of NA communications will develop and lead the US awareness and reputation building strategy using social media, marketing and other resources th…

Managing Director - Fashion Publicity firm in LA

This upbeat and fun PR firm that handles integrated marketing and PR for fashion and lifestyle clients, has been doing great work that's resulting in tremendous expansion.

They have a great team of Publicists, Account Executives and interns, and are ready to add a strong manager who can be a #2 for the President, basically able to run the business while he's out.  We are looking for someone with about six yeas of experience during which they have demonstrated strong publicity and management skills, especially surrounding celebrity placements for fashion clients.

This person should be smart, savvy, and fun to work with.  They should have excellent client relationship skills, be able to manage staff, and also have great experience working with fashion and lifestyle accounts, using innovative techniques to bring their products to the limelight using celebrity impressions and social media, etc.

This is a great agency with lively staff and fun accounts.  If you're interested, …

VICE PRESIDENT - Fincl Services Practice Lead - NYC PR Agency

My client is a mid sized boutique PR firm in NYC which is consistently ranked one of the "10 Best Small Agencies to Work For" by the Holmes Report.

This firm is consistently ranked in the top 3 Charet & Associates best clients to work for, too! A favorite of mine because of how smart and nice everyone is, and how clear it is to me every time we work together, that they really care about who they hire...that it's a good fit, and that the person will be happy and advance in their career.

The firm enjoys tremendous stability among its senior staff and it is very unusual for a senior level position to be open here. So it's quite a special opportunity when a VP or Sr VP position, such as this, opens up.

We are looking for a VP (or Senior VP) to oversee the financial services group. This group has a core of long standing clients, several of which have been with the firm for many years. One client in particular is one of the top in it's industry, and has been w…

VP or SVP to run CHICAGO office of NYC firm

We are working with one of the best mid sized agencies in America to work for.  This firm has enjoyed the steady growth and change of a firm that's doing things right.  Building upon a history of 35 years in the business, the firm has maintained its freshness, with an active social media presence, and the establishment of new practices.

This company has been well known on the East Coast for their work in financial and professional services.  Due to the stable growth of business in the mid west, they opened an office in Chicago about a year ago.  They've asked us to help them to hire someone to lead the very strong group account personnel, manage the existing business, and help to build more of a Chicago presence to the point where they duplicate the model of the NY office.  We're looking for a strong leader and manager who will mentor staff, keep clients happy and satisfied, and help build new business.   Experience with social media would be an important plus.

We are loo…

Senior AE - Seattle PR Agency - Enterprise Tech

This top international agency based on the west coast is seeking a bright and passionate team member to join the technical team that handles public relations support for one of their largest client's enterprise software business.  

This Senior Account Executive will communicate the innovations and impact of advanced technologies and infrastructures.  Social media program management skills, strong writing, research and analysis.  The role includes development and execution of strategic communications plans, media relations and direct to audience storytelling.

The Sr AE will be relied upon to help build cross team integration and brainstorming, to maintain strong client relationships and manage day to day client interaction.

Coach junior staff, oversee consistent adherence to media management processes, develop budget/ utilization management and resourcing skills.   Provide ongoing feedback and counsel to direct reports to facilitate their development, manage their performance and…