Why Professional Recruiting

Recruiting is a very high touch, personal business. It's not just putting out ads, searching the internet and gathering names. That is only the very first part - it's just the prelude, so to speak. Pulling together all the subsequent parts of the process is where the special skills of a good recruiter is needed. Things like presenting the job to each individual candidate correctly to get their interest, managing the process so that its smooth and predictable, doing thorough and insightful reference checking, and advising on choosing the right candidate.

Here are a few subtle things which a high calibre executive recruiter can do for their clients:

1. Handle the questions or concerns about a candidate without raising red flags or appearing to be prying.

2. Handle rejected candidates in a professional and sensitive manner so that the company and the communications department remains well thought of.

3. Managing the process so that good runner ups are kept in the pipeline till an offer is made and accepted.

4. Provide up to the minute information about the interest level and status of top candidates.

In a safe relationship environment, the mystery and anxiety of the search process is eliminated. What you have instead is trust and understanding. This provides the basis for making a sound decision based on correct information and sensible assumptions.

That's why you hire a smart, trustworthy, knowledgable recruiter who doesn't just give you names, but walks with you through the entire process, smoothing things out as you go along, and ensuring a successful hire.


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