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Why Professional Recruiting

Recruiting is a very high touch, personal business. It's not just putting out ads, searching the internet and gathering names. That is only the very first part - it's just the prelude, so to speak. Pulling together all the subsequent parts of the process is where the special skills of a good recruiter is needed. Things like presenting the job to each individual candidate correctly to get their interest, managing the process so that its smooth and predictable, doing thorough and insightful reference checking, and advising on choosing the right candidate.

Here are a few subtle things which a high calibre executive recruiter can do for their clients:

1. Handle the questions or concerns about a candidate without raising red flags or appearing to be prying.

2. Handle rejected candidates in a professional and sensitive manner so that the company and the communications department remains well thought of.

3. Managing the process so that good runner ups are kept in the pipelin…

Vice President - External Communications - NJ and DC

This client has two openings - one in Washington DC and the other in NJ. We are looking for someone with at least ten years of experience handling trade, financial and business media relations for a major manufacturing company.

Strong manager with excellent relationship building skills are needed here. Prepare senior execs for interviews, ensure that corporate messages are in line with the business goals internationally.

Acct Supv and VP - Biotech - NY Agencies

We're working with two different companies on similar positions. That's unusual, but true. The positions are for IR and PR professionals at the AS through VP level with a concentration in either biotech, healthcare services or medical devices.

One client is a mid sized firm and the other a smaller, boutique firm. We're looking for bright and knowledgable account managers who can think fast, are service oriented, good writers, and understand the markets. On the PR side we're looking for experience doing advocacy work, social media, strong media skills, able to work with very senior execs on the clients side. For IR we would like to see a background as an analyst, ability to counsel clients, manage accounts, and of course strong contacts in the investment community and knowledge of the capital markets. Excellent writing and presentation skills. In both cases, an interest in and talent for building new business is appreciated.

Both companies are expanding and these…