Asst Director Corp Com - Top Ad Agency in NYC

Our client is a top international advertising agency with an imposing history and reputation. They are looking for an Assistant Director of Corporate Communications who will be based in NYC, as a very important link of the communications team.

This person has to be a creative and fluid writer for all media: releases, Q and As, marketing materials, social media, etc. We need a good manager who can not only lead the small NY team but also expertly inter-relate with senior level execs, play nice with creative staff and wax enthusiastic in the face of challenges.

This is an ideal position for someone stuck somewhere and ready to make an important step up. This would be someone who has a lot smarts combined with a great ability to make friends and influence people, and is ready to work for a strong brand, with people of comparable intelligence and creativity, and ready to take on new challenges.

About 25% travel. Need about 7 years of experience with a strong understanding of what is happening in the exciting landscape of the media industry.


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