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Misery Loves Company

Last week I lost my blackberry in Grand Central Station. First I'll complain: I haven't synched in almost a year. They don't make the same version anymore...the "new and improved" version is plastic-y, doesn't have a flash in the camera, has worse reception (dont have good reception in my own home) and the sound quality is tinny and echo-y. And on top of all that, I siged a two year contract to get it.
I did feel a bit better when I saw this box of blackberries in the Lost and Found at Grand Central Station. This is just the box of blackberries. They had other bins filled with other kinds of phones. I was a bit comforted by that because I knew there must be so many others that understand this particular kind of aggravation. Saying misery loves company sounds awful, but it's comforting to know you're not alone!

What's Your Number?

Why do people write these amazing profiles on LinkedIn, get tons of recommendations, and say they're "interested in Career Opportunities" and then THEY DON'T LEAVE CONTACT INFO?

Ok...I'll google you, I'll try to find you on twitter and facebook, I'll make up various possible email addresses for you and eventually I'll even try to get past your company receptionist and call you at the office. Ok so after I go through all that trouble to track you down, please be nice.


Project Manager - Phone app for Fortune 100

Use of mobile applications is like a locomotive coming furiously down the track. This NJ based Fortune 100 healthcare company is jumping on, and needs someone who understands this media to lead them in the development of their first mobile application for customers and employees. It's major.

The Manager will be the marketing department's liaison between the various internal resources of the company that provide the data and the outside development team that's building the app.

The right person should clearly understand mobile apps, since they will be the subject matter expert for the company. They must be able to navigate well within a big organization, understand what's needed by the tech guys and have a good idea of what the user's experience is all about and how to absolutely delight them.

This is a rich application which will surely grow in complexity. The right person will be able to strategically manage its evolution, managing the people, process, write…


These two opportunities are within a section of the global corporate practice at a major agency. The prestigious clients represented here have been with the firm for over a decade. Why? Because this elite group is the best. They understand their clients and know what each client really wants, therefore they have complete client trust.

This is where the rubber meets the road, guys. It's not about how much your clip book weighs, it's about how creative you can be, how well you can understand your clients' business, how innovative your approach can be. How can you satisfy your media contacts with what they really need in a way that is always fresh, always exciting, and always strategically beneficial to your client.

It's the way you think, the way you plan, the way you handle your contacts. Its the trust you are able to develop with your clients. Its about being deeply interested in their business so that you speak their language and can think creatively for the…