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Why Professional Recruiting

Recruiting is a very high touch, personal business. It's not just putting out ads, searching the internet and gathering names. That is only the very first part - it's just the prelude, so to speak. Pulling together all the subsequent parts of the process is where the special skills of a good recruiter is needed. Things like presenting the job to each individual candidate correctly to get their interest, managing the process so that its smooth and predictable, doing thorough and insightful reference checking, and advising on choosing the right candidate.

Here are a few subtle things which a high calibre executive recruiter can do for their clients:

1. Handle the questions or concerns about a candidate without raising red flags or appearing to be prying.

2. Handle rejected candidates in a professional and sensitive manner so that the company and the communications department remains well thought of.

3. Managing the process so that good runner ups are kept in the pipelin…

Vice President - External Communications - NJ and DC

This client has two openings - one in Washington DC and the other in NJ. We are looking for someone with at least ten years of experience handling trade, financial and business media relations for a major manufacturing company.

Strong manager with excellent relationship building skills are needed here. Prepare senior execs for interviews, ensure that corporate messages are in line with the business goals internationally.

Acct Supv and VP - Biotech - NY Agencies

We're working with two different companies on similar positions. That's unusual, but true. The positions are for IR and PR professionals at the AS through VP level with a concentration in either biotech, healthcare services or medical devices.

One client is a mid sized firm and the other a smaller, boutique firm. We're looking for bright and knowledgable account managers who can think fast, are service oriented, good writers, and understand the markets. On the PR side we're looking for experience doing advocacy work, social media, strong media skills, able to work with very senior execs on the clients side. For IR we would like to see a background as an analyst, ability to counsel clients, manage accounts, and of course strong contacts in the investment community and knowledge of the capital markets. Excellent writing and presentation skills. In both cases, an interest in and talent for building new business is appreciated.

Both companies are expanding and these…

Acct Supv - IR for biosciences

This creative and entrepreneurial agency in NYC wants to expand their IR practice by hiring a key player for the IR practice.

This person will manage accounts, work with senior executives on a daily basis, and help drive business by expanding current business and helping to bring in new clients.

Work with other top professionals in the industry to deliver a full suite of IR programming to technology and medical technology clients.

Asst Director Corp Com - Top Ad Agency in NYC

Our client is a top international advertising agency with an imposing history and reputation. They are looking for an Assistant Director of Corporate Communications who will be based in NYC, as a very important link of the communications team.

This person has to be a creative and fluid writer for all media: releases, Q and As, marketing materials, social media, etc. We need a good manager who can not only lead the small NY team but also expertly inter-relate with senior level execs, play nice with creative staff and wax enthusiastic in the face of challenges.

This is an ideal position for someone stuck somewhere and ready to make an important step up. This would be someone who has a lot smarts combined with a great ability to make friends and influence people, and is ready to work for a strong brand, with people of comparable intelligence and creativity, and ready to take on new challenges.

About 25% travel. Need about 7 years of experience with a strong understanding of wha…

(Sr) Account Executive NYC Agency- Healthcare

This top boutique PR firm in NYC is looking for a dynamic PR pro who has about 4 to 6 years of experience working within an agency environment helping small and mid cap clients in the biotech and medical device industries.

The growing healthcare practice at this firm has been expanding, which makes this position a great opportunity. Also, the general environment is fun, exciting and it's a great place to continue to learn and grow in your career.

This person will be working on corporate and product public relations, advocacy programs, helping to promote clinical trials, and also involves social media.

VP or Sr VP IR

Top agency in NYC with thriving biotech/medtech practice is looking for a senior level pro to help manage business and expand the practice. The practice has been very successful but has reached it's limit as far as how much one senior exec can handle. The group needs to split accounts in order to continue to grow.

This person will start off managing about four accounts and a staff of three, and contribute as part of the new business team, expanding the practice.

The firm's reputation has been built upon their stellar work handling analyst/investor targeting, road shows (and production of fact sheets, Q&As scripts, etc), perception studies, conference planning and of course excellent written materials including releases, annual reports, etc.

AE / Sr AE - Enterprise Software - West Coast

One of the country's most well respected PR firms is looking for an AE or Sr AE to handle day to day contact with media and other influentials, serve as industry expert, manage client meetings and schedules, implement communication strategies, plans and launches, and analyze coverage and results.

We are looking for someone with at least three years of experience working on business to business technology accounts. Some analyst relations work is a big plus, but not a must. We want someone who can drive client relationships, provide strategic and tactical advice (especially regarding digital strategies), who has experience with b2b media relations and good writing skills.

This is your golden opportunity to move out west! The company will relocate!

Misery Loves Company

Last week I lost my blackberry in Grand Central Station. First I'll complain: I haven't synched in almost a year. They don't make the same version anymore...the "new and improved" version is plastic-y, doesn't have a flash in the camera, has worse reception (dont have good reception in my own home) and the sound quality is tinny and echo-y. And on top of all that, I siged a two year contract to get it.
I did feel a bit better when I saw this box of blackberries in the Lost and Found at Grand Central Station. This is just the box of blackberries. They had other bins filled with other kinds of phones. I was a bit comforted by that because I knew there must be so many others that understand this particular kind of aggravation. Saying misery loves company sounds awful, but it's comforting to know you're not alone!

What's Your Number?

Why do people write these amazing profiles on LinkedIn, get tons of recommendations, and say they're "interested in Career Opportunities" and then THEY DON'T LEAVE CONTACT INFO?

Ok...I'll google you, I'll try to find you on twitter and facebook, I'll make up various possible email addresses for you and eventually I'll even try to get past your company receptionist and call you at the office. Ok so after I go through all that trouble to track you down, please be nice.


Project Manager - Phone app for Fortune 100

Use of mobile applications is like a locomotive coming furiously down the track. This NJ based Fortune 100 healthcare company is jumping on, and needs someone who understands this media to lead them in the development of their first mobile application for customers and employees. It's major.

The Manager will be the marketing department's liaison between the various internal resources of the company that provide the data and the outside development team that's building the app.

The right person should clearly understand mobile apps, since they will be the subject matter expert for the company. They must be able to navigate well within a big organization, understand what's needed by the tech guys and have a good idea of what the user's experience is all about and how to absolutely delight them.

This is a rich application which will surely grow in complexity. The right person will be able to strategically manage its evolution, managing the people, process, write…


These two opportunities are within a section of the global corporate practice at a major agency. The prestigious clients represented here have been with the firm for over a decade. Why? Because this elite group is the best. They understand their clients and know what each client really wants, therefore they have complete client trust.

This is where the rubber meets the road, guys. It's not about how much your clip book weighs, it's about how creative you can be, how well you can understand your clients' business, how innovative your approach can be. How can you satisfy your media contacts with what they really need in a way that is always fresh, always exciting, and always strategically beneficial to your client.

It's the way you think, the way you plan, the way you handle your contacts. Its the trust you are able to develop with your clients. Its about being deeply interested in their business so that you speak their language and can think creatively for the…

"serving, touching and moving people, inspired by purpose"

Marc Pritchard, brand officer at P&G said in a recent seminar: “If we come out of the recession and return to selling and campaigning, then we may only survive until the next economic downturn. But, if we shift to serving, touching and moving people, inspired by purpose, I believe we will thrive and open up new sources of creativity for our brands."
(PR Week )

That's beautiful. There is so much to learn -- the media changes while we're looking at it. But this is at the core of all marketing and sales and I think it will always be that way.

I'm a terrible salesperson, so usually, any business I get is from the client believing that I really care about their problems, and that I will align my own purpose with theirs. This has always been the case. The game for me is constantly trying to improve how I can communicate this well enough to different types of people.

Vice President - IR

Major consumer brand located right outside of NYC is looking for A VP of Investor Relations.

The right candidate has a well rounded investor relations background working for at least ten years with another multi-national, multi- billion dollar company.

Manages a Director of IR and reports to CFO.

Call me at 201 894 5197 or send a resume to

Less is More; Get Your Foot in the Door!

Yesterday, I received a letter and resume from someone who apparently found me in Kennedy's book of Executive Recruiters. He very specifically wrote to me and even quoted something I said on my website. "You promised on your website to always tell people the truth about their careers" he said. So even though this guy wasn't even in PR, I felt I had to respond. He quoted my website about a promise I had made! I had to answer him sincerely.

So I wrote him back and explained that although I made that promise, I didn't intend it for the world...that outside my own specialty of PR, I don't have enough experience and knowledge to advise anyone on their career.

Well, he wrote back and asked me if I wouldn't mind critiquing his resume and cover letter anyway. He had a loooong letter and a very detailed resume. He asked me if I thought that it was too long, and too detailed, and if I thought that was offputting.

I answered him, and he was so appreciative…

AE/Sr AE - Financial Services - (for top mid sized agency in NYC)

This top agency in NYC is one of the best PR agencies to work for. Wonderful people, prestigious blue chip clients, smart people to learn from, dedicated to the growth of their employees...

The firm has two large corporate clients in the financial services industry and some smaller financial clients.

We are looking for very bright candidates with an understanding and interest in financial markets to work on national media and trade press relations, develop thought leadership driven PR campaigns, and work directly with clients.

This is a great opportunity and won't be open long, so if you're thinking about it, submit a resume to me today!

Sandy Charet

New Media Marketing Consultant - NJ Healthcare company

I'm working with the marketing department of a major healthcare provider that is looking for two marketing consultants to help them build interesting new mobile and web based applications to service their customers.

These are long term consulting positions (6 months to a year +). One of these opportunities centers on mobile apps and the other will be email oriented -- both consultants will manage other ongoing projects as well.

We're looking for someone with about five to ten years of experience who can work closely with various departments to understand their services and the complexities of the company and industry overall; then integrate all this to put together the strategy to create accurate, helpful, meaningful and innovative new applications. This person will write specifications and manage projects. Do you know anyone who you think might be interested in the position?

This large corporation has a great reputation, and beautiful offices in New Jersey.

AS or AVP - Boutique NYC agency - Life Sciences/Biotech

This fun and entrepreneurial agency has a very successful healthcare/biotech practice with exciting, innovative clients for whom they handle corporate, financial and trade public relations.

We are looking for someone with a strong science background applied to current clients in the biotech/life science industry in a PR or IR agency environmnet.

It's a stable and well respected firm with a close group of that works together in an environment where you could learn and grow from some of the best in the business. You are encouraged to take on more responsibilities, and well rewarded for a job well done.

AE/Sr AE - NYC Agency - Professional Services

This top agency in NYC is one of the best PR agencies to work for. Wonderful people, prestigious blue chip clients, smart people to learn from, dedicated to the growth of their employees...
You will be part of this firm's very well respected professional services practice.

The ideal candidate will have 2-5 years experience in both media relations and social media for several of the following sectors: accounting, law, management consulting, architecture, executive search, actuarial or marketing services.Responsibilities include the development and execution of thought leadership driven PR campaigns, Development of social media campaigns and creation of digital footprints for clients, national and trade media pitching, writing blog posts, bylined articles, press releases, etc

VP or Senior VP Healthcare - Create and Run Your Own Practice Area

A top firm in NYC with an excellent reputation for the work they do, would like an experienced, energetic, positive, healthcare marketing pro to join their senior team and establish a practice that specializes in this area.

The firm already has a well established roster of clients in the healthcare field, as part of their IR and Corporate PR practices, with some marketing PR assignments. We would like to bring in someone with the strength on the healthcare marketing side to develop business and build out that area.

It's a stable and well respected firm, with a senior team that is entrepreneurial, dedicated, and fun to work with. The environment is friendly and supportive and there is lots of opportunity to be a part of the management decisions for the firm as well as the shaping of this particular division.

We are looking for someone with experience working with clients in the medical devices, biotech and health services industries, as well as demonstrated ability in business d…

Sr AE Oppty - At one of the "Top Ten Agencies to Work For"

Senior AE - Professional Services
We are helping our client to find a spectacular AE or SAE to join their prestigious Professional Services Industry Practice team. The ideal candidate will have 2-4 years experience in both media relations and social media for several of the following sectors: accounting, law, management consulting, architecture, executive search, actuarial or marketing services.

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
· Development and execution of thought leadership driven PR campaigns for clients in the professional services industry
· Development of social media campaigns and creation of digital footprints for clients
· Account management for one or more professional services clients
· National and trade media pitching
· Writing (development of pitches, blog posts, bylined articles, press releases, etc)

Strong experience working on social media engagement, including blog, Facebook presence, video series, leveraging …

AE Financial - At a Top 10 Best Agencies to Work For

Account Executive - Financial Services

We are looking for an experienced account executive to join the financial services practice group of one of the top boutique firms in NYC. The ideal candidate will have 1-2 years experience working with clients in the financial services industry. Candidates should have a proven track record of media placements. Must be a team player. Responsibilities will include:
· National media and trade media pitching
· Writing (development of pitches, blog posts, bylined articles, press releases, etc)
· Media research
· Development and execution of thought leadership driven PR campaigns
· Social media campaign development and execution
· Help with new business pitches
· Opportunity to interact directly with clients

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Five Stupidest Things You Can do with Your Resume

Off the top of my head, here are the five stupidest things you can do with your resume:

1. Leave off your CELL phone number and/or email address

2. Send it to several headhunters at once, filling in all their names in the "To" line

3. Naming your resume "Resume" instead of using your first and last name

4. Lie about ANYTHING. Have resumes in circulation that say something else

5. Using the same version for all the jobs you apply for, rather than taking the time to modify it to better reflect the requirements at the other end.