Wake Up Blog Here I am!

The people who read my blog are professional writers of brochures, articles, releases, speeches, and blogposts. (And horrors...I guess my competitors sometimes too). So it's always been very difficult for me to write on my blog, exposing my stiff and careful wording, that I release with so much trepidation, to knowledgable, critical eyes.

When this horrible unemployment situation is over, it will be those headhunters who have continued to keep a presence in the social media who will be at the top of the heap, hearing about all the great new job openings, and getting the resumes of the best pros in the biz.

So, even though I don't have tons of jobs to report about, and even though I'm not a very entertaining blogger, here I am.

Jobs for PR and marketing are beginning to thaw -- it's getting better for the good people of the PR and marketing industry. I am here and ready.


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