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Public Relations Assistant

PR/Media Assistant

Our client is a leading international law firm with 18 offices in major business centers across Asia, Europe, and the U.S. They are looking for a PR/Media Assistant.

The successful candidate will be a team player who can manage multiple tasks with confidence and ease, will possess superior written and oral communications skills, be extremely motivated, detail oriented, organized and thrive in a fast-paced environment. This exceptional opportunity, based in New York City, offers competitive salary (with bonus and overtime) and benefits.


* Extensive writing, including drafting news releases, awards announcements and internal newsletters.

* Pitch stories to legal trade press and business press as directed by PR Manager.

* Coordinate and prepare material for awards, directories and media surveys.

* Research and update editorial calendars, identifying writing opportunities; obtain article reprints and permissions.

* Track and document firm press mentions…

What's Been Happening?

Yikes, what have I been doing in all this time? Have I given up?
As soon as Lehman Brothers went up in smoke, so did all my business. I was in on course for my best year ever, till it went suddenly dead.
It wasn't long before I was flooded with resumes. All that seems to have calmed down. Now I am lucky enough to be working on several really good opportunities - mainly on the more junior side, but good jobs at good companies. But I can't find the stellar, qualified people for the jobs. PR people lucky enough to have a job are not willing to look at something new. I can understand it. Why leave a stable job in this economic climate, for something "unknown".
But the truth is, that each one of the corporate jobs I'm working on is really special. It would have to be a very key position in order for a company to be looking in these difficult times. If they weren't doing well why would they hire someone new? So they're profitable, stable, and growing companies.…