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New search for a PR Director in DC area

I'm working with one of my favorite clients...they're based in Virginia, outside of Washington DC. We're looking for a PR Director with strong creative ideas together with the energy and ability to put those ideas into action.

This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who is ready to make their mark in the industry. Lots of freedom and support, exciting, fast paced environment with really nice people to work with. Best yet is that they actually have a wonderful message, so it's something you can really be passionate about.

The job is 80% media relations and 20% internal work. Corporate communications currently has five directors and is growing, as the company has been experiencing steady growth over the past several years and is going strong.

We are looking for someone with about eight years of experience -- the right person MUST have several years of PR agency experience creating and implementing creative, strategic programs in the consumer/business industry. This …

Invitation to Jeri's Holiday Jewelry Showcase

I am helping my very talented friend, Jeri Slavin, with her jewelry show this Thursday. You are invited!! It's Thursday (Dec 10th) starting at 5 PM. The show will be at Resource Furniture's innovative showroom: 969 Third Avenue (58th Street) Please come! Following are some sample photos of some necklaces.

Got some pictures of Jeri's Jewelry


By the way: Gorgeous Necklaces (perfect present - for YOU)

My friend Jeri Slavin is a wealth management advisor for a major international bank in one life, and in her other life, she creates the most gorgeous necklaces!

The materials she uses are interesting...precious metals from the east, unusual pearls from China (dipped coin pearls and corn flake pearls!!)and even gorgeous minerals. All beautifully put together and very special.

The prices range from $100 to around $450. They are worth seeing! But be prepared, because you will want one of your own.

We are showing them at the innovative Resource Furniture Showroom at 969 Third Avenue on Thursday, December 10th 6 to 9 PM. YOU ARE ALL INVITED!

Look forward to seeing you there!

A Good PR Headhunter Will Never Die

The same way someone would ask about a sick grandmother, I've been asked what I think the future holds for my business now that there are things like Linked In, Facebook and Twitter to connect the world of jobs with the world of candidates.

A headhunter who is really expert at their profession, and delivers a very high touch, specialized service, has nothing to be afraid of. And as for me, I am fortunate to work within a very high touch, specialized business as well, which further nails in the need for my services. So I'm not afraid.

The right person for a job in the communications industry has to have the right style, the right network, the right chemistry. How they look, how they dress how they speak all has to make sense for each particular job. The right person must understand all the tools of the trade and the best way to utilize them for whatever particular industry they will be working in.

They have to be able to counsel and sell in the right ways for their industry a…

Wake Up Blog Here I am!

The people who read my blog are professional writers of brochures, articles, releases, speeches, and blogposts. (And horrors...I guess my competitors sometimes too). So it's always been very difficult for me to write on my blog, exposing my stiff and careful wording, that I release with so much trepidation, to knowledgable, critical eyes.

When this horrible unemployment situation is over, it will be those headhunters who have continued to keep a presence in the social media who will be at the top of the heap, hearing about all the great new job openings, and getting the resumes of the best pros in the biz.

So, even though I don't have tons of jobs to report about, and even though I'm not a very entertaining blogger, here I am.

Jobs for PR and marketing are beginning to thaw -- it's getting better for the good people of the PR and marketing industry. I am here and ready.

Manager/Director of Corporate Communications

This client is a Global company in the renewable energy industry, based in New Jersey. They've created a new role, for someone who has an expertise in issues management and internal communications. We are looking for someone with explicitly six to ten years of experience handling this unusual combination of responsibilities.
This person will develop and execute a proactive issues management program ensuring the Company’s readiness and successful handling of matters that could impact their reputation, business, and new business development prospects. The Manager (or Director, depending on the person's level) will develop and execute a comprehensive, global internal communications strategy employing state of the art communications tactics and technologies.

If you have the right combination of years, experience and skills, please let me know!

(Sorry - This job has been filled)

Good News for Public Relations

The days when communication was a step child of advertising are long gone. In fact, according to this forecast from equity firm Veronis, Suyler, Stevenson, we rule!
This NY Times article starts out as bleak as most reports we see, but read on...and take heart!

Public Relations Assistant

PR/Media Assistant

Our client is a leading international law firm with 18 offices in major business centers across Asia, Europe, and the U.S. They are looking for a PR/Media Assistant.

The successful candidate will be a team player who can manage multiple tasks with confidence and ease, will possess superior written and oral communications skills, be extremely motivated, detail oriented, organized and thrive in a fast-paced environment. This exceptional opportunity, based in New York City, offers competitive salary (with bonus and overtime) and benefits.


* Extensive writing, including drafting news releases, awards announcements and internal newsletters.

* Pitch stories to legal trade press and business press as directed by PR Manager.

* Coordinate and prepare material for awards, directories and media surveys.

* Research and update editorial calendars, identifying writing opportunities; obtain article reprints and permissions.

* Track and document firm press mentions…

What's Been Happening?

Yikes, what have I been doing in all this time? Have I given up?
As soon as Lehman Brothers went up in smoke, so did all my business. I was in on course for my best year ever, till it went suddenly dead.
It wasn't long before I was flooded with resumes. All that seems to have calmed down. Now I am lucky enough to be working on several really good opportunities - mainly on the more junior side, but good jobs at good companies. But I can't find the stellar, qualified people for the jobs. PR people lucky enough to have a job are not willing to look at something new. I can understand it. Why leave a stable job in this economic climate, for something "unknown".
But the truth is, that each one of the corporate jobs I'm working on is really special. It would have to be a very key position in order for a company to be looking in these difficult times. If they weren't doing well why would they hire someone new? So they're profitable, stable, and growing companies.…

Good news for jobs to come...

"The state of the economy calls for action, bold and swift, and we will act — not only to create new jobs, but to lay a new foundation for growth. We will build the roads and bridges, the electric grids and digital lines that feed our commerce and bind us together. We will restore science to its rightful place, and wield technology’s wonders to raise health care’s quality and lower its cost. We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories."

This, from President Obama's speech yesterday is just what I wanted to hear. Although we're not sure how it will unfold, and there are many questions about how it will be most workable, one thing is clear: that companies with good clean technologies need to make themselves known. They need to reach consumers, investors, legislators. And this will open up opportunities for our industry.

Very exciting...