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Going Green

In the last couple of weeks, all my spare time has been spent studying about alternative energy and energy efficiency, and I'm now started to probe into the job market in this field.
Of course we will always continue to service all industries with mid and senior level marketing, PR and corporate communications search.
But personally, I'm so excited about being able to apply my skills toward an industry I'm passionate about. I plan to take my first course this week, toward my LEED certification.
The new energy industry should lead to many new jobs in 2009 and I will be ready! Obviously, placing PR, marketing and related management professionals will be my entrance point.
The Dept of Energy awarded 16 contracts and these companies, I expect will be adding staff. If anyone can help me, with contacts, etc. I would super appreciate it! Here's the announcement with the listing of the companies that will be awarded.

Bear Along the Hudson

Saw bear paw prints on my walk along the Palisades last weekend.

Charet Offers Search Services to Alt Energy and Green/Sustainable Industries

Before I went into recruiting I worked for The Cousteau Society, and have continued since that time, to be very concerned about our environment. President-Elect Barack Obama has created an Economic Recovery Plan that will create new jobs by, among other things, creating our clean energy future.
I am hopeful about our economy, about the creation of new jobs, and about our establishing a sustainable future on this planet.
Charet & Associates has established an alternative energy recruiting section devoted to jobs in this industry. We welcome your resumes, and would like to hear from you!

Duke Study on Specific Jobs in the Alt Energy Industry

"While some seek to pit the environment against economic growth, we see economic opportunity in the solutions to the climate crisis. Many business analysts agree. They believe the economic leaders of tomorrow will be companies that manage their resources efficiently and take the lead in developing and commercializing innovative clean technologies. These will also be the companies most able to create well-paying jobs and ensure that current jobs are secure."

This link will take you to a study conducted by Duke University which describes how five technologies can help to reduce our carbon footprint and create jobs!!!