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Resume Writing - Two Tips Before You Start

In this current economic climate, job insecurity and a climbing unemployment rate means more resumes are flooding in to answer job ads. Since sending a resume takes just a click of the finger, you can just imagine how many people send their resumes to jobs that they don't qualify for. But you qualify...why don't you ever hear back? It may have nothing to do with the way you say it. It could be as easy as this: THEY DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

There are lots of opinions on the subject of writing resumes. These tips have nothing to do with how you say what you do. They have to do with getting your resume to first base: under the nose of a live human being.

First, you need to name your resume with your NAME. I'm talking about the name of the document, which has to be simply, your NAME. So the first DON'T is this: DON'T name it "Resume" or even worse, don't call it "Resume 6" or "Tech PR Resume" or something like that, which would indica…

Acct Supv or AVP - Healthcare Marketing - NYC

One of our favorite clients serves healthcare companies with corporate and financial PR support. As products hit the market, the firm will need to help these clients with supportive marketing and PR strategies to compliment the corporate work. We're looking for strategic communicators with experience working on marketing PR initiatives for healthcare clients in an agency setting. This person should be ready to take on responsibility for developing and implementing these programs, and building a successful marketing PR group. To be considered, candidates MUST have agency experience - ideally five to ten years. The company rewards accomplishments and provides an entrepreneurial, friendly environment where one can learn from knowledgable and encouraging professionals and get the chance to show their worth and really feel the good impact they make on the client side, as well as for the agency itself.

Mandarin Speaking Communications Pro

One of the top boutique firms in the ccountry is looking for a Mandarin speaking account person for their NYC office. The right person will have excellent client relationship skills, and an understanding of the basics of IR and PR, to work with a variety of Asian accounts, helping to provide them with strategic communications programs. Frequent travel to Asia. Work with a great team of professionals.
We're looking for anywhere from three to eight years of experience. The job depends more on the right fit than a particular level. Salary will be comensurate. It's an agency that pays well, and rewards good work. Excellent benefits.

How to SEND your resume

Lots has been said about how to write a resume, and there are lots of opinions and rules on the subject that people can argue about. But before you even start, here is something basic without which, even the best resume in the world may never get results. It's so obvious you're going to kick yourself for not realizing it sooner.

You need to name your resume with your NAME. The name of the document has to be your NAME. Plain and simple. DO NOT call it "my resume" or even worse "consumer PR resume 6". Here are the obvious reasons: When the HR recruiter goes to find you, unless your real name is Resume, she won't!  Another obvious reason: it looks silly.

It's vital to tailor your resume to the job you're applying for. But don't advertise that. "Resume-Consumer" tells them you are highlighting your consumer work in this version of your resume.  Instead, let them think the resume represents  your unaltered abilities, experience…