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Job: Acct Supv/AVP - Healthcare NYC

One of the top US independent investor relations and public relations firms, based in NYC, has a new opening for a dynamic account professional with about five to seven years of PR agency experience handling healthcare accounts. We are eager to add someone to the team who can offer marketing PR and policy/advocacy programs to existing and new clients. Great people to work with, and great opportunity to take on lots of responsibility and reap the rewards!

Perfect and One of A Kind

Sometimes, while searching for the best, most perfect person, we find some other rare and beautiful things we’d like to share, like this:

This is 13 year old Mirai Nagasu

I'm Perfect for the Job but No One Responded!!!

Every time I speak to a PR group about job hunting, the audience gets most demonstrative about their frustration with the job boards. It seems that each person has had the same experience: They email out a resume for a job which they feel they are PERFECT for, and they never hear back. Not even an automatic reply…nothing.
I am going to tell you why.

Sitting in front of a computer screen in the cubicle of the company that placed that ad is a person in HR. She's working on lots of job openings… for computer analysts, salespeople, accounts receivable, communications… Every hour or so she hits a certain key to download the 20 or 30 resumes that were posted to her mailbox. She may scan through them quickly but more likely she puts them through a resume mill where they are scanned for key words. This process eliminates a significant number of resumes. If she’s looking for someone who knows C++, only those resumes that say C++ ever make make it to that coveted space under her nose. If they…

Another Job Opening - healthcare company in Houston

Associate Director, Public Relations
Healthcare Company in Houston, TX

This healthcare network is one of the largest of its kind. The network is looking for an Associate Director to handle public relations, issues management, internal communications, executive writing and presentation support.
Working with external members in the healthcare field, and internal consultants, researchers, etc., this person will ensure accurate and consistent communications in and out of the organization. Provide support to the Chairman, manage the PR agency, etc.
We are seeking someone with 8 to 12 years of experience in corporate communications within the healthcare industry. The company is willing to relocate the right person.


I didn’t like the movie too much but it got me thinking…

True, Hancock was a stupid ******* and completely clueless and careless about the rest of the world. He definitely needed a PR guy. But why do highly successful, well read, seemingly aware, even sometimes brilliant people need a PR person to tell them what people are going to think. Can’t they figure out the obvious?
Because things like greed, politics, pressure, single minded goals, etc. compel someone to act/speak -- and they can sound stupid or insensitive or unaware when blinded by these things.

Manager of Communications - Energy Industry

July 17, 2008

I have two new jobs to tell you all about:

Manager of Communications
Energy Company in central Jersey

This position is for a media relations expert, with experience that includes media coaching, developing relationships with the media, crisis communications and acting as a spokesperson.
This exciting position includes responsibility for a range of other projects from executive presentations to community affairs, annual report, intranet changes, charitable giving program, etc.
We are looking for five to eight years of experience, preferably with a PR agency and a corporation.

Manager of Special Projects
The same Energy Company in NJ

This events driven position is responsible for project management and event planning on a wide variety of communications projects from employee conferences to board meetings, analyst conferences to charity related events.

Working with a wide variety of internal and external groups requires someone with excellent interpersonal skills. The ability to nego…