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Going Green

In the last couple of weeks, all my spare time has been spent studying about alternative energy and energy efficiency, and I'm now started to probe into the job market in this field.
Of course we will always continue to service all industries with mid and senior level marketing, PR and corporate communications search.
But personally, I'm so excited about being able to apply my skills toward an industry I'm passionate about. I plan to take my first course this week, toward my LEED certification.
The new energy industry should lead to many new jobs in 2009 and I will be ready! Obviously, placing PR, marketing and related management professionals will be my entrance point.
The Dept of Energy awarded 16 contracts and these companies, I expect will be adding staff. If anyone can help me, with contacts, etc. I would super appreciate it! Here's the announcement with the listing of the companies that will be awarded.

Bear Along the Hudson

Saw bear paw prints on my walk along the Palisades last weekend.

Charet Offers Search Services to Alt Energy and Green/Sustainable Industries

Before I went into recruiting I worked for The Cousteau Society, and have continued since that time, to be very concerned about our environment. President-Elect Barack Obama has created an Economic Recovery Plan that will create new jobs by, among other things, creating our clean energy future.
I am hopeful about our economy, about the creation of new jobs, and about our establishing a sustainable future on this planet.
Charet & Associates has established an alternative energy recruiting section devoted to jobs in this industry. We welcome your resumes, and would like to hear from you!

Duke Study on Specific Jobs in the Alt Energy Industry

"While some seek to pit the environment against economic growth, we see economic opportunity in the solutions to the climate crisis. Many business analysts agree. They believe the economic leaders of tomorrow will be companies that manage their resources efficiently and take the lead in developing and commercializing innovative clean technologies. These will also be the companies most able to create well-paying jobs and ensure that current jobs are secure."

This link will take you to a study conducted by Duke University which describes how five technologies can help to reduce our carbon footprint and create jobs!!!

Climbing the Career Lattice - Nice dream

I really like the concept of climbing the "career lattice" that this HR exec from Deloitte discusses in this recent Times article Up the Ladder? How dated. How literal.
If only it were true. In step to the side and you're toast. You want to leave for a few years and come back...good luck. Not one of my clients tolerate a background that is anything but straight as an arrow linear. Maybe HR folks and hiring managers are harder on headhunters than they are when reviewing resumes that come in from job boards or through a referral. But what I see is that clients want people who don't stray off the path, and if they do, there better be a good explanation for taking the risk. And it you're too long on the path without upward mobility, that is sorely noted as well.
Maybe it's just a lot of HR babble to make them look good. I don't buy it.

NY Times Article on Gen Y Networking

For Help Finding a Job, Friends in Low Places - I don't get it...This NY Times article says ground-breaking Generation Y is using breaking tradition with the past, and using networking to get new jobs.
What's so different about that? I never wanted to do what my parents told me to do when I was their age, and "networking" with your friends when you need a new job is common sense 101.
Here's the article

Hold onto Your Job - Make Yourself Indispensible

This article, written in 1899, talks about how difficult it is to find a truly effective and trusted employee, and how once that person is found, they'll never be let go. A Message to Garcia, written by Elbert Hubbard.

I'm Really Busy (Not)

Last week I put "I'm really busy" on my linked in status and immediately got two responses! First of all I didn't know you could get a response from your status, secondly I thought wow, people actually read that, and third -- was me being busy really that startling? That's scary. Truth is that I decided I had bought into the doom and gloom just a little too much and the next thing I knew, I wasn't working very hard. Then dozens of stupid things to do started popping up. Next thing you know, my inbox was overflowing and no candidates are being sent for jobs and no marketing Charet & Associates was a thing of the past. Now I'm actually telling people who write to me how slow it is and what do you know...I'm spreading the doom and gloom myself!
So, I decided to get really busy. To start communicating to people, send letters and emails, answer my phone calls again (what?) call old clients, get out and meet people. I'm promoting getting busy. If fee…

Resume Writing - Two Tips Before You Start

In this current economic climate, job insecurity and a climbing unemployment rate means more resumes are flooding in to answer job ads. Since sending a resume takes just a click of the finger, you can just imagine how many people send their resumes to jobs that they don't qualify for. But you qualify...why don't you ever hear back? It may have nothing to do with the way you say it. It could be as easy as this: THEY DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

There are lots of opinions on the subject of writing resumes. These tips have nothing to do with how you say what you do. They have to do with getting your resume to first base: under the nose of a live human being.

First, you need to name your resume with your NAME. I'm talking about the name of the document, which has to be simply, your NAME. So the first DON'T is this: DON'T name it "Resume" or even worse, don't call it "Resume 6" or "Tech PR Resume" or something like that, which would indica…

Acct Supv or AVP - Healthcare Marketing - NYC

One of our favorite clients serves healthcare companies with corporate and financial PR support. As products hit the market, the firm will need to help these clients with supportive marketing and PR strategies to compliment the corporate work. We're looking for strategic communicators with experience working on marketing PR initiatives for healthcare clients in an agency setting. This person should be ready to take on responsibility for developing and implementing these programs, and building a successful marketing PR group. To be considered, candidates MUST have agency experience - ideally five to ten years. The company rewards accomplishments and provides an entrepreneurial, friendly environment where one can learn from knowledgable and encouraging professionals and get the chance to show their worth and really feel the good impact they make on the client side, as well as for the agency itself.

Mandarin Speaking Communications Pro

One of the top boutique firms in the ccountry is looking for a Mandarin speaking account person for their NYC office. The right person will have excellent client relationship skills, and an understanding of the basics of IR and PR, to work with a variety of Asian accounts, helping to provide them with strategic communications programs. Frequent travel to Asia. Work with a great team of professionals.
We're looking for anywhere from three to eight years of experience. The job depends more on the right fit than a particular level. Salary will be comensurate. It's an agency that pays well, and rewards good work. Excellent benefits.

How to SEND your resume

Lots has been said about how to write a resume, and there are lots of opinions and rules on the subject that people can argue about. But before you even start, here is something basic without which, even the best resume in the world may never get results. It's so obvious you're going to kick yourself for not realizing it sooner.

You need to name your resume with your NAME. The name of the document has to be your NAME. Plain and simple. DO NOT call it "my resume" or even worse "consumer PR resume 6". Here are the obvious reasons: When the HR recruiter goes to find you, unless your real name is Resume, she won't!  Another obvious reason: it looks silly.

It's vital to tailor your resume to the job you're applying for. But don't advertise that. "Resume-Consumer" tells them you are highlighting your consumer work in this version of your resume.  Instead, let them think the resume represents  your unaltered abilities, experience…

Agency AVP - healthcare, NYC

One of the top PR and IR agencies in NYC is looking for a creative, dynamic, self-motivated public relations specialist to help establish a medical marketing practice at the agency, augmenting current services offered to healthcare clients and broadening the agency client base. The ideal candidate would have specific product PR, public policy and advocacy experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical or medical technology industries.
Along with developing product and issues focused PR programs, this person will help to cross sell the medical marketing services to existing clients and assist management in attracting new clients.
This position requires at least five years of agency experience in the healthcare field, strong interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to manage relationships with senior management.
The right person is creative, self motivated, thrives in a fast paced environment and if there’s some scientific background, it would be a big plus.

Account Executive - PR Agency in NYC

A great job opened up for a smart and talented Account Executive with one of the country's best agencies to work for.
The clients are mainly in the financial and professional services arena, some health and some digital media. Experience at another firm, working in those areas is required.
This firm offers a terrific environment for younger professionals to learn and grow. A lot of attention goes into creating an atmosphere where they can really develop and use their creativity and also establish very strong basic skills. It's a friendly environment too, and the clients are blue chip companies.
The job won't be open long, so if you have about two or three years of experience at an agency, working on similar accounts, and you're thinking about a move, or if you know someone who this would be right for, get in touch right away!

Vice President - top agency in NYC

This dynamic boutique PR agency is consistently ranked as one of the top independent U.S. financial IR/PR agencies in New York. The firm has a diverse client base, with a focus on serving the communications needs of financial, healthcare and technology companies internationally. Services include investor relations, public relations, management counsel, corporate positioning, pre-IPO communications programs, and media relations.
The Agency’s approach allows them to be a true value-added partner, providing a tremendous amount of insight on the issues clients face in the respective markets they operate in.

We are looking for a dynamic Vice Presidene, with excellent client relationship skills, and a strong understanding of media relations. The best person for this job would be someone who likes to take risks, is creative, upbeat, and likes to travel. This person will have direct account responsibility for existing accounts, and will also work as part of a team to develop new areas of bu…

Why do some employees comb the want ads and others never do?

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PR Careers - Life After 40?

After recruiting for about 15 years, I got REALLY good at it. Now that I'm in for over twenty years -- I'm even better. I understand so much more, I don't waste time, and have lots of good contacts that help me when I'm stuck. I think PR pros get better with time, too.

Then why don't more job ads ask for a minimum of 15 years experience?
In fact, the number of years hiring companies are asking for gets less and less. Currently, Timer Warner is looking for an Executive Director of IR with 7 to 10 years; Blockbuster, a Director with 7 years; My Space, a Director with 5 to 8 years experience. Good speechwriters mellow like a fine wine. But Pfizer is looking for a speechwriter with 5 years.

I get more resumes from solid professionals with over 20 years experience than any other group. Maybe these companies think that 40 is over the PR hill?

Why do some companies do a good job of hanging onto their employees?

Some companies hang on to their employees for years. What are they doing right? Or is it something else...?
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Job: Acct Supv/AVP - Healthcare NYC

One of the top US independent investor relations and public relations firms, based in NYC, has a new opening for a dynamic account professional with about five to seven years of PR agency experience handling healthcare accounts. We are eager to add someone to the team who can offer marketing PR and policy/advocacy programs to existing and new clients. Great people to work with, and great opportunity to take on lots of responsibility and reap the rewards!

Perfect and One of A Kind

Sometimes, while searching for the best, most perfect person, we find some other rare and beautiful things we’d like to share, like this:

This is 13 year old Mirai Nagasu

I'm Perfect for the Job but No One Responded!!!

Every time I speak to a PR group about job hunting, the audience gets most demonstrative about their frustration with the job boards. It seems that each person has had the same experience: They email out a resume for a job which they feel they are PERFECT for, and they never hear back. Not even an automatic reply…nothing.
I am going to tell you why.

Sitting in front of a computer screen in the cubicle of the company that placed that ad is a person in HR. She's working on lots of job openings… for computer analysts, salespeople, accounts receivable, communications… Every hour or so she hits a certain key to download the 20 or 30 resumes that were posted to her mailbox. She may scan through them quickly but more likely she puts them through a resume mill where they are scanned for key words. This process eliminates a significant number of resumes. If she’s looking for someone who knows C++, only those resumes that say C++ ever make make it to that coveted space under her nose. If they…

Another Job Opening - healthcare company in Houston

Associate Director, Public Relations
Healthcare Company in Houston, TX

This healthcare network is one of the largest of its kind. The network is looking for an Associate Director to handle public relations, issues management, internal communications, executive writing and presentation support.
Working with external members in the healthcare field, and internal consultants, researchers, etc., this person will ensure accurate and consistent communications in and out of the organization. Provide support to the Chairman, manage the PR agency, etc.
We are seeking someone with 8 to 12 years of experience in corporate communications within the healthcare industry. The company is willing to relocate the right person.


I didn’t like the movie too much but it got me thinking…

True, Hancock was a stupid ******* and completely clueless and careless about the rest of the world. He definitely needed a PR guy. But why do highly successful, well read, seemingly aware, even sometimes brilliant people need a PR person to tell them what people are going to think. Can’t they figure out the obvious?
Because things like greed, politics, pressure, single minded goals, etc. compel someone to act/speak -- and they can sound stupid or insensitive or unaware when blinded by these things.

Manager of Communications - Energy Industry

July 17, 2008

I have two new jobs to tell you all about:

Manager of Communications
Energy Company in central Jersey

This position is for a media relations expert, with experience that includes media coaching, developing relationships with the media, crisis communications and acting as a spokesperson.
This exciting position includes responsibility for a range of other projects from executive presentations to community affairs, annual report, intranet changes, charitable giving program, etc.
We are looking for five to eight years of experience, preferably with a PR agency and a corporation.

Manager of Special Projects
The same Energy Company in NJ

This events driven position is responsible for project management and event planning on a wide variety of communications projects from employee conferences to board meetings, analyst conferences to charity related events.

Working with a wide variety of internal and external groups requires someone with excellent interpersonal skills. The ability to nego…